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                    Books! Books! Books! Make the world go round, eh?

Hola dear authors and publishers! Welcome and a huge thank you for checking out my blog! Here at Keionda Hearts Books, I’m primarily devoted to reviewing YA books with a mixture of NA romance. 

Here’s a rundown of books I’m coolio with reviewing:

UntitledGYoung Adult Romance

UntitledGNew Adult Romance

UntitledGParanormal and Urban Fantasy


UntitledGParanormal Romance



I’ll accept ARC’s, published books, as well as self published books. Formats: e-book, paperback, and hardback copies. I will send you an e-mail if I am unable to review your book at given time. I don’t know how busy my schedule will be but I will do my best. The longest it will take me to read should be about a month to two months. –>It usually doesn’t take me this long to read but when life gets hectic, who knows. (Am I right? Or am I right?)

I believe in giving a fair review for each book that I read. Different books appeal to different people so I will do my best to give the best review that is deserved for the book.

I’d love to host author interviews, contests, and Blog tours!

*****I’d also like to mention that I’m in no way paid for my reviews. I do this purely for my love of books. ♥ I’m sent books for free in exchange for an honest review.*****

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