‘Tis The Liebster Award Tag #3. Yo.

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I was tagged by the always lovely Olivia @Olivia’s Catastrophe who is currently on vacation. Yes. Yes I am totally jealous.♥

                             Soooo, on with the tag!

Do you prefer a male or female character POV?

WHY SO HARD OF A QUESTION I ASK YOU? Hmm… *ponders it* I suppose it doesn’t matter now if you asked me which I LIKE to read better it would be female POV. [If that made any sense? Probs not]


What is your favourite and least favourite thing about blogging?

My FAV thing about blogging is meeting all kinds of awesome people that I’ve met and chatted with. I think it’s so cool that you get to talk to people from all over the world and most of the time they’re people you’ll never even meet but does that deter us from being friendsies? Nah. At least I hopes not.


My least favorite thing would be blogging slump and the insecurities sometimes that comes with it. I’ll have a separate post that talks about this soon. But yes, I think at one or more point of our blogging career we all go through this. ‘Tis rough.


If there was one author you could meet, who would it be?

I think this is an obvi question. A total giveaway. J.K. ROWLING. Maybe it’s because gosh she is so inspiring and I want to be like her when I grow up and I want to influence millions of people like her and..and… *takes a deep breath* and because yes she’s just so awesome. [Ends rant.] I feel like I would learn so much about her. Wouldn’t that be just like so awesome??


How do you choose what you are going to read next?

Eh.. I mostly just stumble across it. After I finish a series I usually have book depression for about a day and then I’ll slap on my big girl panties and get back into the reading world. (I no kid. I tell truth.) And then I use my Kindle recommendations and trust that they lead me in the right direction and then BOOM! I have a nice book. Ehhh…Most of the time.


What is one thing you can’t stand in a romance?

Pfft. *rolls eyes so high in the air they pain me* Again, I think this question is another dead giveaway. I don’t like, no I DESPISE insta-love. It’s SO corny. Unrealistic. And did I say corny? Because if I didn’t, well yeah, it’s corny with a capital K. Also, I don’t like it when the characters kiss or ‘do it’ too soon. Give me challenge. Give me that good ‘ol slow burning passion.



What’’s your favourite song?

Teehee this question though. My favorite song changes with my mood so that means I HAS A LOT OF THEM. But to name one right now since I’m being forced into picking only one, I would say “Locked Away” by Adam Levine.–mmm hmm sexy piece of man right there.


Which blogger would you consider to be your closest friend?

Gosh. Well, I’ve made so many and I feel it would be wrong to just pick one because I love all of my blogging friends. So I choose to cheat and say that you guys are ALL my faves! I loves you all!! 

*glitters little red and pink heart cut outs over your heads*


Why did you start blogging?

So many reasons but I shall narrow them down. (Your welcome.) Ehh.. well I first started blogging because I had a blog in Spanish where I would review books but I got bored with it and that flopped so now I’m blogging so I can meet awesome bumblebees like you!:)


What is your favourite social media site to use?

I am quiet partial to Twitter only because I have no idea how to get on FB and promote my page. I like Goodreads too. It’s cool and we are great friends.


Which country/fictional world would you visit if you could?

I think it would be pretty awesome to spend some time with Daemon Black from the Lux series by Jennifer Armentrout. I would have to kick Katy out the way for a little bit so I can have some *wink wink* alone time with Daemon. 🙂 Nom Nom. That would be niccceeee.


Which book would you like to toss into the flames?

BUT. BUT WHHHYYYY TOSS TO THE FLAMES? So mean. *shakes head in disgust* I shan’t answer this question. I shan’t. Call me a cheap cheater all you want. I refuse to be a book murderer.


Well my sweet bumblebees, we have reached the end of the tag. So I thought instead of tagging someone for this if you’re reading this then today is your lucky day! I tag you! [Ain’t you special?]



                            Over to you:




26 responses to “‘Tis The Liebster Award Tag #3. Yo.

  1. I say YES! to so many of your replies! Down with insta-love (“give me challenge” triple YES) and yes to J.K. Rowling – she would just be so nice to talk to I think, and also that I like a female POV, although there are some books I love with a male POV so it doesn’t really matter. It’s so cool that you had a blog in Spanish first too – I envy bilingual people! 🙂

    • Girrrllll YES! I need a challenge in my romance (Insta-love can sock it!) Male POV doesn’t really matter to me but let’s be for realz Charlene, teehee I kind of prefer female POV. Is that totally wrong?

  2. I like both point of views, but I read more female point of views. Meeting awesome people and new bloggers is certainly one of my favourite parts about blogging too. And I like that the longer the blog the more new people I meet, although there are also bloggers I knew that stopped blogging, which can be sad.
    I would love to meet Kelley Armstrong, SJ Pajonas and Siobhan Davis in real life. And many more if I had the chance, but those are the three I most want to meet.
    Miscommunication is the thing I probably hate most in romance, ugh give me some real conflict or none at all, but please talk to each other. I hate conflict that is made simply because of them not or miscommunicating, it get’s on my nerves.
    I probably like Pinterest most as it’s awesome for findign new recipes. I love spending time on fb, but for promotion purposes twitter is much better.

    • I say YES to all of your answers girl! I don’t care for FB too much, and don’t know how to use Goodreads really? And yes, I know you love to cook so Pinterest is defs an awesome place for you to go. 😉 As for the romance, miscommunication just to involve conflict in a story is just ridiculous. So now, this is me kicking miscommunication in the face!

  3. So glad to see your answers up for this one and I am happy to learn all this about you! You definitely do like your fair share of Daemon, huh? 😀 Ahaha, we all do! And I think the slumps really are the hardest times, both reading wise and blogging wise!

    You’re lovely too <3

    • DAEMON IS AWESOME. THAT IS ALL. And I LOVE to learn about other bloggers! I heart all of you guys so much you’re like my second family. 🙂 Slumps are horrible!

  4. Book to toss to the flames?! GASSSSP! What kind of question is that?! Who would actually ask such a thing?! Even a book was bad, that would be blasphemy! Think of all the trees! LOL! But I totally agree that J.K. Rowling would be the author I’d love to meet, too. I mean, just the fact that she inspired millions of people and created a world we all wanted to be a part of… I’m still marveling in awe right now of the Harry Potter universe.

    And yep, insta-love sucks. I don’t like it when there is no fulfilling development between two lovebirds 🙁

    Faye at The Social Potato

    • IKR?? That’s the same thing I said. WHY WOULD I WANT TO THROW A BOOK IN THE FLAMES. DA FLAMMESSS??? Oh, oh so that’s how you feel?? That was a hard question for me. J.K Rowling is my IDOL! I SO want to go to Hogwarts! <3 That would be epical! xoxo

  5. Sophia Rose

    I want to meet a few authors, but I think I could avoid going shy, silent. or drooling over Patricia Briggs. Fun tag questions!

  6. I get you on the insta love thing. A LOT. It makes me want to roll my eyes till my eyeballs hurt. I mean, I want depth? Them to grow, character development, banter, ALL THE THINGS. But no insta love. Please XD

    Honestly, my favourite social media is Tumblr, it’s great and if you have the right people to follow it’s addicting. But since most of my friends are on FB, and I end up talking to them a lot, my most frequently used would be FB XD Lovely post, girl <3

    • *Rolls eyes with you until they hurt* Teehee I HATE instalove. And I’m with you: I WANT AND NEEDS ALL THE THINGS in a relationship, not just the romance–>Although… this is awesome too. JS. hehe I have a Tumblr but have no idea how to use it so I’m slowly going through social media one platform at a time. Tumblr is next on my list! <3

  7. Ro

    Fun post ’cause it lets us know tons more about you, which is very cool. I admire JK Rowling too, because she literally had very little money when she started , and now look at her. True rags to riches story. Too many fave authors to mention, but if I could hang out with three for a day, it would be Brenda Novak because o her fab romances stories and commitment to juvenile diabetes, David Baldacci because of his phenomenal suspense novels and focus on philanthropy and literacy, and Catherine Anderson because of her real life romance stories, kindness to other authors and her stand on domestic violence. Too many songs in my head, but lately, I’ve been singing “Bad Blood” by Taylor Swift for some reason. Hope your day is fab! Hugs…Ro

    • I SO agree Ro! J.K. Rowling is the best and is the most awesomest example of what will happen if you pursue your dreams and never give up! I HEARTED your awesome list of authors you would love to meet and I equally hearted your reasons for choosing them. So many admirable people on your list! 🙂 BAD BLOOD OMIGOSH THAT SONG. (i love it)

  8. You are right, blogging slumps totally suck 🙁 lol I love your answers to these, I’m so there with you when it comes to insta-love, ugh!