This Book=MEH-ishVille^^Review: Only the Beginning By: Laramie Briscoe

Posted November 6, 2015 by Keionda Lei Lewis in Romance ♥ / 21 Comments

Soooo, I read this book like a month ago do don’t ask me what took me so long to write a review for it. I think it was because I just got out of bad book and writing slump? (WELL I’m still kinda in a writing slump so pray for me that I get out of it soon!

This book actually made me go into the most terrible book slump of meh life….

I was like: MEH, because they got together do fast but daannnggg, they still somehow slipped their way into my heart. So I guess it didn’t matter as much?



This book wasn’t ALL that bad….But neither was it all good either. I just needed to connect with the story a little bit more?

Plus, it was kinda cliche…but…it worked?

You guys, I kid you not, the there were some many moments in which I wanted to just roll my eyes but I didn’t because strangely after that moment passed I found myself just wanting to jump for joy because: HOW COULD I NOT FALL IN LOVE WITH THE CHARACTERS ANYWAY.

It’s a Rockstar/country singer romance. But much else to be said about the plot besides it’s NA (If you can image, the same plots/characters, some problem ripping them apart, and then the reuniting begins..) *Gives a hearty YAWN*

Even though this book has tons of cliches: the good girl (super naive, low self-esteem) meets the rocker bad boy, even though he kind of wasn’t a bad boy. Well they fall in love too quickly for my liking (although it actually works for me in this book….idk why or how but it does)

So yeah, a lot must be handled before these too can finally get together which is again, the boring norm for most NA.


†Hannah: She’s this famous country singer, super pretty sns all that. And she also has this DARK PAST that continues to come up time and time again, sneaking its nasty little head into her public and private life. In the end I was just like: GIRL. IF YOU DON’T GET OVER IT ALREADY AND LIVE…


†Garrett: mmmmm. Hmmmm. So. Dang. Sexy. Yo. Like *swoons* I want HIM. That is all. Actually, that is not all. I want him because he’s so dang swoony. AND he has tattoos. Oh and he’s in a band. Nuff said.




I really enjoyed reading this book even though it took me a while to read (just because I’ve been busy not that the book wasn’t good, just brain was like.. Nah, me tired. Me no wanna read nor cooperate with you right nah. I feel like this book could have been a lot better. IT HAD SO MUCH PROMISE! The writing was Meh-ish and so were the characters even though there were some heated moments… I still didn’t enjoy it And I want to punt pick the book now because it put me in a reading slump…so read at your own risk.



                                   Over to you:

Hello there you wonderful homo sapien, how do you feel about romances that kind of happen to quickly? BUT what if it works? Will you guve it a second bat kf your eye ball? Or are you all like nah. I pass.



21 responses to “This Book=MEH-ishVille^^Review: Only the Beginning By: Laramie Briscoe

  1. I’ve seen this one, and a few of my GR friends seem to like it. I don’t really read a lot of Rockstar romances these days. That is the most overused NA trope right now. No thank you. It would be okay if the authors all had something unique about their stories, but they don’t. Same girl, same guy. Anyhoo, sometimes insta-love actually works for the plot. SOMETIMES. You know, like, if the girl or guy have never had a relationship before, but come from a strange background. LOL!

    • Now see, I usually KILL for rockstar romances, because THEY DA BOMB, but this one just didn’t do it for me! Put me in the worst slump of my life! (As does most NA)…. And insta-love DEF didn’t work for this one…so…yeah… teehee

  2. I’m happy the two characters had good chemistry, but I don’t think I would be able to finish it. Too much eye rolling on my part.

    One day NA will be more than TRAGIC PASTS and hot sex. One day.

    I feel like everyone was in a slump this Ocotber. I know I was!

    • WAY TO MUCH EYE ROLLING Amber! So much eye rolling AND scoffing done on my part. Just. No. I too think that NA needs a new plot other than tragic pasts and hot sex! I SO AGREE! <3

  3. Red Iza

    Sometimes, insta-love works, it depends on how it’s written :/ I had a “rock star” period but it seems i’ve moved on to a “romantic suspense” period. Anyway, I’m keeping that reference in mind 😉

  4. I actually kind of like that you had so many mixed emotions about this one. Sometimes those books stick with us longer than the others for whatever reason. 😉

  5. Sophia Rose

    This might sound confusing, but I think I get more grumbly and out of sorts about books that leave me with likes and dislikes together than books I just out and out don’t like. I don’t enjoy being pulled back and forth between not liking a part and liking another part so that I have to tolerate the irritating part to get to the end. Whew! 😉

    And no, I’m not a fan of an early ‘I love you’ that makes no sense b/c it’s too soon. Although, some writers manage to convince me of the love at first sight well enough for me to set aside my druthers.

    • GAH! I TOTALY get what you’re saying Sophia! I hate those books where I’m either bored to tears or the characters are making me roll my eyes and then I STILL need to find out what happens at the end. Usually that results in some serious page flipping on my part. 😉

  6. oh man that kinda of blows, sorry to hear that, Sounds like you need an epic read to get you out of the slump, unfortunately every time I go into one, even books I would normally enjoy end up being all meh. Naive characters make my teeth ache >.<

    • NAIVE CHARACTERS JUST…NO. I can’t take it anymore girl! If a book doesn’t get to me within the first couple first pages, it is time for that book and me to part ways. I hope I can get out of this slump soon girl! <3

  7. Olivia-Savannah

    Sometimes books are cliche and they are just progressing so fast, I decide I am not going to like but. Then I get halfway and somehow the book has me wanting to read it although mentally I don’t like it? I know that that is a contradiction in itself, but that really is how it goes for me xD I get the impression that this one did that for you too. Hope you can break out of that slump soon!

    • I totally know what you mean Liv! Because pfft, I’m like ALREADY involved in this character’s story and even though he or she ANNOYS THE POOP out of me, I still have this intense NEED to know what’s going to happen to them!

  8. I am sooo not a fan of NA romance. It has become so eye-rolling predictable lately. I know there are some good NA romance writers out there, but it is difficult for me to give them a chance because of my past NA reads.. Sigh.

  9. It’s the worst when a book puts you in a reading slump – it kind of sounds like the characters were pretty lame here but at least there were a few hot moments! Thanks for the review Keionda!

  10. Hmm, it’s interesting that you were sometimes into the romance but had so many problems with this story! I can understand that though, since the main guy was so swoonworthy. I mena, that makes up for a lot of things with me sometimes. LOL It’s too bad this wasn’t great though – I would have had such problems with the insta-love and the heroine if she was so annoyingly caught up in her past!

  11. I hope you get out of that writing slump soon! It sounds nasty. It’s always sad when you have one of those meh reads and they can be hard to review. I am sorry to hear this book brought you into a reading slump. That’s too bad the plot wasn’t really interesting and a bit cliché. The characters do sound nice. It’s a shame when you read a book with so much promise and it just doesn’t work and is just okay.

    • I’m actually out of my book slump girl! It turns out I started to read a book by Colleen Hoover and Armentrout and WALA! No more slump! teehee *happy dances*