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I was tagged by the always lovely, Wesaun at Oreos and Books🙂 –>She’s awesome sauce and she knows it. 😉


              Here, my fellow bookies, are the questions: 


                                   ♥Would you rather only read trilogies or standalones?

Pfft. HANDS DOWN, I’d rather trilogies. BUT, if I am to be allowed another option, I would like to say instead of standalones and trilogies, I’d much rather series of four or more books. 

                                       ♥Would you rather read only male or female authors?

Huh. This is interesting. BUT, I don’t think I am very fit to answer this question. Why? Wellllll, I’ve only read female authors. –> I know. I know. I am a despicable human being but you love me anyway. I hopes.

                      ♥Would you rather shop at Barnes and Noble or Amazon?

Tee hee. Considering the fact that I once spent a whopping thirty-five freaking dollars on only TWO books at BN…. I have a HUGE grudge on that store. So, I’m proudly repping Amazon all the way. 

         ♥Would you rather read only 5 pages per day or 5 books per week? 

What the what?? How is this even a question? I choose 5 books per week, because 5 pages would be torture. LIKE THE MOST HORRIBLE TORTUE TO BE GIVEN TO A HUMAN BEING. What if I’m in the middle of a really good part and then BAM, I have to cease reading until the next day? No tank you. I decline. 

             ♥Would you rather be a professional author or reviewer?

I LOVE BOOKS… So, I could most def. see myself doing both of these GLORIOUS jobs. I’m a writer now and hope to be a published author within the next two years and DUH, like, I’m already reviewing books so, *laughs manically* I SAY YES TO BOTH.

                  ♥Would you rather be a librarian or a bookseller?

Hmmm. ‘Tis a very hard question. I hate to say this… but NONE of them interest me…. Am I a bad person? *lowers head*

                  ♥Would you rather read only e-books or physical books?

WHY ALL THE HARD QUESTIONS, YO? Eh, gosh. I’m afraid I can’t just make one choice! I need e-books and physical books in my life. Because, like, what if it’s dark and I can’t see? I need my Kindle. BUT, what if I want to be a total weirdo and sniff my book pages? Can’t do that on a Kindle as of yet, so bring on the physical books! ♥


                    I shall tag these awesome ladies: 

                                                                         Lanie @Lanie’s Book Thoughts

                                                                        Sophia @Delighted Reader

                                                                        Paula @ Her Book Thoughts 

                                                                         Lekeisha @ Lekeisha The Booknerd

                                               You are all so very welcome. You are so very welcome. 😉

Also, check out their blogs and get to know them! These are some AWESOME and FUN ladies!♥


                                   Over To You:

It’s YOUR turn my lovely bookies! Wanna answer one of these hard, yet thought provoking and awesome questions? Shoot! I can’t wait to hear what you have to say. I hearts you all!




22 responses to “The Would You Rather Book Tag!! ♥

  1. LOL. You are too funny missy! Don’t worry I don’t shop at B&N either, always have some issue when trying to buy stuff from that retailer. Bwahaha, your a book sniffer? Oh my, I can see why five pages would be an evil torture but five books a week is a lot, darn. We have so much in common, its just crazy:D!

    • Gosh, right? *NODS HEAD* I seriously don’t understand how you can charge SO DARN MUCH for a book. Never again will you catch me shopping at BN. And yes Lanie! You and I, we are one of a kind. 😉

  2. These questions are all pretty hard to answer! I never shops at B&N and only on amazon if I win a gift card. I have a kobo e-reader so I shop at Kobo o at The Bookdepository for my print books, because amazon only accepts credit cards and I don’t have a credit car. If I would have to read 5 books a week that would take too much time I need for work, so I would probably have to got for the frustrating option of 5 pages aday, really it would take me ages to get through books then.
    I always thought being a book seller would be cool, but I never actually got the job, so not sure if it’s as fun as it sounds. I would go with the e-books only option as I wouldn’t be able to afford reading only physical copies and I only get e-copies for review and I want to read those.

    • *Giggles* I’ve heard of Kobo, but up until you mentioned it, I had NO IDEA what it was. (bad Keionda, BAD!) And would you do the 5 pages option? Gosh, that has to be hard. I would be so miserable! And I agree, being a bookseller would be AWESOME! Being surrounded by books all day… sigh. ‘Tis the life.

  3. Those are a mixed bag of questions. And yeah, that 5 pages thing must be the throwaway freebie question. Haha! I’m not sure if I could pick for some of these like ebook or paper. I did always want to be a librarian as like me other other job…hmm.

    That is so cool you are writing. I love to write on the side, too. Best wishes on the published author gig.

    Ahhhh, thanks for the tag love, Keionda

    • Of course Sophia! I was like: “I wonder if Sophia would like to do something like this” 🙂 And yes! Being a librarian would be pretty awesome! And thank you so much on the author love. <3 YOU DA BEST!

  4. 5 pages a day or 5 books a week?! How is that even a valid question?! HAHA. I can’t even read simply 5 pages, that would be too little 😉 As for me, if I only had to choose, I’d probably go for e-books just because it’s more convenient for me. I can carry so many at the same time, and I don’t need to worry about getting my back hurt if I have a backpack of books XDD

    Faye at The Social Potato

  5. Cait @ Paper Fury

    AGH PICKING KINDLES VS PHYSICAL BOOKS IS MEGA HARD. I mean, I would choose physical they are my favourite hands down…but ebooks are so useful, particularly for travel or late night reading. I can totally dissolve under my blankets with my iPod all snuggled in. LIFE IS GOOD. Ahem. I would choose 5 books per week too. EASY. XD
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

    • YES! YES! AND YES CAIT! e-books ROCK in this regard! Like, I’m just going to snuggle in my bed and not have to worry about straining my eyes to see in the dark. 😉

  6. OOH.
    1) Trilogies all the way
    2) BOTH. I’m not going to judge someone’s writing on their gender 😛
    3) AMAZON.
    4) If it comes to writing….*nods* I’d choose author. I’m fine with reading books for fun, but getting published will be EVERYTHING.
    5) Urmmm, physical. I like smelling books, but shhh, don’t tell 😛

  7. Men make great romance authors you should definitely give them a try. They really bring something unique to the romance genre 🙂 I’m with you – I would pick 5 books hands down even though I haven’t read that much in a week in weeks. Great answers!

    • YESSSSS, I know, I really need to start reading more of the men romance authors. But it’s like all the authors I run across are women. I could try out John Green through. 🙂

  8. Oh, how I loved reading these answers. But Kei, you do have to try some male authors okay! We still love you though <3 I would love to be a professional author as well. High five to being fellow writers as well as reviewers! I think that some of these questions were evull though, and pretty hard to choose between. Except the BN and Amazon one. I haven't even shopped at BN before, so I would be on the Amazon boat with you too.

    • *raises hand* I Promise you Olivia. I will read some male authors. Hehe and YES! I can’t imagine NOT writing, you know? And yayyy we can be in the same Amazon boat because BN is evil. EVIL.