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I know I’ve been totally M.I.A. as of late, but I have some news to share with you guys in the next coming weeks which will tell you guys exactly what it is that I’ve been doing! <3 Soooo, you guys need to like, stay tuned and all of that. 😉

The  topic I want to talk about today, has been brought up by A BUNCH of other bloggers but of course, you know me, I need to put in my two cents as well. 😉 (wink, wink) Just couldn’t help myself. And I have a feeling that it will help new bloggers out there (myself included, since I’m still kind of….new) as well as more seasoned bloggers.

All right, all right. Quit your blabbering Kei, and get to the topic at hand.

Pfft. Fine. LEGGOOO.


1. You talk about interesting thangs. (Basically I relate to you)
I think this is a no-brainer for most people that choose to hit the follow button. If you talk about cool stuff that people have in common with you, pfft, I don’t know… Tea and scones? Puppy dogs and rainbows? BOOKS? Whatever it may be, usually if I feel a connection with a blogger that way, YOU BEST BELIEVE I IS GOING TO FOLLOW YOU.

2. You make me giggle.
Now, it can be one of those half smiles, a smirk, a full on laugh, or a full of whopping cough laugh in which I have to squeeze my thighs and hold my INTESTINES. You basically have a true follower in me.

3. You’re a genuily nice person.

(Pfft, aren’t all of us pretty nice and awesome?) Let me explain myself:
BONUS POINTS, if you use smilies in your posts. I tend to do this frequently (which draws on what I said earlier about being relatable)
Now, don’t get me wrong, not everyone does this and that’s perfectly fine, like I said BONUS POINTS.


4. You show interest in me and what I like.

Ask questions. At the end of your post, ask me questions that have to do with what you just talked about. Basically, just show the you care about me, the reader. (I’m awesome and you have to do this anyway, so pfft.) I always love it when I feel the the blogger is talking right to me so this to is ALSO a huge bonus to get me stalking your blog on the regular. 😉

Soooooo, let’s study all of the things we’ve learned today: 

How can you possibly get someone to subscribe to your lovely? Pfft, YES, a pop quiz. You should have been paying attention, so if you weren’t you get no sympathy points. None.

So, here we go.

You have a unique voice, talk about interesting stuff, make me giggle, use smilies, talk about things that I can relate to or FEEL something from, or you inform me of some super awesome things, WEELLLL you pretty much have a stalker out of me. (Not really a STALKER… but…you catch my gist, right?)

I’m sure the list goes on for miles and miles but I’m a LAZY and can’t be counted to do all THAT man labor. PFFT.

Now it's your turn 2
Now it’s your turn to speak out and let me know if I missed anything from the list? Or is there anything you’d like to add to the list? OH! AND coffee or TEA?

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  1. Awww this is such a lovely post Keionda! It definitely shows that we all follow bloggers for their personalities because everyone has a unique voice when they blog. Can’t wait for your news!

  2. Since I mostly subscribe to book blogs, I usually pick blogs that read the same genres that I do. For example, if a blog is strictly YA, I’m less likely to follow it. I’m not saying I won’t, just less likely. I just don’t read a lot of YA books (I read some, but I’m really picky). Now, if you also have great discussion posts, then yes, that is a reason for me to follow you, but know that I’m probably not going to comment a lot on the book reviews because we just aren’t in the same genre.

    I do agree that personality and the amount you interact with your users makes a huge difference. I’ve unfollowed blogs because they don’t even reply back to comments on their own site. What’s the point of having a comments section if you aren’t going to interact with your readers?

    Great post 🙂

    Melanie @ Hot Listens & Rabid Reads

  3. I subscribe if I like the persons *voice* – if they seem authentic to me. It doesn’t really matter if we don’t have the same interests (of course that helps).

    I do subscribe via Bloglovin but to be honest I don’t even check there often. O_o. I have my favorites bookmarked and I go through that list daily and then if a comment or link that’s tweeted grabs my attention I check out those posts and hopefully find a new blog to follow.

    Karen @For What It’s Worth

  4. I can honestly say that I only have a few blogs that I subscribe to by email. And they are mostly old subscriptions from years before I even contemplated this blogging journey. They are my most trusted bloggers; meaning that their review of a book holds weight with me. If they loved that book, then there’s a 99% chance that I will buy it. If they hated it, then the same goes. I also subscribe to a number of other blogs that feature things that I love – eating, movies, discussing mental illnesses, and bookish things. I love when a blogger can make me laugh with just a gif. I can be having the worst day imaginable and I visit one of my favorite blogs and they brighten my day. It doesn’t matter if it’s a book review, discussion post, etc…. I just love being able to interact with positive people, because there is enough hate going on out here as it is. Send me some positive vibes and leave the negatives for the crazies.

  5. Love this post, girlie! 🙂 I know I’ve said it before, but you come up with the *best* posts. I always marvel at the unique topics you bring up and the discussions you start. (I know this is OT but… Confession time: I have never once made a discussion-type post. For some crazy reason I’m too nervous to do it and it was actually one of my blog goals this year – to do at least 3 and it hasn’t happened yet. *sigh*) Anyway, what makes me follow… someone who shares a similar taste in books as me. That’s the initial draw. It’s like, okay, we have that in common and it’s a great start, now what else might there be? Someone who is friendly, funny, kind, and interactive (responds to comments and/or comments back). Any/all of those definitely make me hit that subscribe button. 🙂

  6. Sophia Rose

    Yep, what she said. 😉 I mostly stumbled across a few blogs when I was dinking around on the internet one day and was curious enough to keep visiting and then following. Sense then, I started reviewing for one of them and Braine’s Talk Supe blog is the other. Slowly, I have visited more. Those who made me feel comfortable, I stayed with as a follower others I let go. The personalities are a wide variety as are their blogging styles, but they all have in common that they are respectful and caring. If they make me laugh, think, touch my heart, those are bonus. You achieve the bonus, gal. 🙂

  7. What’s the news? Can you whisper it to me? Let me guess, is it something you’ve applied for? Whisper it to me on Twitter, everyone else can wait.

    What makes me subscribe to a blog? It’s almost always because I like the blogger. A blogger could post the most wonderful and lively discussion, but if they’re an asshole on social media, I wouldn’t subscribe.

    But most of all, do mine who is genuine and that I want to know. Fun and always makes time to say hello. You my darling, have all that in spades and are one of my favourite bloggers <3

  8. evaallbooksconsidered

    Great question and I love your list! I think for me — I either want to be super interested/intrigued by your posts/content and/or some sort of connection, i.e. commenting back or similar tastes in books/reviews!

  9. Lauren Becker

    I like to follow blogs that have content that I enjoy, who have a fun writing style, who seem like nice people, and blogs that communicate with me on MY blog too are always fun. I like that back and forth because you really get to know people that way. 😉


  10. I really love blogs that have the same tastes in books as me, like YA blogs, because that is what I more often read. Also, like you said, I love when a blogger makes me giggle, I instantly follow that blog, because humour in a blog is really important to me ! However I think I’m the kind of person that will follow a blogger just because he/she is nice ^^

    Loved your post :))

    “Book Addict”

  11. Oh, what is it that you have to share with us?? I know that you’ve been writing, so maybe it’s novel-related???

    There are SO many reasons with I follow blogs. Sometimes I just want to encourage them, so I subscribe to theme even if they’ve just started and there’s nothing special about it. I also tend to follow book blogs that review books I like to read (obviously), but I read blogs that I know will also read mine or at least reply to my comments 😛

  12. It’s good to know how we can lure you into our lives! 😛
    Ellen and I are glad that you are a frequent visitor to Quest Reviews. I’m excited to hear about your upcoming news! Hope you are doing well 🙂

  13. Being interested in either their content or liking someone as a person or both is often the reason for me to subscribe to a blog. often I will visit a blog a few times before subscribing, but I’ve also had a few blogs where I subscribe the first time I visit. I also follow a lot of blogs through social media instead of subscribing as I like that way to keep track of blogs as well.

  14. Olivia-Savannah

    I usually subscribe to people if their content is really god and interesting and when I read it I just want more of it. I like ones that make me laugh, but that isn’t a requirement! If the blogger comments back and is so sweet and replies to comments I post on theirs as well, it’s always a plus for me as well and makes me want to subscribe! I think that is them being a nice person like you mentioned :3