Soooo…. What Am I Supposed To FEEL Though? ^^ Review: Tea Leaf By Mia Mitns

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Soooo…. What Am I Supposed To FEEL Though? ^^ Review: Tea Leaf By Mia MitnsTea Leaf: What Hides Beneath
on December 16th 2014
Pages: 278
Format: eBook
Cinnia's life is about change: a new career, a change in friendships, and a new neighbor. A new career as a scientist at Sciecor, where secrets are hidden in the basement. A new, friendly neighbor with a hidden agenda. A change in friendships that Cinnia does not want to face.

Cinnia will realize things are not as they appear. Magic lives outside of fairy tales and we definitely are not alone.

Will Cinnia be able to handle her new destiny? Find out in Tea Leaf: What Hides Beneath.


                     *In my booming announcer voice:*



WARNING: This review may contain a heavy amount of sarcasm and rant. Enter. If you dare. Yo.


Gosh bumblebees, this is one of the very first eARS I got a hold of and I remember being SO, SO, SO excited and anxious to read it because THAT COVER THOUGH. But, as I read the first page, my eyes were dragging by that time I got to the end of the first chapter. I have an elephant’s butt load size of qualms about this book but I don’t want this to turn into one of those ‘ranty posts in which I utilze a bunch of Gifs.’ (Although the idea tempts me very much so.) So I will only talk about two of them. (You have been spared.)

But for all TNESE AND PURPOSES, I shall use one even though I’m totally contradicting myself here:

                                                                   I kind of feel like this:


                              Just…blah.. meh, and utterly confused too. Like, I’m really confused.



                              A couple of los qualms:


Le first qualm: NO CONTRACTIONS WERE UTILIZED. LIKE NONE. BUT WHHYY? (Okay, maybe there were like an occasional handful but I don’t remember them so, pfft, irrelevant.)

Le Second Qualm: The sentences were WAYYY to choppy, which made the flow of reading super difficult and gave it an amateurish feel. (Is that even a word? Doubtful) 


Supposedly, there’s some sci-fi stuff in here but I have yet to get to it yet because after almost 2-3 months of struggling with this one I just was ready to poke my own eyeballs out and then ram my head against the nearest cracked sidewalk. And I’m being serious.

The main character kind of has her head on straight, Which made me like: YEAH. AWESOME. THIS GIRL HAS GOALS. I applaud her for this. I just wish it wasn’t so draggy. 


Cinnia: Her name reminds me of the word ‘cinnamon.’ Anyone else? This in no way is a bad thing because, I LURVE CINNAMON and even sprinkle a dab on top of my whipped cream when I drink my morning, afternoon, and YES, night mug of coffee. (YOU NO JUDDGE ME) So naturally, I loved her name and it was the one thing that attacked me to the book as well as the cover. 

Kasen: He was the “love interest” although *YAWNS* he won’t be making it on my fictional boyfriend list anytime soon. He was bland, one dimensional, and utterly forgettable. (I’m not a huge fan of his name either.) JS. 

Eh, I’m not sure if I would recommend this mainly because I had a total of 0 feels, yo. It was a disappointing read. I was ANXIOUS AS HECK to read it but… yeah. Not really sure how I’m supposed to be feeling? If you don’t mind my qualms and you’re looking for a light read to finish in a couple of hours, then by all means give it a whirl.


                                                                                 ^^This was really hard to put because I hardly ever rate books so low, only if I truly didn’t enjoy it so I guess my rating kind of speaks for itself I shall tuck my knees to my chest and then proceed to do the sulking in the corner.


Over to you:

Has this ever happened to you guys? Have you ever had a book that was just so….non-feely, and didn’t make you feel a thing to where it threw into the worst book slump of your LIFE?

                                                                             Don’t forget to be awesome!




23 responses to “Soooo…. What Am I Supposed To FEEL Though? ^^ Review: Tea Leaf By Mia Mitns

  1. Wow, that cover is pretty gorgeous. So sorry you had to drag through this one. I’ve had a couple of no-feels book this year , so I know how you feel. Never even seen this book until now. Great review!

  2. Sophia Rose

    Well, yes, this sounds familiar. Different book, but same reaction. It happens every few months. No connection, nadda. Only this year have I determined not to force myself to keep reading and its such a freeing moment to put that book down and take up another that I connect with almost immediately. It definitely keeps me from sliding into a reading slump.

    • It’s like…why waist my time reading it when I’m not connecting with anyone. I felt bad that I DNF it but… I just couldn’t bear having to read through the whole thing making myself miserable, you know? Gosh.

  3. Choppy sentences are never good and if you were already dragging through this after the first chapter, well, that isn’t a good sign either. Sorry this turned out to be a disappointment.

  4. Ahh, so sorry you hated this one so much. And even though it took months of struggling for you to get through this, I am still so impressed that you did! Like, most times I don’t finish a book if I dislike it so much, so I have some newfound respect for you!

    But how… how can you use no contractions DD:

    Also, I’m so sorry the characters were forgettable and the pacing was slow and that this was just horrible >.> It’s not anything I am going to be reading anytime soon.

    (I don’t begrudge you putting cinnamon in your tea. Cinnamon literally rules. It’s the best. Cinammon doughnuts *drools*

    • Goossshhh Olivia, so now I want cinnamon doughnuts! (But I really want one of those apple fritters) NOM. NOM. And yes girl, I tried to give this a book a try. I really, really did but…yeah teehee we all know how that ended. 😉 The whole ‘no contractions’ thing made it just meeehhhhhh

  5. Red Iza

    You have a *night* mug of coffee ?!!! I’m soooo totally judging you :p 😉 And that would explain your rating system, lol ! Ah, sorry you were disappointed, girl, but thanks a lot for sharing !

    • Bahaha I have a night, midnight, middle of the night mug of coffee too. teehee And YES, I’m crazy over my coffee girl! It was a super disappointing read but meh. But you know what? Onto the next book I go! <3

  6. Aw, it’s too bad this was so disappointing – it’s awful when that happens, and you were willing to love it so much. The way the story was written, and the one-dimensional characters makes me think this seems more like a first draft story. It only it was developed further it could have been better! The cover is nice though, so that is a plus! :

    • You know what Charlene? Now that I think about it, it quite possibly COULD have been the first draft and the author was like, meh, I grammar and spell checked it so let me get this beauty out in the world. It just didn’t do it for me girl and yes it was a major disappointment. 🙁

  7. aentee @ read at midnight

    Eeep! Sorry to hear you didn’t enjoy this. No contractions + choppy sentence just sounds downright messy D: Buttt you are right, the cover is STUNNING. I wish there were more covers of PoC flouting their awesome!

  8. Ro

    Years ago, if it took a few chapters for a book to start feeling good, i could wait it out. Now, if it doesn’t grab me in the first few pages, I’m outta there fast! (lol) I’m with you and do not like choppy dialogue. Something about it makes it seem a little creepy, even if it’s a writer’s particular style. No contractions? Say it isn’t so girl! (lol) Great and fun review, as always! Hugs…

    • I missed seeing you around here Ro! 🙂 And I should be more like you Ro, if a book doesn’t enrapture me with its gloriousness within the first couple of pages I’M OUTTA THERE. I have been taught a very valuable lesson. 😉 xoxo

    • That’s what attracted me to it in the first place Jaz! I was like pretty girl on the cover equates to an equally pretty/delicious book. NADA. None of that. ZILCH.

  9. Ohhh, it such a shame that this book ended up being so terrible. It had such a beautiful cover! There’s nothing worse than a pretty book with a messy story. Before reading your review, I was actually about to add this book to my TBR list because the blurb made it sound interesting. Thanks to you I’ve saved my time and money, lool!

    • IT HAS SUCH A BEAUTAMOUS cover! I SO AGREE SARAH. GAH! Sorry for the yell. I don’t want to sway your mind away from this book because the experience is different for each reader so let me know if you ever do give it a try. <3

  10. I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy this one 🙁 I find it hard to read books when the sentences are short and choppy too.

  11. The girl on the cover is pretty but GIRL, I’m so thrown off by it lol. Does it even relate to the story?? Doesn’t it suck when a book sounds really promising, but then it doesn’t live up to your expectations? The characters could be great, and the plot could be absolutely spectacular, but if the writing is draggy, which makes me incredibly bored, then we all know Tika will DNF it! How did you manage to read it for this long? 2-3 months? Girl, I definitely commend you!