This Glorious Book Needs To Be Released Like…Oh, 0.5 Milliseconds Ago. ^^ Waiting on Wednesday

Posted September 30, 2015 by Keionda Lei Lewis in Waiting on Wednesday / 22 Comments

Waiting on Wednesday is an AWESOME meme hosted by Jill @Breaking the Spine in which YOU showcase your most anticipated reads! 


I don’t know if you guys have given her Sweet series out. BUT IF YOU HAVEN’T YOU SHOULD. You should. I’m CA-RAY-ZAY about this author and eat all of her words and they are delicious. So, I was ECSTATIC to find that she actually is coming out with an entirely new series. BUT sadly, the wait is so darn long. Grrr. *Stamps feet*


  //Book cover transports you to this lovely place called Goodreads//




                                Over To You:

What are you guys waiting on this lovely Wednesday? Have you read anything by Mrs. Higgins? 





22 responses to “This Glorious Book Needs To Be Released Like…Oh, 0.5 Milliseconds Ago. ^^ Waiting on Wednesday

  1. aentee @ read at midnight

    I didn’t realise this author had another series out, I thought she was a debut *scampers off to goodreads* I am really looking forward for this title as well, Edelweiss, why do you reject meeeee D:

  2. Yes, I’m dying to read this one as well. Even though I have the first two books in her other series, I may end up reading this one first. Great pick!

    • I can’t wait to get my hands on it girl! Maybe we should like buddy read it or something? I need some help to get at least through one book without procrastinating for like 2 weeks to finish it. 😉

      • We can do that! I’m buddy reading All The Bright Places right now with Olivia’s Catastrophe. Hopefully, I’ll get some more reading done tonight before bed. But, just let me know okay. And I’m starting The Selection Friday night. Other ppl figure out what outfit they are going to wear to the club on Friday. I figure out which book I’ll read on Friday. #Bookworm #PartyPooper

        • I can’t wait then girl! OOOHHH You’re starting The Selection? Yassss! I can’t wait to see what you think about it girl! YOU MUST keep me updated or at least tell me what you think about it! Yes? And The Great Hunt doesn’t come out until next year, I believe? So we’ll DEF be in touch about it then! <3 xoxoxoxo

    • YASSSS! Me too Amber! Ever since her Sweet series, I’m dying to get it in my hands! 😉 Since you requested it, I hope you get it in YO HANDS SOOONN! <3

  3. Ro

    Yikes~ I’m embarrassed to admit I’ve never read her work, but you sure make iake us want to check it out with a quickness! (lol) Who am I salivating at the mouth for and have to wait one more month? David Baldacci – Guilty. He’s one of the only authors that I never have to read his blurb, I read it from the library, then I purchase it for my collection. Edge of your seat suspense and drama. There are lots more, but I may end up filling up 2-3 pages. *heh* Hugs…Ro

    • PLEASE read her Sweet series, I’m reading it right now if you haven’t already seen it on my sidebar. 😉 I’ve missed seeing you around her girl! <3 mwah! Have an EPIC weekend!

    • YOU MUST read something by Higgins Alyssa! She has such beautiful writing and it’s easy to get sucked up in! I hope you get to try it out soon girl! <3

  4. This looks gorgeous! I got this one from Edelweiss and have yet to read it, but I’m so, so excited for this one, even though her previous books don’t really interest me, so this one will be my first Higgin read. I have high expectations 😉

    Faye at The Social Potato

    • Hey Faye! I can’t wait until you get to read it girl! i really should have requested it but I’m a slacker teehee I use Netgalley (is Edelweiss the same?) –> This may or may not be a strange question. 😉 But yes, I have spent so much time looking at this cover Faye, it’s so not even funny! <3

  5. Don’t hit me, but I’ve never read Wendy Higgins! Is this the first in a new series or are there books I need to read before this comes out? 😀 Looks yummy, though!

    • OMMGGG NOOO? Well you need to get on it girl! And no, this one is a new book so you won’t feel lost or anything if you’ve never read it before, but get to it! 😉

  6. I haven’t read any of these other books by this author, but I know it is only a matter of time before I am going to be reading this one. It sounds pretty epic 😉