That COVER Though ^^Wishlist Wednesday

Posted November 25, 2015 by Keionda Lei Lewis in Wishlist Wednesday / 19 Comments

Wishlist Wednesday is a meme offered by folks over @Pen To Paper, in which YOU THE AWESOME-FILLED blogger tells the rest of the blogging world of the books you’ve been sitting on virtually and have yet to read. (Because you’re a slacker just like me and there is no shame in your slackin’ game.)

   //Book cover transports to you a magical place by the name of Goodreads//


Gosh. THAT COVER THOUGH. It’s gorgeous! And I’ve been seeing this author around EVERYWHERE plus her books have like awesome reviews, which DUH, makes me interested in it by default. I can’t wait to see what this book is about! ♥



                               Over To You:

Have you guys read this book yet? What do you think of the cover? And what books) have you guys been sitting on virtually….or maybe even physically?



19 responses to “That COVER Though ^^Wishlist Wednesday

    • I LURVE this cover girl and I’ve heard equally great things about it so let’s cross our fingers and hope we enjoy it as much as everyone else has! <3

    • Well, I know that if YOU liked it, then I should LOVE it because you have awesome tastes in books and usually I seem to like whatever you like so.. yeah.. teehee

    • I can’t believe you’ve never read this one yet Naomi! Usually you’re all over these types of books! You HAVE to try it so I can read your review and then decide whether or not I really want to give it a try! <3

    • *Bows to you* How HONORED you must feel girl! That had to be one super special moment for you! 🙂 Seeing the cover first before anyone else deserves bragging rights! <3 *bows to you again* muahhh! xoxoxoxoxo!

  1. That cover is doing my head in, is that the same girl in some sort of time lapse photography? I can’t stop staring at it. I’ve read a few of her books and while they are pretty typical NA, they’re also really engaging and emotional too. Based on that, I think you’ll really enjoy this one too Kei, might check it out myself as well <3

    • I KNOW Kels! It’s just soo…sooo…strange, yet beautiful? And yes! This author does a lot of NA and I’ve yet to try her out yet (mostly because NA is so typical and cliche and it always, always puts me in a book slump) But, with that being said, we seem to have similar tastes in books so I think if YOU like her then by default I should like her too. <3

  2. I had the chance to review this one and I totally skipped it. WHAT WAS I THINKING? I so wanna be reading this one soon as well :3