Review: The Awakening By: K.E. Ganshert ‘Meh.’

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Review: The Awakening By:  K.E. Ganshert  ‘Meh.’Format: eBook

I have been in the worst book slump of my life. 

Like, I feel that legit EVERY. SINGLE. BOOK. I’ve read lately haven’t been worthy of more than three-stars…

That doesn’t mean they were super-terrible books but I’m still on the hunt for that perfect book that will wow me. One of those books that make me say “Yeah, you totally deserve a spot on my shelf.” So, seeing as I’m still on the hunt for that good book, I have a HUGE sad.


You ever have those books where you are super excited to read the sequel? Ever have those moments where you read the sequel and then you’re just like…. 


Yeah, those are basically my thoughts about this book…

So, basically Tessa and sexy Luka are on the run and have to change their appearances so that no one will recognize them. This was cool because I totally love books that have to do with the characters getting hunted down and stuff (That sounded so bad, but *shrugs*) So, yeah, they have to basically go and find these special people with the “The Gifting” which is a cool way of saying, they can transport thesmelves to other places while they dream.

So, once they find safety among this underground community with people who are just like them. Some are Shields, some are Keepers, and Protectors, etc. (Their powers are actually kinda cool btw.)  Luka and Tess have to train vigorously so they can break out Tess’ grandmother (who also has powers of The Gifting) from this insane asylum. Once they do that, they’ll be more powerful, blah, blah, blah.  

So, yeah.

 Everything was just too…. easy.

Okay. Stahp. 

I was narrowing my eyes at a lot of different things in this book, but one thing that kept coming up was the fact that everything worked out wayyyy too easy for them. I’m not saying I wanted peopele to like… kill off and stuff, but I just wanted more action, more OMG moments. more.. .I JUST WANTED MORE, OKAY??

Some other things I had problems with…

  1. Tess becomes this super-powerful righter, able to go in dream state, kick-slap around some bad dudes. While all of this is good and dandy, this happens between like friggin’ two chapters…
  2.  In the first book, Tessa and Luka just seemed to have sooo much more chemistry. I legit swooned every time I turned the page. Another thing I didn’t appreciate was the fact that Sexy Luka was described as being so flawless, perfect, and popular. *Yawns* Been there, read that like a thousand times. But anywho, then, out. of. nowhere, I read this one part where Tess was describing his body (#YAS) but only this time he has a scar on his arm. Why the heck was this not said in the other million times that he was described as being so flawless? Ugh.

Where is da love at, though?


3. Again, I had such a sad to find that there was little-to-no romance in this book. Luka is totally protective and jealous and all that which is TOTALLY SEXY, but I’m a picky when it comes to my romance. I want more. A lot more.  If there was ever a time that romance seemed to be “forced” it was right now. I needed more love and I have a super, gigantic sad that I didn’t have any of DA SWOONING like I did in the first book.  


At the end of the day, I’d still recommend the book for you guys to read (If I haven’t scared you away already) It really was an interesting book to read if you can get past the “unbelievable” parts and the barely-there smooching. You’re good to go. I say you should still give this book a chance. 

Now it's your turn 2

I’m like a total romance junkie, so there were a lot of things that I didn’t appreciate, namely, the lack of romance. Are you guys like that too? 

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9 responses to “Review: The Awakening By: K.E. Ganshert ‘Meh.’

  1. Oh man, I HATE it when a sequel completely disappoints and does a complete 180 🙁 The concept for this series sounds interesting though…too bad that the characters and the writing was a bit of a let down. Hope your next read is better, and you’re able to get out of that reading slump! x

  2. Sophia Rose

    Huh… I can see why this one wouldn’t wow you. Seems devoid of conflict and sizzle. I’ve had it happen too. The old Sophomore slump in a series. Hopefully, you will find that beautiful and awesome book soon.

  3. I tend to go seeking out the romance in every book I pick up at the bookstore but sometimes, it doesn’t always work out that way. Sorry about the massive disappointment that was this book. Hopefully, the next book will perk your interest right up. 🙂

  4. So sorry this didn’t live up to the first book, I really hate it when that happens, it is so disappointing! Hope your next read is a better one and here is to hoping 2017 brings lots of fabulous reads!

  5. RO

    I totally feel you about the slump thing. For the past year or so, I’ve strayed away from romance novels, and have been focusing on suspense, crime stories and non-fiction. However, once I read reviews from my blogger friends, I still end up adding romance stories to my TBR pile. (lol) There are so many new and exciting authors that I have to check out.

  6. Lauren Becker

    I don’t really mind the lack of romance in some books – because sometimes it’s just not needed – but it all depends!

    Sorry you didn’t really love the sequel. I hate when it’s a bit of a let down, especially after you LOVED the first one.


  7. I stinks when you fall into ruts like that. I’ve sort of been in one for awhile too. And that’s too bad this didn’t quite live up to the first book. I enjoy romance, but it isn’t something I need in every book.