PFFT. These Character Tropes Are SOOO Outdated, It’s RI-DUNK-U-LOUS.

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Something’s not right.

Ever read a book and have a sinking realization, that FEELING, that something is…off? Could it be that one protagonist that has A BUTT LOAD of insecurities–So many that it’s kind of annoying ? Or how about that one guy that is just too… perfect?

I’m very sad to inform you that you have run into an overused character trope…

guy tropes

1.  The HAWT guy. Pfft. The dude is so HANDSOME-FUL, so EPICAL, that he looks like he belongs on the cover of a magazine or walk down a runaway  sporting Calvin Kleins?


2. The brooder: He’s the one guy that everyone is scared of but all the girls want. And of course, we have the MC who is too scared to approach him. Later in the book, he falls for her, and BLAH, BLAH, BLAH.

Usually the hawt guy has this deep, dark secret that can’t get out. If he does, it will destroy him AND his family, not to mention, put the MC in danger.

He’s either:


drum roll1

A Werewolf


A blood suckling vampire who wants to eat her.

Ya, been there. Read that… like a BILLION times.

3. People-Pusher-Awayer-Guy. He’s the one with the dark past, known for pushing people away because it’s good for them.

4. “Overly Devoted Guy. This is the one guy that is soooooo devoted to the MC out of the friggin’ blue that he falls in love with her within like TWO POINT FIVE SECONDS OF MEETING HER.


5. Wishy Washy. Sure. We get it. He loves her but he’s not sure he wants to be with her. Oh, I don’t know. Maybe he’s trying to protect her from his past or something. Either way,’ol dude has a SECRET. BIG TIME. And he doesn’t want her to get caught.I get it. He’s noble. But still…. I need something new.

girl tropes

1. “Elfish” best friend who is crazy into fashion or crazy hair, etc.

Every single time I read this, I’m like: YO, I KNOW YOU COPYING OFF ALICE FROM TWILIGHT.


She is so crazy into fashion but for some reason, the MC doesn’t really like to dress up or wear make up? It’s as if being into fashion is like, a bad thing or something. Grates on my nerves. I’m not really a girlie girl but I do appreciate fashion and fingernail polish and stuff. Just saying, the female MC should like fashion from time to time.

2. The Low Self Esteem Chick. UGH. Snatch out my eyeballs, already. I’m so tired of reading about females with low self esteem that don’t believe they are worth being loved, and find it hard to believe a guy has feelings for her because WHY WOULD HE BE? SHE’S NOT GOOD ENOUGH, RIGHT?


I don’t know about you guys but if the MC isn’t at least a little confident, or if she is openly down on herself, it turns me off.


3. The enemy. This chick is usually played by an unbelievably beautiful model-looking girl, she has to be the better looking one. Oh! And let’s not forget! She’s always mean, self centered, and out to get the MC just because they happen to like the same guy. 


So yeah, if you’ve noticed any of these tropes while reading, you’ve run across a character trope that is SO LAST YEAR.  *In my preppy voice*

Now it's your turn 2

What are some overdone character tropes ya’ll have come across? And does anyone remember Play Doh? Or green slime?? Like, FO REAL, that stuff used to be epically-epical when I was a kid. Just sayin’.

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29 responses to “PFFT. These Character Tropes Are SOOO Outdated, It’s RI-DUNK-U-LOUS.

  1. Haha! I kinda like some of these trope characters, like the brooder, but ugh the girl enemy is the worst ever. It’s just so frustrating to see women being pitted against other women and usually they are fighting over the guy so yuck!

    • I. KNOW. It’s the worst thing ever to have two females fighting over this on dude that is not into either one of them! It makes me want to just throw the book… but then I would break my Kindle. And.. that wouldn’t be good. 😉

  2. Sophia Rose

    Oh yes, I’ve noticed them and they’re popular, but I guess that’s why they’ve reached trope status. Some of those annoy me, others amuse me. I think if I get them in small doses then I do alright. My biggest jaw clenching character trope is the To Stupid to Live heroine who at her most basic is that gal in the horror movie that we’re all shaking our heads and screaming at to not go in there- to not leave the group- to stay her butt in the house and not go out in the dark when their are bad guys looking for her. Yeah, that one is my number one annoyance. 😉

  3. I can’t stand that low self-esteem female MC trope. Those characters who think they’re just so plain and boring and no one ever notices them and no one will ever like… even though they’re clearly gorgeous and amazing at everything. Low self-esteem isn’t an attractive or likeable quality to me. Not that cocky is good either, but there IS such thing as being in between and just, you know, not hating yourself. And actually having confidence is a good thing too. Maybe writers are afraid confidence = cocky, but it absolutely doesn’t. It would actually be great to have more confident role models in books. Sorry, I’ve turned your fun post into discussion/rant about this one topic lol.

    • Oh no girl, haha! You don’t have to apologize because I totally agree! This annoys me to the max! It’s just like… why the heck are you hating on yourself and thinking no on loves you? I wish there were more heroines in YA that were confident and embraced what they had instead of dogging themselves all the time. Ahhh, it looks like we both got carried off in rant-ville. teehee!

  4. Oh the dreaded tropes! The People Pusher Awayer Guy. Oh my gosh, how many times have we all read about that guy?? He makes out with the girl (finally) but then says they can’t be together. He’s no good for her. A chapter later they’re attached at the mouth again and he says they can’t be together. GAH! And the elfish best friend. Ho hum. One that I can’t stand is similar to that – the pushy best friend. The one that is always nagging and pushing the female MC to do stuff she doesn’t want to do (go to the party, go to the bar, go on the blind date) and the MC always sighs and goes along with it because, hey, that’s her BFF! Ugh. I always want to smack the pushy best friend and say “try and make me” to whatever she’s being pushy about. Bahahah!

    And Play-Doh! Ah, the memories. I always loved the smell of it. I remember rolling little pieces so I could make stick figure families. 🙂


    • AHHHH YESSSSSS! You are so spot on with ALLLL of these! Aren’t they just the worst! Now that you mentioned it, I have read a lot of books where that one guy is all like: “No. We can’t be together.” but then a whole chapter later, they’re making out again only for him to “break the girl’s heart again.” REALLY. THOUGH? UGH.

  5. evaallbooksconsidered

    OH man I could not agree with you more re: these especially hawt and/or brooder guys and “elfish” girls! Great list!!

  6. I’ve noticed most of these in books as well and it would be nice to see things go a bit differently. i especially dislike the best friend who tries to push the MC out of her comfort zone it feels a bit overdone. And the super hot guys or the brooding types are really common too. Although the secret plot line can work sometimes.

  7. I’m sick of all of the above. When a trope becomes popular, everyone jumps on the train hoping that their book will be the next success. After so long it just becomes annoying. I think writers need to be inspired by more than popular fiction; they need to dig deep and look beyond what made another writer a success. And the writing be so mediocre, that the only I want to toss the book outside.

  8. It’s safe to say I hate all of these. You know which one annoys me a lot too? The too perfect drop dead gorgeous guy who has 8 pack abs and a car or motorcycle…and is only in high school. I don’t know how it is is most high schools, but here where I live most people dont have cars and if they do they are shitty hand me downs. Nothing to brag about, definitely no motorcycles.And the guys were not all buff and had perfect abs. *eye roll*

    Nereyda│ Nick & Nereyda’s Infinite Booklist

  9. sydneyeditor1

    This list! THIS LIST is so bloody good! You hit the nail on the head with everyone and I giggled every damn time! LOL! The Brooder. Sheesh. That one kills me every damn time. Easiest way to get me to stop reading.

  10. They might be all those, but I still love them! I think any guy we fall for is soooo good looking though! Great post girl!

  11. I have no idea how I missed this post when it went live. I’m glad I double checked to see what you had posted. I love this post. It is great. YES to all of this. It is like a single book does really well, so authors decide to try to use the same thing to help make their books sell too. Grrr. I like originality. That is probably how that book made it so big. I read the Twilight books. I didn’t think they were as good as the masses thought, but they were good books. But, can we please quit trying to replicate it? You hit the nail on the head here.

    Melanie @ Hot Listens & Rabid Reads

  12. These are so great – I laughed so much while reading this. Yeah, I’m particularly tired of brooders. And wacky manic pixie dream girls who teach the main character how to live.
    Thanks so much for stopping by! Jen @ YA Romantics