Anyone Else Want To Just STARE At The Cover?? ^^Wishlist Wednesday

Posted December 30, 2015 by Keionda Lei Lewis in Wishlist Wednesday / 42 Comments

First, can we just discuss the fact that I’m growing stretch marks like…everywhere? They’re popping up out of nowhere and overtime I see a new one, I WANT TO WEEP. UGLY WEEP. But, it’s the holidays. Plus, when I’m around food I get all giddy, and have the restraint of like..pfft, a four-year old, so that’s no help either. 

So, let’s get to the business. 

Wishlist Wednesday is a meme offered by folks over @ Pen To Paperin which YOU, THE AWESOME-FILLED blogger tells the rest of the blogging world of the books you’ve been sitting on virtually and have yet to read. (Because you’re a slacker just like me and there is no shame in your slackin’ game.)

  //Book cover transports to you a magical place by the name of Goodreads//



This cover! Stunning, right? I’ve really been slacking since this book as been out forEVA! 

Also, I shan’t leave without wishing you all a HAPPY EARLY NEW YEARS! YASSS!


                                 Over to You: 

What do you guys think about this cover? Does it give you THOSE FEELS?? Have you tired this book out yet? What are you thoughts? ANDDDD What books have you been virtually or physically sitting on?



42 responses to “Anyone Else Want To Just STARE At The Cover?? ^^Wishlist Wednesday

  1. Read it! Read it! Read it! The final book in the trilogy is coming out in 2016 and I am DYING to read it. It’s just so good and the political intrigue is amazing and the romance is interesting. Seriously: read it now! 😉

    • I JUST SAW THE COVER AND I AM IN LOVE. <3 I love the colors the author uses because they just POP! You know? Now that you mention it has romance in it, I HAVE to get all over it then! 🙂

  2. I’ve heard quite a bit about this and I’m not sure when I’ll read it but I will. Hope you get to read this!

    • Teehee Stephanie, I SO know what you’re saying! But, I think that’s with all of us because there’s so many books and not enough time. (There’s NEVER enough time…) sigh.

  3. I have the restraint of a 4-year old too Keionda, so when my mom showed up at the house with 3 dozen cookies I may or may not have pounced on them and yelled MINE at the top of my lungs 😉

    I hope you get to this one soon, I so loved it!

    • Don’t worry Jenny! We can just lose weight after the New Year! <3 I had some S’mores and chocolate today and GIRL, I just couldn’t get enough. (and I still can’t get enough.);)

  4. Nicola Reads YA

    Ahhh I loved this book! You neeeed to read it before the final book comes out in March! Plus those covers are gorgeous.
    Also.. restraint around food? What’s that?! Happy New Years Eve Eve!! 😀

    • I’M IN LOVE WITH THESE COVERS! And I know I’m being biased because I have no idea what’s on the inside of them but I TRUST YOU and if you say it’s good, then I KNOW it has to be good. <3 Happy New Years!

    • I KNOOWW! A lot of people can’t wait for this book to come out girl! I need to read it before March so I can see what it’s all about! It’s next on my TBR! Never fear. xoxoxo

  5. Zoe

    A WINNER’S CRIME IS AMAZING. And ALL THE FEELS from the romance OMG. I hope you end up enjoying it as much as I did! <3

    • When I first saw it around the blogging world, no one ever mentioned a lot about the romance but I’ve been hearing nothing but things about the swoon in it! I CAN’T WAIT ZOOOOEEEE! <3

    • I KNOWWWW! Have you seen the cover for the new one coming out in March? Pfft, of course you have. You’re always on top of your game. <3 Happy New Years!

    • I DON’T KNOW AMBER. I really need to get on my game, but you know, with New Years and everything it’s just been hard. ugh. I’ll get to it though girl! I PROMISE!

  6. It’s a nice cover indeed. I hard lots of good things about this series, but haven’t read any of the books myself.

    • You and I are in the same boat then L, because I’ve heard about the swoony romance but have yet to pick these ones up! Going to change that really soon! <3

  7. I’m the same as you Keionda! I still have to read this one! And I thought the first book was so good. I’ll be happy though to read the 2nd and 3rd book back to back, so perhaps I will wait a bit longer! 🙂 Have a Happy New Year!

    • I’m glad you haven’t read this one either girl because I’ve really felt like a total SLACKA this year. I’m like you too Char in that I have to wait until the entire series is out so I don’t have to wait, you know? #cliffhangers

    • Haha! Joy, you’re actually not the first one that has told me that they didn’t like the covers. But, I for one, LOVE THEM. I like the dark/bright color schemes the author uses. <3 But, to each their own. 😉

  8. I haven’t read this series but the covers just don’t grab me (although I am rather bemused by the backlash at the changes – I mean…the new ones aren’t great but…it’s just a cover? Is that bookish blasphemy?!)

    • Reallyyyy? But Watttlleee. I thought you would love them! I have a thing for darkish colors and the ones on the covers just seem to pop out at me. IDK, maybe I’m just odd. teehee

  9. Cait @ Paper Fury

    I physically like sit on ALL THE BOOKS. Not because they’re comfy but because I’m lazy and sometimes my bed is full of books so I just squish in around them instead of, ya know, putting them in neat piles. #bookwormproblems OH OH BUT I LOVE THE WINNER’S CRIME!! I liked the first one, but not so much. It was a bit “eh meh”. But this one?! THIIIIIIS precious book is like everything with a wicked cliffhanger. Read it. Cry with me. *stockpiles chocolate on your behalf* ALSO I LURVE THOSE COVERS SO SO MUCH.

    • GIIRRLL, I’ve been hearing so many good things about this book and I can’t wait to read it! You guys are honestly the best because you always, always direct me in the right direction for a good book! <3 I SHALL SIT ON THIS BOOK AND CRY WITH YOU! <3

  10. That really is a great cover. It’s been one I’ve had my eye on for what feels like ages. And omg all the food. I just had a muffin and am stuffed the thing was so big. I need my stretchy pants! STAT! lol

    • Awww Anna, I’ve been wanting a muffin like no one’s business! A BIG ONE WITH BIG BLUEBERRIES! (You hungry yet?) Teehee I JUST WANT ALL THE FOOD BASICALLY. And I agree! The cover is BEAUTIFUL!

    • YOU AND ME BOTH. I have SO many books on my TBR pile, physically and virtually that it’s just sad now. 🙁 Here’s to us both getting ALL THE BOOKS read!

  11. Hang on, where are the stretch marks coming from? Does Kei have a bun in the oven? I don’t have kids, but when I put on a bit of weight, I noticed I had some too. You know what fades them, rose hip oil. They turn a light silver colour and you can barely see them, even if you wanted to walk around nude. Outside. And have a conversation with the neighbours. Although I don’t recommend it.

    I loved this one, a little more than the first even because it didn’t rely on the romance and you get to know the characters on their own merits. It’s epic and the romance that IS in there, phew, intense. Hurry up and read it Kei. READ IT!

    • Bahaha! HECK NO! No kids this way. (I’m saving all of THAT until marriage) 😉 The stretch marks came from me being a pig during Christmas and New Years. Now I have stretch marks appearing on my arms and stuff (and the boobs) teehee I’ll have to try that rose hip oil! (writing it down now) I don’t care if they turn white, I just need them to FADE because…they’re not very attractive. 😉 You always know how to put a smile on my face girl. <3 I really can’t wait to meet these characters guh!