The Infinity Dreams Award! Yo.

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Hey peeps!

Gosh….SO MUCH has been going on here which has taken me away from BASICALLY EVERY. THANG. So, if I haven’t been around to your blogs in a bit and you’re like:

“Dude..Where you at, though?”

Fear not. For Kei has returned.

Now, on with the show:



This is an awesome tag in which I tell you guys all about my dreams--> [Seven of them to be exact.] I was tagged by the always lovely and gorgeous Wesaun @Oreos and Books. Check our her blog because she is awesome and because DUH, I said so. You’ll thank me later.


                MY AWESOME SEVEN DREAMS:


I’m a writer so it’s my hopes and dreams to become a published author one day soon. Gosh that would be so awesome. It’s not easy and I’m learning a lot but it’s still stressful with all the networking, blogging, and then finding time to research, write, look for a job on top of all the mountanous pile of lifey things to add to the mix.


 I speak two languages: English and Spanish so it’s my DREAM ya’ll, to one day become a court interpreter but pfft there’s so much that goes into that sooooo. Yeah.


I’m still watching what I eat so that includes no sweets or bread(well anything with a bunch of carbs in it if that makes sense?) So I’m adding this to the list too because it’s basically my dream right now to have cake a ridiculously big slice of cake. I won’t even be picky on the flavor. I’ll even settle for German Chocolate even though I don’t like the tiny coconut pieces. Ek.

hjhjjThat is one sexy piece of cake right there, ya’ll. But I shan’t have a delicious slice. I shall. I shan’t.


I’d love to meet all the lovely and amazing, awesome-sauce blogger friends I’ve met IRL. –》 Gosh that would be a glorious moment. *crosses fingers*


Answering these questions I just discovered it’s really hard to come up with some dreams….I feel now less than awesome… I suppose it would be awesome to travel. I’m quite partial to the Dominican Republic and other parts of South America. I went abroad to Costa Rica but didn’t have an enjoyable experience because sadly I missed my family more than a person misses air in a stuffy room. 



And lastly, I would like to reiterate the fact that I can’t wait to become a published author in the near future. Oh, and if I can have one more dream…a job would be nice. A job would be real nice.


Instead of just tagging some awesome bumblebees if YOU’D like to participate in this tag, go for it! Shoot!



                              Over to you:

I’m dying to know some of your guys dreams. TELL ME EVERYTHANG! Por favor. 



26 responses to “The Infinity Dreams Award! Yo.

    • BUT it’s still SO COOL that half of your blog (or all of it?) Is in freaking Spanish! That’s freaking epic! Are you from France or anything like that? I can’t remember if you told me that or not. <3

  1. My list is rather long and detailed, and I’d rather not put it on here. LOL! I hope that you become a published author one day chica!

  2. Sophia Rose

    Those are good dreams. I want your author dream to come true.

    I would love to travel to the UK and see places I have only read about. I would love to live closer to family. I would love to publish a novel. I would love to grow an English garden. I would love to own a bookshop. There, those are some of my dreams.

    Merry Christmas, Keionda! May all your wishes come true. 🙂

    • Gosh Sophia! You’re so freaking epic!

      And the UK?? It’s been my dream for a very long time to be able to go over there. Even if I stay for only a day it’ll be worth it! I know you have to miss your family! I’m going to pray really hard that we both become published authors one day! (You would make an epic romance author. Is that the genre you’re interested in?) I say go for your dreams girl!

      Happy early new years! <3 xoxoxo

  3. Loooove this tag!! Gah, I haven’t been around on blogs as much as I’ve wanted to lately either. >.< The holidays are always crazy BUSY. (Hoping to get back into it properly next year!) SO impressed you can speak two languages. I am not, at all, cut out for that. I've spent 18 years of my life learning English… and I'm STILL learning things/getting things wrong. So I admire I anyone who can master TWO. 🙂

    • I felt so bad because I wasn’t able to be around on blogs and social media as much as I usually am but with the New Years coming up, I can already tell I’m going to be making a lot of goals and all that. Sigh. I believe anyone can learn Spanish girl! English is hard enough like you said teehee but it’s definitely worth it in the end! <3

  4. Oh my goodness, I don’t like German Chocolate cake for the same reason! 🙂 I think all your dreams are achievable, I hope you will achieve them very soon! (The hardest might be meeting J.K. Rowling LOL) You should have just a little piece of cake for the holidays too. 😀 It’s okay, if it’s a little piece… I always tell myself.

    • EW, Isn’t German Chocolate just THE WORST!!? And for the holidays, I think I’ve had a little bit more than just a slice of cake…I’ve been eyeing this one new stretch mark on my arm for the past week…

    • Ro

      Not only do you love, love, love spicy food, Alyssa, but it’s so cool that you speak another language fluently which makes me like you even more. (lol) BIG Hugs and Happy New Year!

    • I’m super late, I know, but MERRY LATE CHRISTMAS! And happy early New Years. (That was a hot mess because none of that even made the slightness bit of sense!) Teehee

  5. Ro

    Yes, yes, I have been wondering where the heck you’ve been Kute Keionda and hope you and your fam had the best Christmas ever! Like everyone else, I KNOW you will become a published author sooner than you think. Just don’t forget us little peeps. (lol) Nothing wrong with a tiny, tiny piece of cake to celebrate the New Year, so just go for it! Love that you and Alyssa can speak two languages fluently. I know that comes in super handy. Happy New Year and BIG Hugs…RO

    • You guys are seriously so freaking awesome! Thank you for all of your kind words because they mean a lot in the long run! This is a lonely business so it’s nice to see what other people have to say every once and a while! I can’t wait to start exercising again so I can get this extra weight off of me girl because…I just can’t. And yes, be praying for me RO RO that I’m able to get an interpreting job soon! <3

      God bless you and yours during this holiday season! <3 xoxoxo

  6. I hope your author dreams come true lady! My fingers (and toes) are crossed for you 🙂 we’ll see your name on a book one day, I am sure!

    Mhm cake sounds good right about now. I keep thinking about baking one, I can share 😛

    • Awww, tear. Thank you Wattle! I pray for that as well! <3 And grr, now you have me thinking about cake… I would like some velvet. or some Wedding cake. Watttleee. We’re always talking about food and you always make me hungry. teehee

  7. Olivia-Savannah

    I think when it comes down to dreams we really want, you quickly realise you actually only have a very few! I think we both share the dream of wanting to be a published author! I want it so bad to be honest, because I work so hard at my writing. As I know you do too. We should really write together again at some point soon <3

  8. I’ve always wanted to be a writer. Since a very young age, I haven’t written anything yet but I’m living and breathing and so are you. So there’s still time. YOU CAN be a court interpreter. Don’t give up!

    • THANK YOU JAAZZZZ! Any and all encouragement helps because it’s very discouraging sometimes! But you’re right, we’re still living and breathing! SO RIGHT! <3

  9. Good luck with all your dreams, I hope you’ll achieve them all eventually! It’s so awesome you want to become an author, if you ever need help with promoting your books once you’re an author you know where to find me ;). I also speak two languages, but never considered doing anything with it. Becomign a court interperter sounds so cool, it’s a shame there goes so much into it.
    Oh I could go for some cake now too, yum! Why am I so bad at baking them :(. And it would be so cool to meet other bloggers.

    • YOU? Bad at making cakes? I don’t believe that, many because you know how to cook ALL THE THINGS and you’re awesome at it! Isn’t the other language you speak Dutch? I think you told me that. 😉 I’ll definitely be using you and your awesome services whenever I need help promoting my books! I can’t wait!