Strong Females in YA. Yo, do they even exist anymo..

Strong Females in YA. Yo, do they even exist anymore?

We’ve all been through it.  You remember those awesome-tastical female heroines in books and/or movies that just…stick with you for ever and EVA? Where have they gone?? Or am I just reading the wrong books? It seems like every book I’ve read lately has had this ‘paper-cut’ female lead that is just so cliche and so… boring. It’s always the same unconfident girl, the same drama and problems. It just gets old after a while. I just… I just have so many sads and I you guys, you guys, I just can’t take it anymore. I need to know there are […]

Posted December 13, 2016

Book Review: Finding Infinity By: Layne Harper. I ..

Book Review: Finding Infinity By: Layne Harper. I just…. Needed More From This Book, DAWG.

Picture you have like, this big juicy Cinnamon Roll in front of you, yeah? Warm icing is just toppling over the edge of it, running along the flaky edges and gathering a warm pool of sugary goodness below. Now, add a generous dollop of Ketchup, Mustard, and Mayo on that thang. Add some screws and nails to the mix while you’re at it.  THIS is how I felt about the third book of the Infinity series. It was just a whole bunch of unecesary-ness that did absolutely nothing to add to the marvelous first two books of the series. I hate that because […]

Posted December 9, 2016
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November Recap! ‘Is it Just Me Or…R..

November Recap! ‘Is it Just Me Or…’

EVERYDAY I’M SLUMPIN’. Is it just me or is everyone feeling a tad bit ‘slumpish’ as of late?  I’m thinking it’s the weather or maybe the time of the year? Everyone is busy shopping, putting up all the pretty decorations and stuff. But, either way, I’ve been seeing a lot of my blogger friends going M.I.A. It also may be due to Thanksgiving and everyone is still trying to recover from the food comas… I ate like a total fat kid and had ZERO SHAME. Well, maybe I had a little bit…♥I totally can relate though. I even disappeared for a while […]

Posted December 6, 2016
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Book Review: Hidden Deep By: Amy Patrick. Also, I&..

Book Review: Hidden Deep By: Amy Patrick. Also, I’m clearly a Fat Kid. Just Sayin’.

   So I’m determined to lose weight by the beginning of December.   I been saying since FO EVA that I’m ting to lose weight and go back to the 135 that I weighed in my high school says but alas… I’m a human. I have an unhealthy need for food that is so not good for me.   To name a few: ♥ White chocolate, and chocolate covered Strawberries —》 these things, yoi guys..? ARE DA BOMB DIGGITY FRESH, MAN. ♥Lemonies- I talked about these before it an one of my other posts. They’re like a brownie… but they’re lemon […]

Posted December 2, 2016
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Procrastination is The Worst and I’m Behind ..

Procrastination is The Worst and I’m Behind on Reading. Again…

  I don’t know what has been going on with me lately but you guys… I have not been wanting to do ANYTHING. Like, absolutely NUN.   The only thing that I have been good at doing is watching Netflix anddddddd procrastinated, procrastinated, and procrastinated. Other things I’ve done that I’m, like, totally ashamed of: I’ve watched Pretty Little Liars like it wasn’t anyone’s business when I should have been doing homework. Woke up from my alarm clock, wanting nothing better to do than fling it across the room when it had the  nerve to wake me up. Well, my iPad is my alarm clock so […]

Posted November 29, 2016