Top 5 Reasons I LOVED This Book! Review: Art & Soul by Brittainy C. Cherry

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Top 5 Reasons I LOVED This Book! Review: Art & Soul by Brittainy C. CherryArt & Soul
on Apr 20, 2015
Pages: 269
Format: eBook
I had always been the invisible art student in high school.
Passed by. Glossed over. Unnoticed.
Now I was Aria Watson… that girl.

After one bad decision, and being labeled a slut, I was no longer unseen. I was the whore. The ignoramus. The tramp.
I would never be invisible again.

Particularly to Levi Myers. He was the odd boy with the beautiful soul who accepted and understood the broken girl inside me.

Falling in love wasn’t the plan. But how could I resist his promises of hope? Of forgiveness? Of a future I had stopped dreaming of?
We were shattered. We were scarred. We were something strange and beautiful.

We were two lost souls holding on to the only thing that could keep us together.

Each other. 


Oh my golly FLIPPIN’ G YO! There were just so many tender, sweet moments between Aria and Levi (the MC’s)  that I constantly had a smile flash across my face. Just… so, so sweet! I HEARTED these characters sosososo much. The characters grab you and just don’t let you go. Expect to fall in love with them even more than the story itself!

I loved this book SO MUCH in fact that I didn’t mind that this book is told in alternate perspectives which I’m like a TOTAL sucker for now.



♥Aria: She’s a total weirdo. (and I loved that about her because she OWNED her quirkiness) She shaved half of her hair and I believe she dyed it red?  But she had CHARACTER. She’s a real human being and she felt so real to me. I suffered when she suffered. I wanted to punch people when she wanted  to.

♥Levi: I had my doubts about him… I wasn’t too sure I was going to like him that much BUT I FELL IN LOVE WITH HIM. He has suffered through so much! Dealing with sick, sometimes neglective parents would have driven me bananas! But Levi, even Ari, showed me just how strong they are!


            5 reasons I loved this book!

Untitled6I was SO. SO. SO. attached to the characters I didn’t even mind too much that there weren’t many steamy, hot moments or kissing. The characters were so deep and complicated and intricately twisted together, none of that mattered. (And this my bookish people is something that never happens) when I read a synopsis for a book the first thing I look for us if there is kissing and if there is romance. (Yeah. I said it.)

Untitled6Levi and Aria had this cute thing they did where they would send each other defenitions of words to express their feelings for each other. Like EVERY TIME I read one of their words, I smiled. I just couldn’t help it. Even if people looked at me like I was strange. 

                                 Like… I just absolutely, positively HEART this one:

                 I-noun, often capitalized, often attributive \i\:

                 Miss-verb\mis\: to feel the absence of.

                 You- pronoun [yoo; unstressed too, yuh]

Untitled6I did raise my when brows a couple of times when I found out there was no kissing or steamy moments BUT I soon found that it didn’t matter because LITERALLY love Ari and Levi. It was like, even when I thought they couldn’t get any better… THEY DID.


Untitled6 The ending was just so tragically beautiful. I LOVED how strong Aria became in the end. Her character developed a lot since the beginning of the book. Suurree, she had pain. Suurree she suffered but she refused to let that make her who she WAS.


I believe the book ended the way it was supposed to end. ALL loose ends got solved and every character got their own happy ending, even if I wasn’t entirely happy with some of those endings. 


The only bad thing I can say about it is that I felt like the climax happened all at once and then BOOM, the book was over. I wanted to know more about Aria and Levi’s story, so I’m crossing my fingers the author decides to come out with another book even though this one was a standalone.

Soooo, if you’re looking for a book about sacrifice, love, sprinkled with angst and true friendship, then this IS the book for you. 😉


                                 Over to you:

Does it matter about if a book is jam-packed with romance/steamy moments? Because to me, it does… What do you guys think about the cover? Are you guys thinking about reading this one next? You SHOULD. JS.



4 Stars


24 responses to “Top 5 Reasons I LOVED This Book! Review: Art & Soul by Brittainy C. Cherry

  1. I need this book in my life. Like noooowww! I just need something to keep me reading and fall in love with the characters and have their problems be my problems and just…..GAH!! (Don’t mind my run-on sentence, I’m stressed the hell out right now) But, I want this book. You review made me want it, but then I went to Goodreads and read a couple more – now I’ll die if I don’t get to experience this. Awesome review!

    • Leekeiisshhaaa, I REALLY, REALLY hope you get to try this one out! I’m sure you would like it. 🙂 And oh no! Being stressed out is no fun. 🙁 Take it easy and remember to BREATH. 🙂

  2. Glad you loved this book so much:D! You seem to be on a roll with these highschool romances;)! Hmm, do I need lots of romance and steamy bits? Lol, maybe, maybe, probably yes. xD

  3. I didn’t know about it until now, but I would mos def read it. Steamy bits and kisses are great and I love them, but I don’t have to have them if the author nails it with other things.

    • Oh really Sophia? I wish I could be like you so that I wouldn’t always rely so heavily on romance and stuff. But you’re right, I believe if the author nails it in other spots, no romance is needed… right? teehee

  4. When you say, “tragically beautiful” do you mean someone died? Because. MY HEART. I don’t think I can handle all the excitement.

  5. Now this sounds like a book I am going to love. I am not a huge fan of a lot of steamy moments, but it sounds like this was such a deep and intense romance that they didn’t need too many of them. I love the cover, and the characters seem wonderful. Aria seems perfectly quirky and weird, but also grounded. I always love when there is character development at the end of a book as well. Can’t wait to try this one! Glad you loved it so ^.^

    • YESSS Olivia! I absolutely loved this book and I hope you give it a try it one day. <3 The characters truly were a treat and like you said, Aria was perfectly quirky and weird in all the right ways. 🙂

  6. I love the cover but like you, I need me some lovin’ in my romances!!! Too much tragedy and heartbreak and I’ll be too sad by the time the HEA comes around. I’m in a total mood for non-nonsense romance without all the tragic angst right now. It’s summer and sunshine for me 🙂 HA!!!

    pst.. your blog is so adorable!!!

    • Giirrrllll me too! We need that good romance! BUT I am happy to say that this book offered other aspects that I loved so I didn’t mind the fact that “romance” wasn’t front and center. 🙂

  7. This sounds like a great book! I like the cover, with how the girl has such unusual hair. Aria sounds like a great and real character, I like it when character own their quirks. It sounds like the character go through a lot, but that makes the happy ending even sweeter. That’s a shame the ending felt a bit too sudden though. Great review!

    • Hiya Lola!

      YES! Aria, the heroine was very relatable with all her quirkiness and I loved that about her! 🙂 I’m still happy with the review even though the ending was a bit rushed. 🙂

    • I agree Faye! Character development and story are really important factors… but COME ON, romance… romance is pretty friggin’ spectacular too, no? hehe

  8. Well, steamy moments are good IF done well. Sadly, there are some that makes me cringe that makes me wanna shout ‘enough already’ lol Putting this on my tbr. 🙂

  9. Love AND angst?! Count me in, girl! Adding this to my TBR ASAP. ;P I’m actually one of those readers who’re okay without any… action as long as there are ~~feelings~~. Haha! Awesome review, Keionda!