Types of Romances That Make You Do…THE SQUIRMING?

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romance squirm

Here, below I have highlighted the types of romances I LURVE, and some that I didn’t lurve as much. (And be aware that there are a ton more romances, but I am a lazy and don’t feel like thinking about them ALL. Pfft. I can’t be relied on for THAT.)


1. Number one and my most FAV, don’t you guys just live those romances where it’s like the two love interests just CAN’T GET ALONG?? And then comes the angst, the drama, the fights, and then the hot make outs that we know is going to come??

Then when that final moment comes it’s just like:


                                                                                   Like….just freaking swoon me already.

awkward romance

Omg, I also love those awkward character relationship where it’s like, neither one of them really know how to be in a relationship. I love feeling the awkwardness they feel, like the first time they kiss and hold hands and stuff it’s just so…GAH! It’s just so delicious, OKAY??



Frinds with history

Hmmm, I am also partial to those romances that comes from the two characters having having a lot of history together (like maybe they were best friends that suddenly they realized they were in love with each other or MAYBE, they knew each other once upon a time and had to be separated for whatever reason.)


                          forbidden romance

Pfft, you guys knew I couldn’t forget to include this. I know how much you guys love this one (well, at least I HOPE you do. If you don’t, please, feel free to skip.) I love the push and pull with this romance. Usually, the two love interests are hot for each other, maybe they hit it off instantly or maybe there is an “I-hate-you-but-still-want-to-love-you-anyway-” type of thing. Either way, I love the fact that even when they DO decide they want to be together that they still can’t be together because of other more powerful, outside influences.

Wow. That made me a kind like a total cruel human being just now….

forced to like you

And lastly, this none isn’t really huge on my list BUT it’s one that I still try to read. How do you guys feel about the whole “arranged marriage” type of relationships? While it isn’t on the top of my list, don’t think Keionda Lei will not still devour it because I still believe it to be a bunch of deliciousness.

Now it's your turn 2

Soooooo, guys I want to know what kind of romance you guys love the most?? Any from this list? Any other ones you can think of to add to my list?? #YASSPLEASEEE



39 responses to “Types of Romances That Make You Do…THE SQUIRMING?

  1. I’m wracking my brains trying to come up with examples… I think I repress them! But, let’s see… what makes me squirm/roll my eyes is when the girl feels repeatedly intimidated by her love interest. I can be cool with one instance maybe… but when she is constantly freaking out over his size, his power, his attitude, whatever, it gets on my nerves! I want to read about different kinds of relationships, ones that are more empowering! And I also can’t get behind male love interests who are super domineering. This maybe comes from an experience I had being sexually harassed by a big dude who at work who would try to intimidate me. I just don’t like reading about it now! Anyways, this is a great post and a great topic!

      • HAHA! I AGREEEEEEE! The one with the tortured “Broody” love interest is one of my FAVS too! I don’t think I’d want a guy like that in real life… but…. in books they’re EPICAL! <3

    • Oh. WOW. Having to deal with a rude and domineering guy in BOOKS, I can understand, but you actually had to deal with one of those in REAL FREAKING LIFE?? HECKS NO El!Guys like that just deserve a swift kick to the you-know-whats…. And yes! What you said was probably one of the main reason Fifty Shades of Grey and I didn’t get along very much! I like it when the girl is able to take care of herself and take UP for herself! Awesome comment, love! <3

  2. I don’t really care about the type of romance as much as how they interact. I love when the couple spends time working towards something instead of *I’m not worthy but hook up then run away* type stuff.

    I don’t really care how it starts or have a favorite as long as they’re sweet to each other. I’m also a fan of the grand gesture.

    Karen @For What It’s Worth

    • EXACLTY! I loved reading your thoughts on this K because it’s so true! <3 I want their relationship to be sweet, but with that fire (the banter/sexual tension and stuff! And YASSS the grand gesture is DEF one of my favs too! xoxo!

  3. Ooh, I love “enemies fall in love.” I also like “exes with history and chemistry.”
    I’m okay with some forbidden romance (like families that are sworn enemies etc) but don’t like some kind of forbidden ones, like teacher-student or cheating situations.
    Super fun topic!!
    Jen @ YA Romantics

    • YASSSS Jen! You are SO speaking my language right now! <3 I HEART “Enemies fall in love” and the “exes with history and chemistry” ones! They just add so much more… shall we say SPICE to the mix? And yeah, the ones that involve cheating and all that DEF turn me off girl!

  4. Sophia Rose

    All of those for sure. I had examples of favorites pop into my mind as I read your post. It’s sort of like the friends with history one you picked, but I enjoy 2nd Chances, and I don’t have a fancy name for it, but I also like ‘survival’ style romances- where two people are stuck together and they might be strangers at first, but they need each other and learn to love.

    • Ohhhhhhh, that one is interesting as well! (and I love the name you chose for it–the “survival style” I HAVE to read some books like this! I feel like that would add even more to their relationship! 🙂

  5. The enemies to lovers is always one I have had trouble with, not my favourite. I just can’t understand how they go form all that negativity to suddenly falling in love. Or maybe I just haven’t read the right ones yet. i do remember a few books where they don’t start as enemies, but they don’t like each other at first and then that changes which were done well.
    I also love the awkward romance,s they are just so much fun to read about! have you read Cora Carmack her Losing It series? Especially the first book is really good with a fun awkward romance.
    Friend to lovers romances are one of my favourite or second chance romances where the characters already have a history together. I always think it adds some depth to their relationship with the history they alreayd share.
    Forbidden romances are great too! There just something fun about a couple that an’t be together fall in love and see how they deal with that situation. I’ve read a few arranged marriage or marriage of convenience books, it can be a fun one when the characters are forced together for some reason and then develop feelings. Great list!

    • I LOVED EVERYTHING YOU SAID L! I just want to wrap a big heart around your comment. 😉 That’s exactly how I feel! I love the back and forth banter with the friends to lovers, the second chance lovers(like you said with the history they already share) and the forbidden romances! I haven’t tried Cormack yet, but believe me L, she is on my list! <3

  6. I love a slow burn romance, and a forbidden one. It’s something about that give and take–and the banter I just love! But I do not like well I can do without, couples that seem forced together–and romances that just don’t make sense. Great post girl!

    • IKR?? Couples being forced together and THEN falling in love… Idk Jaz, It COULD work for me and then… sometimes not. I guess it has to be played out in the right way? Hm..

  7. I like action in my romances, which is why I love PNR and romantic suspense. I’ve also read some BDSM romances and even some darker romances where the way the couples come together is a little shady, but end up in love. I’m a character driven reader, so I like very interesting characters. I’m a firm believer in reading whatever you want to read and what you like. Great topic.

    Melanie @ Hot Listens & Rabid Reads

    • YES! Reading what you want/like is definitely a biggie of mine because what’s the point of reading if you don’t LIKE or APPRECIATE what you’re reading? There IS no point. 😉 And yes! teehee! I know how much you love your PNR! I for one, LOVE to have action in my romances as well which is why I lurve Fantasy!

  8. What about the billionaire and the virgin? No? Lol. I like the forbidden one…but not the incest kind of forbidden. Gross.

  9. Awkward relationships are always beautiful – mostly because everyone’s been in the position where they feel like they don’t know what to do and it’s, um . . . nice? to see other people suffer too. Also, we know they’ll succeed eventually and that’s inexplicably lovely.

    • I SO AGREE it’s super nice and refreshing (OMG YASS) to see the characters in the relationship feel all awkward and stuff because I’M that way! I’m super awkward and… shy? SO yes! I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU LARA! <3

  10. evaallbooksconsidered

    I love frenemies and friends with history! SO good! I think forbidden romance can be fun, too, depending! It’s always interesting to read a romance that doesn’t follow any trope too like The Opportunist.

  11. I actually have a thing about forbidden romances, I get all the feels from them! I love the best friend romances though, they’re my favourite! And the love/hate is cute as well.

  12. Oh so my favorite is a mix between forbidden romance and THEY HATE EACH OTHER. I love love/hate relationships so much I don’t think it’s even healthy. I mean, it’s nice, too, when it’s sweet and the characters get along, but it just doesn’t play with your heart very much, know what I’m saying??

  13. This is an extremely complex topic for me! XD If I had to pick though, I would definitely go with the Friends with History type of romance; romances that exude friendship over sappy-cringe-worthy-frivolity are my absolute favorite! <3