Writer’s Life: My mind is a very complicated place.

Posted March 16, 2015 by Keionda Lei Lewis in Blog / 0 Comments



I have a very complicated mind and I always feel like my mind is running on a different track than everyone else.

In particular, with writing… Pretty much in life in general. 😉

I feel like I should be like a normal writer and have my notes neat and hella organized such as: scene by scene or chapter by chapter, but oh no, my mind doesn’t work that way.

My notes in Scrivener are literally all over the place and confusing even to myself sometimes.

I have to write scenes in such a sporadic manner none of it begins to make sense but then get this, that’s where all the magic comes from and I’m all like:


It’s all just a hot mess to tell you that truth.

But hey, the mind wants what it wants. (In my Selena Gomez voice)

So with that being said, makes absolutely no sense to me why I tend to get most of my work done like this but that’s how it is. The more unorganized it is the more I can think and my mind has the time to open up and….


Nothing but a but load of magic is unleashed from my mind and onto my computer screen or OneNote document in my phone.

Some personal advice for me would be to just get the words onto paper. If I have learned anything by writing it’d that the mind works in different ways.

Sometimes people can work better if they’re under stress.

Me: *raises hand*

While some people can write at the apt of an eye and come up with brilliance.

Me again: *slowly lowers hand and looks around room*

BUT whatever way you write and feel comfortable with is totally up to you because no one is the same and we darn sure don’t have the same mind so do WHAT WORKS FOR YOU. Whatever you’re comfortable with, just do it.

And remember: the most important thing is to get those words down on paper no matter how gut wrenchingly bad they are. It’s meant to be that way the first go round. 😉

On a side note, do you prefer to have your things organized or just all over the place like me? No worries, you can tell me the truth. There’s no judgment here. 😉