What’s YOUR Fav Social Media Site?

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Okay guys, so come hither. Today, we shall discuss gone very glorious and supa, dupa important things. They will be so glorious and interesting, your EYES will cry from the happiness that is about to befall upon them.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Nah. I totally kid.


I just wanted to know….

fav social media heart

                        But WHY do you need to know this oh great and powerful Keionda?

                                                                                                                                                                                                                           I’d like  to know because wherever you guys are, that’s where I want to be! I don’t mean to sound like a total creeper but pfft, it is what it is. I want to be able to meet more bloggers like myself so I wanted to know what social media sites you guys use, how often you use them and all that jazz so I can be there when you guys are (most importantly so that I can actually attempt at being brings human for a day and be a social…) –》ya, that is totally not going to happen….



So…. some of you may or may not know this but I have a FB page for Keionda Hearts Books. I made it when I first started blogging. I used it for a little when I was first trying to figure out how all of this author stuff actually WENT. But I’m all total FAIL WHALE and hardly ever get on there so it’s been neglected. Some of you have actually gone on there and liked my page (so indebted to you guys) and lately, I have no idea how, but it’s like I’ve gotten all these people coming now and liking it even though I never post anything. I just feel bad because I want to post on there but I’m super grateful to those who took the time to actually go on there and like it.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Any tips on how I can start using it again? Because I HAVE LEGIT NO IDEA.


This is probably where you’ll be able to find me the most. As I’m still working on posting daily and being active on there, it’s it’s a challenge but total with every sweat and tear. (And believe me, there are a lot of sweat and tears. Even blood.) I kid…. or…am I?

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    I digress.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      I love the fact that you can use hashtags there and it’ll take you to a seperate part of Twitter where whatever hashtag you used, it’s being talked about.


I did a post about Goodreads about how to actually USE Goodreads and get the most out of it. I also talked about the fact that I don’t know zip, Lilly, SQUAT about it. But most of you guys showed me lots of awesome support about how to navigate on it and even told me about you other favorite social sites.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Again, I am forever indebted to you.



You guys have to help me out on this one. Besides the lovely and GLORIOUS fact that you can take pictures of BOOKS, (#Bookstagram?? Does this even exist?) Coffee WITH books, or tea, or scones, basically whateva meets your fancy at that time seems so awesome to me! But… kinda intimated to join… pep talk anyone?


Eh… I like watching videos on here. Does that count? I used to be a huge fan of booktube in there but THEN I made a super failed and embarrassing attempt at making one and…I JUST CAN. NOT.



                                                                                                                                                                           While I don’t use it much as a social media outlet or anything (HOW DO YOU DO THAT ANYWAY??) Nor do I use it to get followers back to my blog mostly because:

1. You kinda have to know how to take a decent picture so you can post there so you can then refer back to your blog.

2. I SUCK at taking pictures. Like, legit and totally inept in that department.


Hmmm…. this one gives me pause because I don’t really know a lot about it other than the fact that I downloaded the app to my phone AND iPad telling myself rhat I was going to be an AWESOME and actually make an attempt to use it. (In case you’re wondering it has been about failed attempt every. Single. Time.) I don’t know too much about this app other than there are funny gifs on here and some relatable/ funny quotes that I sometimes look through if I’m feeling daring and thr need to do so arises.


Now it's your turn 2

What social media sites are your FAV/ why? Which ones do you dislike/why? I know there’s like, a butt load of them out there but…TIME and OVERWHELMING….



19 responses to “What’s YOUR Fav Social Media Site?

  1. First of all, I have 0 IDEA on how to even use Facebook as a social media account for my book blog. How do people even use it?! I mean, I know my way through the usual Facebook account, yeah. but how does one even manage a Facebook Page?? D:

    I guess the social media accounts I use the most are Instagram and Twitter. Those two are basically LIFE and I have no idea what I’d be doing without them (I’d rather use Twitter all day than Facebook, to be honest). And yes, bookstagram is a thing! There are tons of blog posts on how to get started there, just do a little Google search and I’m sure you’ll be all set before the day ends. 😀 I post bookish photos on my own bookstagram account and I’m really enjoying it. <3 I hope you will too!

  2. I”m mostly on Twitter. That is were my book friends are at, among other friends I’ve met in the virtual world. I have a Facebook account and while I’m on it, I’m not really a big fan. Most of my friends there are real life friends and family. I’ve learned during this presidential election and some of the other stuff that is going on that I shouldn’t like some of these people. I always knew many in my family are racist (I am from South Georgia after all), but I just want to unfollow all of them. I have removed several from my timeline where I don’t see the crap they post. As for blogging on Facebook, it is horrible for that too. I post links to my new posts, but they don’t get a huge amount of traffic. I use Goodreads to mostly just track my books. I rarely use it as a social media outlet. I do friend people because I can add things like who recommended me a book, etc. I will also sometimes comment on something, but mostly I try to do that on people’s blogs. I hope you have a great week.

    Melanie @ Hot Listens & Rabid Reads

  3. I’m a Twitter girl. I just started Instagram and I really like it. My pics crosspost to Twitter so it reaches both.

    I have FB but that’s like a wasteland unless I remember to post a link.

    Tried Pinterest but eh…

    I just stick to the 2 because I don’t really like staying on line all day checking all those feeds lol Twitter & Instagram seem manageable to me and encourage conversation.

    Karen @For What It’s Worth

  4. Olivia-Savannah

    I absolutely LOVE instagram and snapchat the most. But the thing is that I have recently lost my phone so I don’t have access to them :'( It’s sorta breaking my heart into pieces… I miss them! And the wonderful bookish people I have come to know through them as well. However, I also really like bloglovin because of having all your wonderful blogs in one place. I don’t know what I would do without it!

  5. Goodreads is my favorite site to use. I’m on there everyday, all day. If I’m not on my laptop, desktop at work, app on my phone, app on my Kindle, etc…. I feel lost. I’ constantly adding and removing books on my shelves, and I love seeing what everyone else is raving or ranting about. Instagram is a close second. I’ve come to love it a lot, and I’ve only been on there for a few months now. I used to love Twitter, but I don’t like going on there. Facebook needs to be shut down. I don’t have a page for my blog, but I have a personal page and I barely go on there. My brother, sister, and cousins keep tagging me in photos, so that’t the only time I go on there. I absolutely hate Facebook.

  6. Sophia Rose

    Well, let’s see…I have accounts at all those spots, but the ones I really use are Facebook, Instagram, GoodReads, Pinterest, and Twitter. Tsu, Tumblr, and BookLikes are just sitting there.

  7. Instagram! 🙂 I like the simplicity and user-friendly interface. Somehow, I find it easier to get involved in the bookstagram community. Facebook groups have gotten spamy. Pinterest I can’t get into it. I love going on YouTube, but I save it for John Oliver, music, and Graham Norton. I’m not fond of booktube (I have no idea why.) I’m active on Goodreads, though, I only use it to catalogue my books and read reviews from my favourite book bloggers. As for Tumblr, there’s no particular reason why I’m not on it. It’s too much work managing these many social media accounts. #TheHorror

  8. I’ve been making a concerted effort to be on Twitter, but it’s hard. I’m a huge whiner and I feel like that’s most of what I do there. Lol.

  9. Social media and I don’t get along. I like some apps like Pinterest and Instagram, but I only like browsing (aka, wasting my time) and don’t really actually post anything on those two. I hate Twitter with a passion, I just feel like and outsider on there. I just made a Facebook account for the first time ever a few months ago and I still don’t know (or care) to learn how to use it. I like seeing news on there. I like watching music videos, concerts and beauty tutorials on youtube but that’s about it. I don’t like book tubers because I prefer reading posts and reviews. Also, all those book tubers look like they are amped up on crack and sugar and it’s just too much for me…
    Goodreads, I only post reviews and update reading statuses. If I had to pick one I’d say Pinterest wins but I could do without all of these 🙂

  10. I pretty much like everything but Facebook. Oh well I haven’t really gotten into the youtube videos either though. But even though I can’t really keep up with twitter, I think that’s my favorite of the social medias. I just like how you can get bite sized bits of info. And the updates on events are so instant. Goodreads is more for keeping track of my books though – I’m not really into the social aspect of it. Unless it’s to read what other people like about the book. There’s so many different ways to make use of these sites, it’s interesting to see what works best for everyone!

  11. Excellent post! I actually link Quest Reviews to tumblr, facebook, twitter and google plus. That’s the extent of it really. Everything gets updated automatically (which is AMAZING). I communicate mostly on twitter and love to connect with other bloggers on Goodreads.

  12. I feel like I could’ve written half of this myself, haha.

    Goodreads is my favorite for actual bookish stuff. But Pinterest is my favorite just in general! I haven’t used it as much lately, but I used to sit on there for like hours at a time. And it’s perfect when you just need to relax and destress and laugh. There are always so many great funny things, especially the pins of tumblr conversations. I actually have started getting a few views a day to my blog from Pinterest, but honestly I do a crap job of actually using it to promote my site. I just pin my posts there, usually like three weeks late, and whatever happens, happens, haha.

    As for tumblr, I also signed up thinking I’d be awesome and kick some tumblr butt, but seriously I don’t know what I’m doing! I just post links to blog figuring maybe someone will stumble upon them if they ever do a search for a keyword or something lol. But I have like 15 followers, if even. And I don’t post any sort of original stuff or funny posts. I don’t know what to post, and I feel awkward at the idea of commenting on other posts, and I’m not even sure I understand how to actually do that since it’s so confusing with reblogging and all that?

    I just fail at Twitter and Instagram though lol, and I don’t have a FB for my blog.

  13. BOOKSTAGRAM definitely exists!!! I have it and though i don’t post picture every single day, seeing other’s pictures of books and ARCs makes my day. I’m always like, ooooh prettiiiies. But honestly, I don’t care all that much for social media. I have a Twitter account and all, but I only go on it when I have something to say to someone (usually authors :P)

  14. I actually have a facebook account but it’s not for my blog and well, I never actually use it, I keep it so I can have messenger and thag allows me to talk to people from all over the world ^^
    I absolutely love goodreads, I post my reviews and status updates on it, so it’s one of my favorite social media site. I have a twitter account too where I only post my blog’s updates.
    These are three are the only ones I have, I’m not really into social media haha ^^

    “Book Addict”

  15. TWITTER <3 Twitter and I are the best of friends and we are as thick as thieves! I'm basically there all day every day, and I feel like Twitter has taught me a lot…including socialising and connecting with other bloggers! Goodreads comes a close second, considering I'm a uber-manager and I love to have all my books sorted neatly into shelves and such. Another reason I love GR is because I can really decide whether to read a book or not depending on the reviews my friends give those books. Gr is really handy that way. And I love Pinterest–simply because I am absolute crap at taking pictures, but I do love browsing my life away 🙂
    Love the post, girl <3

  16. I like to look at Twitter but don’t actually tweet a lot. I LOVE Instagram though. Goodreads is one I look at to see what others are reading an just track my progress. Pinterest is amazing and can suck me in for so long!

  17. For Facebook I usually just share my posts and if I find something interesting like a sale I share it there. I just want people to follow me there to be able to know when I have a new post. I am mostly a lurker on facebook, but it is the social media I am on the most. I like seeing posts from other people and am part of some great groups.

    I also like twitter, but I am also mostly a lurker there. And I share links to my own posts and try and share things fo others sometimes.

    And goodreads is so awesome to keep track of things. I mostly am there to write reviews and keep track of which books i own got for review etc. I used to be more active in group and such, but nowadays hardly find time for that.

    Oh and I love pinterest as well, mostly I use to find new recipes to try. I love that part of pinterest. I also have some other boards, but I am mostly there for the food. i also pin my covers and such, but don’t really use it as effectively to promote my blog.

    I am not on instagram myself, but I am impressed at how people can actually take such pretty pictures of their books. I wouldn’t be able to actually do youtube, I am way too embarrassed and afraid i sound like a dutchie trying to talk english and my accent is probably horrible and I feel like it would be awkward to talk to your camera. I don’t think youtube is for me. I did recently watched a youtube review and it was quite fun to watch.

  18. I must admit, I have an account with all of them and apart from Twitter and Instagram, barely use them. There’s not enough hours in the day to be active on them all AND maintain a blog or any kind of life away from your keyboard. I consider Goodreads as a blog extension really, they go hand in hand but Facebook is boring. I never remember to update mine and really don’t know how to use it to reach people or promote posts so I just don’t bother but my Tumblr is more me fangirling over The Walking Dead actually. I was stoked when only my second post and I made an edit which has almost 1200 notes. I nearly fell off my chair. But Twitter is definitely my favourite of the lot and the one I use each day.