Sexy Man On The Cover?? *high fives* Count Me In! ^^ Wishlist Wednesday

Posted November 4, 2015 by Keionda Lei Lewis in Wishlist Wednesday / 32 Comments


Wishlist Wednesday is a meme offered by folks over @Pen To Paper, in which YOU, THE AWESOME-FILLED blogger tells the rest of the blogging world of the books you’ve been sitting on virtually and have yet to read. (Because you’re a slacker just like me and there is no shame in your slackin’ game.)

First of all, I just want to say how SUPER SORRY I am that I’ve been slacking SO HARD and not commenting and making my rounds on your lovely blogs like I usually do! It’s been a busy week but I’m back! 🙂

*Throws sprinkly confetti*

There is no secret I’m a JLA fan for life. Her books and her writing style is so AWESOME and unique and she always makes me laugh! I love her to the moon and back. Just LOOK at this glorious man on the cover. *smacks lips* Just sexy. This one has been on my waiting list for a long time. I shall get to it in my own sweet time girlfriend. *Snaps fingers*


//Book cover transports you to this lovely place called Goodreads//



                               Over to you:

What books have you been virtually or physically sitting on lately? 



32 responses to “Sexy Man On The Cover?? *high fives* Count Me In! ^^ Wishlist Wednesday

  1. Red Iza

    I would really love to read it too, huge Armentrout fan here ! And the sexy man doesn’t hurt 😉

    • Look how dedicated you are Karen! I’m so jealous. (I’m a slacker, unashamed of course) but… I need to get it together! I’m glad to hear that you’re so dedicated about getting all of your books cleared up! YOU GO GIRL! SOOO inspiring! <3

    • Well then I don’t feel bad anymore girl because GAH! It’s all so very stressful and I want to be able to be EVERYWHERE and DO ALL THE THINGS! So, thanks for making me feel better girl! <3

    • Hey P! You would SO be correct in assuming that! Teehee That’s kinda why I like NA and another reason why I don’t?? If that makes any sense?? Probs not..hehe

  2. I really hate Jennifer L. Aremntrout’s covers. Like seriously, this one is killing me lol. I’ve read one of new adult titles called Wait For You which I hated, but I purchased Lux The Beginnings for my birthday, so I’m a little apprehensive about starting it.

    • Yeah girl, haha! I know how much you hate her covers girl! I’m not a fan of some of them AND WE HAVE GOT to get you reading the Lux series girl! WE JUST HAVE TO! <3 I’m going to start pestering you! So, you better GET READY. I NO LIE.

  3. I LOVE me some eye candy but personally I don’t like covers with sex men because then I’ll feel like my mind won’t be free to imagine the character the way I want to .-.

    Currently the cover that I have my eye on is Outrun the Moon by Stacey Lee. SO STUNNING *dies*

    • I SO know what you mean girl! I like to imagine how the characters look all on my own so I usually just ignore the covers and just imagine them how I WANT. 😉 I have to take a look at Outrun the moon! <3 I’m already digging the title name! <3

    • Teehee! I’ve heard a lot of mixed thoughts when it comes to JLA’s covers. But some I don’t like and some I LURVE! So I totally get what you mean girl! <3

  4. Olivia-Savannah

    I have been so slacking on blog commenting as well. I haven’t been on and run through my bloglovin feed for a whole week! And I usually read 2 blogs every day DD: I think I am surprised that people bother to comment on my blog at this point. But I really hope you get a moment to breathe and catch up soon. How is Nano going?

    • I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one that has been a little behind lately girl! I always feel so bad when this happens but… we shouldn’t because IT’S HARD. AND…LIFE! Nano is going great (and we both need to get more inspired!) Hopefully when we slay some words together we’ll feel a little bit better! xoxo