OH. YES. ^^Review: Sweet Reckoning By Wendy Higgins

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OH. YES. ^^Review: Sweet Reckoning By Wendy HigginsSweet Reckoning
by Wendy Higgins
Also by this author: Sweet Peril, Sweet Evil
Published by Harper Collins
on April 29th 2014
Genres: Family, Greek & Roman, Legends, Myths, Fables, Love & Romance, Multigenerational, Young Adult
Pages: 400
Fans of Cassandra Clare's Mortal Instruments series will be drawn to Wendy Higgins's sexy, thrilling Sweet Evil series.In Sweet Reckoning, the time has come for Anna, daughter of a guardian angel and a fallen one, to accept her fate as the chosen one. She is destined to rid the earth of demons once and for all. But as Anna and her Nephilim allies prepare for the evil brewing, the powerful Dukes use Anna's love for bad boy Kaidan Rowe against her, and her strength is put to the ultimate test. How far will the two of them go to keep each other alive? Will love conquer all in the final battle between good and evil?

          The  things  are  getting  real. SO.  REAL..  yo.

I’m still squeeing over what happened between Kaiden and Anna in this book! I’m in awe of the progression of their relationship since it started out so rocky and I wasn’t sure exactly how their relationship was going to pan out. I’m still surprised and ship these two so much, I want to kidnap them from the pages and sail away with them in my one ship. And they shall be for me. And for no one else to love. Only me.

I was on the edge of my seat at the very end. GUYS, if you’re the one reading this and you’ve never tried this series out…WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU WAITING FOR?? You have NO IDEA what you’re missing out on! The war with the demons is about to come to a head. There will be betrayal and most of all, there will be SACRIFICE.


          THAT ENDING THOUGH! You’re not going to want to miss this one my sweet bumblebees!

Things getting heated

†Anna: I LOVE who she became! This girl….YOU GUYS SHE’S SO STRONG NOW. I didn’t care for her at first because she was so...weakish? But in this final novel she’s changed and so much better.             


                                                                                         YOU GO GIRL. DO YO THANG.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

†Kaiden was just as swoony as ever! I just want to love him. Pick him. And kidnap him from Anna. Although I love her and I know she would be crushed if I stole her Kai. I shan’t get into all of the characters but just know there is a lot of progression in them all.                                                                                                                                                                                           

In fact, Keionda can’t recommend enough! I have talked with a lot of people that have told me they haven’t yet read this series yet and you wanna know what Keionda demands you do if you are that person? READ THEM. RIGHT NOW. You won’t be sorry. ‘Tis my promise you shall not be sorry!

Now it's your turn 2

Ever have one of those books where you just want to run away with the characters totally not feel guilty about it in the slightest? What are some of the books or characters you ship? I need some good recs my sweet bumblebees!♥♥



16 responses to “OH. YES. ^^Review: Sweet Reckoning By Wendy Higgins

  1. Sophia Rose

    I love when a heroine grows so much through a series that I want to be her or at least her best friend. 🙂 Glad this series ended on a high note for you.

    Oh, yes, there are several potential fictional kidnap victims on my list. Though that said, I’m pretty sure they would all kick my butt and be the ones taking me captive since they are strong hero and heroine types. Haha!

  2. I can’t believe I haven’t started this series! The books are just sitting on my shelf staring at me – giving me puppy dog eye. What am I doing with my life?! I need to meet Kaiden like yesterday!

  3. I actually haven’t read this one Kei, but enjoyed the first two. I just haven’t had the desire to pick it up as yet, mainly because of Anna and her character development. She was starting to irritate me a little. But Kai *sigh* he’s so delicious and for that alone I need to grab a copy. Wonderful review Kei, you’ve reminded me why I fell in love with this series int he first place <3

  4. evaallbooksconsidered

    YES! I love this series and I totally agree with you re: progression in this book! Great review!!

  5. “I want to kidnap them from the pages and sail away with them in my one ship.” >> This is my when I read The Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy 😀

  6. Yes. I just finished reading Marked in Flesh by Anne Bishop and I want to squirrel away Meg and Simon. I want them to have all the time in the world without worrying about their peeps. I want them to finally kiss, for heaven’s sake. It’s been 4 books. 4 books and I have blue balls. seriously.

  7. I only read the first book in this series so far. I think I read it a few years ago, so I can’t remember as much about the book. I am glad to hear you enjoyed this book so much and the ending sounds great! I’ll have to continue the series eventually.

  8. Olivia-Savannah

    I’m so glad you’re loving this series! I have seen it around before, and it is on my TBR (it was there before I even knew the slightest what it was about because those DRESSES on the covers are just #dressgoals) and I want to try them. And knowing that this is the ultimate ship? Hooks me in all the more! I’m also a huge character driven reader and it seems like the character development is just handled so well.

  9. I really liked the first book because of that sexual tension but Anna annoyed me a bit. I’m so glad that she’s stronger now in the last novel! And Kaiden, oh my gosh he sounds swoony. So glad that you enjoyed it Keionda!