Ohhh Yeahhhh. Excerpt: When You’re Back by Abbi Glines

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Ohhh Yeahhhh. Excerpt: When You’re Back by Abbi GlinesWhen You're Back
by Abbi Glines
Published by Simon and Schuster
on June 30th 2015
Genres: Contemporary, Fiction, General, Romance
Pages: 272
Format: eBook
From #1 New York Times bestselling author Abbi Glines comes the next new adult novel in her beloved Rosemary Beach series, which continues the story of Mase and Reese from When I’m Gone.She was where my home would always be. It was time I took the next step and proved to her I was all in. Forever. A chance meeting in Rosemary Beach has turned into a fairy-tale romance as Reese prepares to move in with Mase on his family ranch in Texas. With the loving support of the Colts, and her recent discovery that she has family of her own, Reese can finally move on from the dark horrors of her past and into a bright future. But Aida isn’t going to let that happen. The beautiful blonde has been raised to think of Mase as her cousin, but it’s clear to Reese that Aida doesn’t love Mase like a cousin should. And then there’s Captain, the inescapable stranger who has connections in Dallas and Rosemary Beach—and who conveniently shows up wherever Reese happens to be. Hot, mysterious, and plain-speaking, Captain isn’t afraid to tell Reese what he thinks about Mase—and how he feels about her. As the competition for Mase and Reese’s hearts heats up, Reese’s past begins to unravel, illuminating shocking truths that will forever change the lives of the happy couple—and set the final stories of Rosemary Beach in motion.



Hello my lovelinessess. <—- okay *clears throat* that technically isn’t a word, so I guess I just made it up. That means you have to like it. YEAH. I SAID IT. NOW WHAT? Nah. I’m just joking.

Today I have a real treat for you guys! It’s a sneak peak at author, Abbi Glines, upcoming book to be released June 30th!

I’m stoked for the release of this book and… *fist pumps air* the release date is in a couple of weeks! ^^


    yo! it’s excerpt time!



I started to say something but decided against it. Mase didn’t say anything, so I took his lead and walked toward the bar.
He ordered a beer, and I decided on the blueberry cider after trying a sample. Once we had our drinks, we turned to see Aida coming directly for us . . . or for Mase. She looked upset. Really upset.
“I need you,” she choked out.
“What’s wrong?” he asked
She looked pointedly at me and then back at him, pleadingly. “I can’t talk about it here. Please,” she begged.
Mase nodded. “OK, where do you want to go?”
“Somewhere we can be alone. I just . . . I can’t.” She covered her mouth and squeezed her eyes together dramatically. I wasn’t sure if I believed something was wrong.
Mase nodded toward the house. “Let’s go inside.”
She nodded, and then Mase’s hand was at my back, guiding me forward. I knew this wasn’t Aida’s idea of “alone.” I had started to say something when she saw I was following along.
Her face crumpled again. “I can’t talk about this with her. Just you.”
Mase shook his head, as if he was about to argue.
“It’s Heath. He’s here with her,” Aida said with a sob.
Mase’s frown grew. “I know that’s hard, Aida, but I can’t leave Reese alone. She doesn’t know anyone here.”
This was my chance to win Aida over, if only a little. “Yes, you can. I have a drink, and I can sit in one of those lovely chairs and wait. Go with her. She’s upset.”
Mase didn’t seem convinced.
Aida sobbed again. “Please, Mase. I need you to talk me off a ledge.”
“Go,” I repeated.
Finally, Mase sighed and pressed a kiss to my forehead. “I’ll be back quickly,” he whispered.
I nodded, and he followed Aida inside. I watched them until they reached the house, and then I turned to survey the scene. I was at a party full of strangers, and no one else was sitting down yet. Maybe the tables were off limits until we ate.
I made my way to the shadows, where the lights from the trees didn’t reach. I could see the house from here, and when Mase returned, I’d be able to see him.
It wasn’t until I was out of the light and my eyes adjusted to the darkness that I saw I wasn’t alone. I paused. Should I be concerned? Or maybe I should just excuse myself and find another dark spot.
“He leaves you for another woman, and you hide in the dark,” a deep voice said. I could just make out the shape of a man leaning against a bale of hay with a beer in his hand. I studied him quickly to see if I should be worried. The first thing I noticed was his jeans, then his white Oxford shirt, similar to Mase’s blue one. But his sleeves were rolled up to his elbows. The only thing I could make out clearly from his features was his green eyes, which burned with an inner light.
“You decided yet?” the man asked, making me self-conscious that I was still staring at him.
“What?” I asked, confused. A low rumble that sounded like a laugh came from him. He tilted his head, and I realized his hair was pulled back in a ponytail. Although it was dark, I could make out highlights in his hair. Seemed like he spent a lot of time in the sun. “Am I safe to be around? That’s what you’re trying to decide, isn’t it?”
Was he safe to be around?
“That’s debatable, if you ask me,” he said.
“What’s debatable?” I asked.
He took a drink of his beer and studied me a moment before responding to my question. “Whether I’m safe or not.” He laughed again, although it was low and almost hard to hear. “You have an expressive face.”
How could he even see my face out here in the dark?
He shifted his stance and crossed his left ankle over his right one. I glanced at his boots and realized they weren’t like Mase’s boots. They were more like combat boots.
“Why are you out here in the dark?” I asked, not meaning to actually say that out loud.
He held up his beer. “Drinking my beer in peace.”
I nodded. That made sense. Maybe he didn’t like crowds, either.
“Why are you out here in the dark?” he asked.
I glanced back at the house, and there was no sign of Mase yet. “I . . . my boyfriend went to deal with something. His cousin is upset.”
The guy stared at me while he drank his beer. It made me nervous. It was like he could read all my thoughts. “But he knows you aren’t comfortable in a crowd of people you don’t know. A man shouldn’t leave his woman.”
He didn’t understand the situation. Who was he to judge something he didn’t know? “His cousin is upset. I told him to go.”
“Doesn’t change the fact that he shouldn’t have left you.”
I didn’t like this man. I would rather face the crowd than hide out here with him. “Don’t make assumptions about something you know nothing about,” I said angrily, before turning and walking back into the light, just in time to see Mase, his eyes scanning the tables for me. His long strides quickened as he walked down the steps and passed several people who were trying to speak to him. When his gaze finally landed on me, he looked relieved.
I hurried toward him, deciding I wouldn’t mention the guy in the shadows.


                                 OVER TO YOU:

Sooooo, tell me! I’m curious to know what you guys thought about it. Anxious to read it?? …..not anxious to read it ?(That’s okay too, I suppose.)Are you going to pick this book up, June 30th? Annddd, have you lovlies read anything by Mrs. Glines before??




26 responses to “Ohhh Yeahhhh. Excerpt: When You’re Back by Abbi Glines

  1. I’m a Glines Virgin! LOL! I’ve never read one of her books but I think there are at least 2 of them on my TBR. I’ll get to her one day.

    • Ohhh realllyyy? A Glines virgin? SHAMMEEE ON YOUUU. Nah, I’m just jk. I’m kind of a “virign” of sorts as well because well… I’ve only read like two of her books and the woman has like friggin… IDK 15 Out already? So, we can be behind together. <3

  2. Thank’s for the excerpt. I haven’t read Abbi Glines, but I own a couple of her books and had the pleasure of meeting her at a conference. She is a doll. This is a great reminder to crack one of her books open.

    • *Jealous* you got to MEET HER? Gosh, I would love to meet her one day. She seems like such a nice person! (I hope you crack open her book one day) hehe

  3. I haven’t read anything from Abbi Glines before! I remember trying one of her books… I can’t remember which, but I remember putting it off after a few chapters, so I’m not sure if her writing style is for me. I didn’t particularly feel anything while reading the excerpt either. 🙁

    • Danggg really? Yeah. I know what you mean though Aimee, I read her Rosemary series, like the first and second one and it didn’t give me any feels…. I can DEF relate. 🙁

  4. Lurv the new outlay youve got going and how everythings bigger and stuff:D! Bigger is better!:D lol. I havent heard of this author before or this book but it sounds really interesting. The cover is cute too, it kinda reminds me of a walking away scenario, ya know?

  5. Red Iza

    I should start with the first, you know now I’ve never opened a book by this author, lol !

  6. It’s been so long since I read Abbi Gline’s books and its not for a lack of interest. I’ll probably start with the beginning on this set, but it does sound good.

    I haven’t been visiting for a while. Love what you’ve done here on the blog, Keionda!

    • Awe Sophiiaaa! It has been a while! I’ve been a tad bit busy and haven’t been able to tour my normal blogs lately. Thanks for taking the time to stop by! I’ll have to hit yours up really soon. 🙂 And yes, there’s like 13 or 14 books in her Rosemary Series. (The woman can WRITE!) hehe

  7. I keep hearing amazing things about this author abd her books mainly now that they’re in French as well. I need to try. thanks for sharing!

  8. I have heard about this author, but haven’t read any of her books so far. They sound okay, but I haven’t come across a book that really catched my attention. I hope you’ll enjoy this one!

  9. I have actually seen a lot of Abbi Glines books and always let them pass me by because I have never really been interested. This is just another time of seeing her name pop up, but after reading that excerpt I suppose I wouldn’t mind trying one of her books? I guess I should, especially as her name is so familiar already! I need to know what everyone is talking about 🙂

    • Ohhh I hope you give her books a try one day! She is so popular now they are making one of her books into a movie. 🙂
      I’ve tried two of her books and they were okay so you snd I both need to jump on the Glines bandwagon. ♡

  10. Haven’t read from this author before, but I’m not sure I’ll be picking it up from the excerpt… D: It felt a bit underwhelming honestly (I’M SO SORRRY), and it was too telling than showing so it did feel empty. He tells her he has an “expressive face” but from the narrative we got from the MC, she didn’t really show us her emotions much so it was hard to take that line seriously.

    Faye at The Social Potato

    • Yesssss. You are so right! I thought the same thing about that line AND the entire excerpt. (Also, girl you don’t even have to apologize) BUT the only reason I MAY give this a try is because the woman knows exactly how to write some steamy scenes so with that in mind.. I may try it out when it comes out. <3