What Type of Blogger Are YOU?

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what type of blogger are you

This idea just randomly popped in my head while I was taking my bath. I was scrub-a-dubbin and BOOM. I was like. YES. YES. I HAS to do this post. I have no idea why I’m so excited to do it but I am. And I’m also ecstatic that my personal friends, the Gifs, to assist me in accurately portraying my excitedness below:


So yes, let us get started, shall we?

The introvert blogger

(Idk if it’s safe to assume but aren’t all or most bloggers introverts?) Now this hasn’t been scientifically proven it’s just my own beliefs that may or may not have truth to them. 😉

You stay to yourself. The outside world hurts your eyes. Not to mention the outside air is so toxic it burns off all your nose hairs?!

And being social? Hah. 

More like, you’re going to my room, barricading my door, and everyone pretend you don’t exist! How about THAT? Most of the time you just like the company of yourself (ain’t nothing wrong with that) your books, computer, T.V. Basically whatevs it is.


                        The Excited Blogger


(This is me. ALL THE WAY.)

You rant, rave, celebrate, cry–》not really but sometimes. You love to get into the heart of the book and flail all around in your reviews when you’re talking about the part that excites you! 

  1. Gifs are welcome to this party.
  2. Pictures are awesome and you love to look at them. Come on in!
  3. Squueeing + flailing= A. GOOD. TIME. Nuff said.

Plain and simple


You like to have your things point blank and simple. Forget using gifs. Pictures. Anything. Because you know what? AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT. You like having your stuff laid out in a cetain way with a beginning, middle, and end. No detours in rant-ville and no pit stop in Gif city. Although maybe you would not be opposed to putting a smiley face in your post every now and again. Because again:

                                                                      AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT.


The angry blogger


What to throw your book against the wall? Didn’t like something the author said?  How about you couldn’t connect with the character or there was just that dreaded insta-love crap? *shudders*

So you type up this awesome ranty post and you sure it with all of us so we can share in on your rant and/or give you comfort that everything in the booking world shall return back to its normal state. You shall find another book to love, possibly even lick.

                    THe organized bloger


You like to have everything neat and organized AT ALL TIMES. That means scheduling your posts ahead of time and NEVER falling behind on commenting or being active on social media. (Ha. Wish I could keep up with this…. But you know….#FAILWHALE

If at all possible I think ’tis safe to assume you have a notebook if all your upcoming posts so you can be ahead of the game and make the rest of us feel shamed. Or maybe you have a little nifty app on your phone like Evernote or Onenote that helps you be all organized and stuff.


    Not so organized


(THIS ONE IS SO ME!!) –》and I am so not shamed to say it. It’s not that I don’t want to be organized because pfft who DOESN’T WANT to be organized? But I think my brain is deluded and just likes to work all scattered-like and crap. It’s a hard knock life for my sad, unorganized life game. I try though. Truly, I do.

If you are like me and have lots of notes everywhere, or maybe your posts are in your note app on your phone, maybe some are over here in cyber space half completed just chilling waiting on the day you give them glory and publish them. Or maybe….just maybe you haven’t even started yet. *le gasp!!*

I would like to give a shout out to the always lovely never judging GIFS. They are DA BOMB and always willing to give a hand. But I also may or may not have tied them up and forced them to be willing and participating minions. I didn’t btw. 

Now it's your turn 2

What kind of blogger are you? And are there any other types of bloggers you can think of? TELL ME ALL. YO!



32 responses to “What Type of Blogger Are YOU?

  1. I think I’m a mix of a few of these actually LOL! One just doesn’t quite fit me. I am organized but I can also be an introvert and I can also be an excited blogger LOL!

  2. This is pretty funny! I guess I’d be a plain and simple blogger. I think my style tends to be more “serious” than a lot of other bloggers. I do think “excitement” sells in some sense, but it’s just not my thing! 😀

    • I love how your reviews are always so ORGANIZED and straight forward! You don’t always have to be excited and pushing books in people’s faces to get your point across. 😉

  3. Hahah I love this!! There was a time when I didn’t care about my blog, when I put tons of picture and added tons of smiley faces and was organized, but now I just go with the flow. I don’t choose in advance what I’m gonna read or what post I’m gonna do. I guess I’ll also the introverted type, since if I were to choose between blogging for a year or going to the movies for a year, I’d choose blogging. Wonderful post!

    Lola @ Hit or Miss Books

    • Hey Lola! <3
      I ALWAYS pictures and/or gifs but that’s just me. 😉 All of us have our own style and we use what suits us best. ) And OMG, an entire YEAR without movies?? I THINK I WOULD DIE, LOLA! :O

  4. Yes it does seem most bloggers are introverts to some degree. from the types you listed here I am the plain and simple blogger (no GIF’s for me and my reviews always have a beginning and end) and the organized blogger. That GIF you included there is just so pretty, I can keep looking at it. I am not always as organized as I might seem, but I am all for scheduling posts ahead, replying to comment and commenting back after that. Although I do fall behind on my comments now and then.

    • I always love reading your reviews for that reason L! You’re always so straightforward and I feel that’s what we need too! <3 I usually fall behind one thing or another in my life. Either commenting, posting, or writing. And then we have other life things that tend to ALWYAS get in the way so that’s always fun too.. .ugh. Glad I’m not alone in this! <3

  5. I’m an introvert in real life but pretty social when it comes to blogging. Not sure hwy but I guess you’re all my peeps. You. Get. It.

    I’m not an excited blogger which always makes me feel strange because everyone else is and I feel like I should be. I love reading/book pushing but I don’t get super excited about the next big release or anything.

    I’m definitely NOT organized lol I fly by the seat of my pants and blog when I have something to say. It took me awhile not to be anxious about that but it’s all good now.

    Karen @For What It’s Worth

    • This is the SAME way I am girl! I am totally introverted in real life but then semi-social when it comes to social media. I’m erin to get better at this and become more social but you kNOw what kind of a struggle THAT can be. 😉 I try to be organized but then…. LIFE, and then… DISORGANIZED again…. PFFT.

    • YASSS girl! Your reviews tend to have a mixture of all of those things! Try as I might, I SUCK at being organized so I’m really trying to work on that. Promise. 😉 <3

  6. Sophia Rose

    I think I might have the possibility of all of those at some point, but on a day to day I’d have to say it’s the plain & simple for me.

    LOL, I get some of my best ideas in the shower and I think I need a waterproof notebook in there to write it down quick so I don’t lose that thought thread. 🙂

    • I always love reading your posts! You’re informative, straight to the point, and are SUPER talented when it comes to making analogies. I’m a fail whale at that. 😉 A waterproof notebook would really come in handy since most of my ideas for books/posts come to me when I’m scrub-a -dub-dubbin’. 😉

  7. evaallbooksconsidered

    LOL, love this post! I think I try to be the organized blogger, which usually works for me but I think we probably all have a bit of all types in us!

  8. Great post Keonda! 😀 I want to say that I am a perfect blend between The Introvert Blogger and The Plain and Simple Blogger, but to be honest, I don’t even know who I come across as a blogger! Frankly, I don’t think my personality is fully conveyed through my blog if that makes any sense ha! XD

  9. OMG you had me crackin’ up through this entire post! I am an introverted blogger, a calm blogger, and a disorganized blogger. I’m not kidding about the calm. Sometimes, I even calm myself down before I write a post. How weird is that? I don’t always do that though. Sometimes I let a little excitement squeeze out.

    Great post, girl!

  10. I would say that I’m mostly the excited blogger. I use gifs and I fangirl. Hard. I’ve even been recognized by publishers for my fangirling, which was pretty amazing. I’m not really organized. I mean, I do have a calendar for the blog posts, but I rarely draft in advance. Mostly it’s the night before.

    Great discussion post!!

  11. Oh my gosh, this is so hysterical and so true! I unfortunately am still trying to figure out what kinda blogger I am, *sigh* I’m most definitely disorganized, though, haha!

  12. Ooh I am definitely a mix of numbers 1, 2 and 6! My caps lock are all over the place and my ideas are scattered EVERYWHERE. So even though I rememer to write/type down those post ideas, when I eventually look for them I always forget where I wrote them. It could be in my laptop. Or in my phone’s notes. Or maybe I told my sister. Or I hid it in the loset?!? NONETHELESS I STILL LOSE THEM ANYWAY, SIGH.

  13. I think it’s safe to say that I am definitely an introvert (being social? What does that even mean?! Books, internet and TV all the way!) but I’m also kinda a mix of some of the others too. When I find a book that I love then I am going to get excited and pretty much fangirl about that book in any opportunity I get. I’m also SUPER organised. Organisation is so my thing that I even make spreadsheets haha! This is a great post! xx

  14. I’m the introvert blogger. I’m not a very social person. I love being by myself, and that may be why I’ve changed my mind about going to book events. I always have an excuse, but the truth is that I’m not ready for that kind of interaction. There’s no law that says you have to go to BEA/BookCon/etc… to be a blogger. I’m taking my time.

  15. Ha, love this! I think I’m a mix of introvert and organized. And a bit of excited cause I can get flaily about things. 🙂 You’ve captured the different types well with the gifs too!!

    • Thanks C! 🙂 And yeah, I think we’re all a mix of all of these types of bloggers! (DID THAT MAKE ANY SENSE WHAT I JUST SAID??) Probs not. 😉 I try to be organized and then it just becomes a mix of semi-organized/Disaster… yeah .. hehe!

  16. Ahhhh you completely nailed the type of blogger I am in your post – definitely the organised one! I’m definitely a bit OCD about my blog schedule and everything and have to stick to a post calendar! Such a fun post Keionda!

  17. You and I are definitely the same! I am completely unorganized and also excited! I have a feeling that those tend to go together quite a bit, because we’re so busy being ridiculous that we don’t have time to organize anything? Rants can happen too, when my excitement turns to anger 😂 Very fun post!!

  18. Haha, this is too funny! I’m like a combination of “excited” and “plain and simple” and then all wrapped up in “organized” because I am definitely super seriously organized with my blogging. I joke about how my blogging and bookish stuff are the only organized things in my life, haha, because in pretty much every other way I’m a disorganized mess 😛