Writer’s Life: So my plot changed… Again…

Posted March 11, 2015 by Keionda Lei Lewis in Blog / 0 Comments


So I’m writing right? And I’m at the point where I feel like I’m moving onto something brilliant, life changing, and utterly awesome but then… wait for it..

That idea changed and NOW I have to start all the way over.

I once had to throw away an entire draft because I couldn’t use any of it! Hurt me to my heart, yes it did, but it was what I had to do. No matter how many sweat and tears I had poured into the story I had to click that DELETE button.



But today I’m happy to say that I finally had my ‘ah ha’! moment and now my plot has taken a turn in a brighter direction. (And this time it won’t end up in the trash bin never to be seen by the light of day.) 😉

As annoying as it was to have to do it I know it was for the best.

That’s the funny thing about life sometimes. Time and time again we are faced with something we don’t necessarily want to face or ultimately get rid of. But no matter how hard it is to do, be it an ex, an addiction, or an entire first freaking draft that you loved with ever single beat of your heart.

If it’s best to let it go then that’s what you should do.




Listen to the picture guys. Those are some wise words there. 😉 It’s best to click that DELETE button and move on. Something better is ALWAYS waiting on the other side.

So what about you guys? What things in your life have you had to take away only to find out it was for the best in the end? It can be in writing,  work, schook, a project, basically what we floats yo boat. 😉