November Recap! ‘Is it Just Me Or…’

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Is it just me or is everyone feeling a tad bit ‘slumpish’ as of late? 

I’m thinking it’s the weather or maybe the time of the year? Everyone is busy shopping, putting up all the pretty decorations and stuff. But, either way, I’ve been seeing a lot of my blogger friends going M.I.A. It also may be due to Thanksgiving and everyone is still trying to recover from the food comas… I ate like a total fat kid and had ZERO SHAME. Well, maybe I had a little bit…♥I totally can relate though. I even disappeared for a while there and wasn’t sure when I was going to be back. As of late, I’m drowning in school work, work, writing, and blogging. You guys need to hurry up and come back because I miss your faces and your reviews. 


Come back soon, please. 


Pardon my, *ehem* many absences. 

Like I said, I’ve been pretty M.I.A. myself and haven’t been able to really do too much of anything. BUT, I just recently had a breakthrough and am determined to do ALL THE THINGS, even it it kills me. (Well, let’s not be THAT dramatic.) But I really want to be around and I hated not being around and not be able to post or talk with you guys and visit your blogs! (That was but load of ‘ands’ in one sentence.) I made myself start blogging again and trying to be more available and all that good stuff! So I’m happy to be back and finally able to visit and chat with you guys more! 

Good news for you guys…

I thought now would be a good time as any to leave you guys on a good note since everyone is so slumpy. (I know I AM.) So, you guys that have been following my blog fora hot minute know just how desperately in need I am of a job.

Seriously though, I’m tired of being poor-ish and stuff.

  1. Well, I finally got one! Well, two. I’ve been working at the Navy Base for a little while in this store and got moved up to Florist/Customer Service. So, yay!

2. I also just got a grad assistantship with my university! I’m the Diversity programmer so I’m in charge of planning all of the “diversity” events aroudn campus so I’m super busy with Black History month at the moment. They’re paying for all of my schooling, so….


3. Still no word on Peace Corps, but my application status still says I’m being considered for the Dominican Republic so, I guess that’s a good thing?

Andddd, last but not least….

Drum roll, pleaseee!


4.  I have a job interview in Washington! It’s going to be in January. The job is for a Consular position (basically it deals with securing and protecting American lives abroad, issuing visas and passports, as well as facilitating adoptions, and stuff. So, it’s exciting! There’s this 4-hour exam I have to take in Washington so my face will be in some books during Christmas break! 

This picture of a Hamster eating a cupcake kind of made me feel better, so if you’re having a ‘meh-ish’ day, I hope it makes it slightly better. ♥


Now it's your turn 2

What are you guys up to? Anything exciting and/or new going on? TELL. ME. ALL. Lurve you guys!

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25 responses to “November Recap! ‘Is it Just Me Or…’

  1. OMG, that’s amazing Kei and congratulations on not only one but two jobs! Best news I’ve heard in ages! Even the diversity programmer sounds super exciting, and amazing opportunity to be surrounded by so many wonderfully diverse people. You just need to convince them all to cook for you. All those spices and aromas. I say bugger the blog, you should be celebrating! <3

    • It is SUPA, DUPA EXCITING KELLS!! And awww, TANK YOU! We had this one event last week sometime and the International organization has this Dwalli dinner (SO MUCH FOOD)♡

  2. I hope your application is approved! And yeah, there are a lot of people going MIA or just super busy and posting little (like me!) but I think after the holidays that will get better, at least I hope so. 😉

  3. It’s sooo not just you. I feel like half my blogger friends are in the same slumpy boat. Not full-on devastating reading slump… but just sorta semi-slumpish. Like, I’m still reading but it’s a lot more intermittent and I’m not flying through anything.

    Hooray on the job!! Are you working at a Navy Exchange? My husband is retired Navy and I’m at the Exchange or Commissary all the time. Love those prices! 🙂 Congrats on the promotion! And that interview in Washington! Eeeek! So freaking exciting, girl!

    Go, Cake Hamster, go!

    • I’m glad to know it’s not just me that’s in the slumpy boat! Teehee! And thank youuuu, T!♡♡ AND OMERGERSH, YESSS! I work at the Navy Exchange but sadly since I’m #civilianlife they won’t allow me to step foot into the Commissary so I’m totally jealousing on you right now. And heck yeah girl! Tax free plus it’s cheaper! #bonus although still jealousing, just saying 😅

  4. Congrats on the job(s) and good luck on the interview — that is so exciting! I was in a bit of a blogging slump after November 8th. However, I enjoy blogging so much that I forced myself to get behind the keyboard again and found it helped with my downer outlook.

    • We’re in the same boat, Whitney! I missed blogging and you guys so much that I made myself come back! I’m so glad I did because you guys are always so welcoming and loving!♡♡ and thanks girl!♡♡

  5. Sophia Rose

    Sounds like you’re on the up and up even if there has been a distraction from books. Great news for you and I’m so glad to see it. I tend to be distracted from my reading at this time of the year and I’ve heard others say the same so it must be the thing. Woohoo for you with the jobs and the prospects. Wishing you well with your diversity coordinator work on campus.

    • I just miss reading so much, Sophia!♡ And I love how you say you’re distracted from reading even though you still read like, PFFT, 1 GAZILLION books a week! 😁 and thanks Sophia! I’m super excited!♡

  6. That is amazing, hun! Things are definitely looking up for you in the career front. And yeah, it seems like everyone has taken a hiatus of some sort in November especially after that horrendous election. I knew it took me a while to find the joy in blogging and reading again after that, but we need to move on…which does not necessarily mean we’re going to forget the fight. #RESIST

  7. Wow – yay for the good news. Good luck on that interview. At first I was slumpish and now I think I’m just… busy? Or there are fewer books I want to read. Not sure, but I need to get going to make my Goodreads goal for 2016!
    Thanks so much for stopping by! Jen @ YA Romantics

  8. It sure seemed a lot of bloggers were taking a break lately, it’s been a busy time for me too, so it’s been a bit more quieter on the blog these past few weeks. Glad to hear you’re back. That’s good news on the job front and that you have a new job interview coming up soon, wow a 4 hour exam is long. Good luck! That hamster is really cute!

    • I thought you would like the Hamster, and the fact that he’s eating a cupcake just tripled the cuteness. ♡♡ and thank you! I’m tying not to freak out too much about it! I hope we all come back in full swing once the holidays are over!!♡

  9. Oh gosh I am so proud of you Keionda for working with the Navy Base and that diversity programming, wow! Good luck with your job interview! Gosh may you have all the successes in the future Keionda.

  10. Aw such wonderful news in your post! I’m so excited for you and I know you’ll kill that exam for the Consular position! 🙂 The diversity programming sounds fun too – I would have loved to have a job like that in college. 😀 Congrats on everything Keionda!

  11. Olivia-Savannah

    I was pretty slumpy in October and I am behind in commenting back but I understand your feels about bloggers just… mysteriously disappearing. I think it’s because of the Blogger Monster. I’ve heard he has recently been released and is going on a rampage again D: But that aside I’M SO HAPPY FOR YOU. SLAYIN’ AT LIFE! Look at you with your jobs and assitantships <3 I've been motivated (well, since Christmas) to also doing all the things! So let's hope we both can 😀