Not Sure What My Feels Are Telling Me To Feel…. ^^Review: Thoughtless By: S.C. Stephens

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Not Sure What My Feels Are Telling Me To Feel…. ^^Review: Thoughtless By: S.C. StephensThoughtless
by S.C. Stephens
Published by Simon and Schuster
on November 6th 2012
Genres: Contemporary, Contemporary Women, Fiction, General, New Adult, Romance
Pages: 530
Format: eBook
From the #1 New York Times bestselling author S.C. Stephens comes the new adult series everyone is talking about.For almost two years now, Kiera’s boyfriend, Denny, has been everything she’s ever wanted: loving, tender, and endlessly devoted to her. When they head off to a new city to start their lives together—Denny at his dream job and Kiera at a top-notch university—everything seems perfect. Then an unforeseen obligation forces the happy couple apart. Feeling lonely, confused, and in need of comfort, Kiera turns to an unexpected source—a local rock star named Kellan Kyle. At first, he’s purely a friend she can lean on, but as her loneliness grows, so does their relationship. And then one night everything changes…and none of them will ever be the same.


Take this as a fair warning, that many gifs shall be utilized whilst this review is in session. You have been warned. 

                                                               NOTICE: No gifs were harmed in the making of this review.



♥Kierra- First of all what an AWESOME name, right?? It kind of reminds me of Simba daughter from the Lion King 2. Someone give this girl a cookie cake with a yellow smiley face on it and and butt load of icing drawn around the edges. SHE DESERVES IT! Alone and in a new place whole starting school she still kept her head up and stayed strkng. (Even stayed strkng under all the hotness that is Kellan)

                                                        See below for my swoon description of him.

♥Kellan- Equally awesome name. He and I have what you call a love and despise relationship. (I say despise because I feel it is much, much stronger than simple hate.) I WANTED to hate him but goodness he was just so incredibly sexy when he was so cold and distant toward Kierra.


So Kierra and her boyfriend, Denny, travel across the US just so he can get his dream internship. Things are going great. They will be staying in a house with another roommate, Kellan. And mm. Hm this roomie, just so happens to be..

                                                                                                            IN. A. FREAKING. BAND.

jljj                                                                                         Like, just SAH-WOON already.

                                                  Things are going all good and stuff until Kierra’s boyfriend up and leaves her.

                                                                      HE. LEAVES. HER.

Mind you, she had never been on her own and she just gave up EVERYTHING to be with this guy.


                                                                                 What the whattt??

So naturally, Kierra and Kellan get together, and when I say get together, I mean they do THE NASTY. Like…… And then they convince themselves that it is somehow OKAY and then try to forget about it. They say they won’t let it happen again until… IT DOES. PFFT.

There were moments I did want to punt kick Kierra in her esophagus. Because there were many moments in which she was just straight up immature, naive, and just freaking…..clueless.

So these two catch feelings for each other and I liked how it progressed naturally.

Yo. This is where I seriously had a problem with these two. They agreed on being friends on the condition that they would just, and I quote, harmlessly flirt.


                                                                                    What the what, AGAIN???

They convinced themselves that if they touched and looked at each other in a certain way, it wouldn’t be bad because they weren’t “doing anything wrong.” I don’t care what you say. Flirting, looking, physical touching…

                                                                                                        IT. IS. STILL.CHEATING.

If you want to FLIRT with someone KIERRA do it with your boyfriend. That felt so good to finally get off of my chest.

I really want to call her this word but I don’t curse so….I’ll say it in tiny letters. *cough* slut.

Thereeeeee we go.

You can’t just go from guy to guy and think everything will be all honkey dory. –>Not that I’m complaining about their hot moments because these two site know how to hear it up when they’re together.


Untitled6I personally still liked Kierra as a person. Did I respect or approve of the DUMB descions she made? Hecks to the nah. But she still weasled her way into my heart.

Untitled6The SWOON. The author sefinitky knows how to write a swoon scene. And Kellan defintly was swoony and mouth wateringly addictive. –>that being said, this is probably the only reason I continued reading.


888Don’t get me wrong here, I LOVE some drama and angst in a book BUT DEAR GOODNESS  don’t make the whole book about it.

They were all like:

Kellan: “I know you feel something for me.”

Kierra: “But I have a boyfriend, you see.”

Kellan: “Yeah, but we’re perfect together.”

Kierra: Considers it… “yeah, I suppose you’re right. Let’s hook up.  Again.”

My response to all of this: ………………………………………………………………………….

My face: dfsdf


Even though this book seemed to follow on FOREVA, I still would recommend it because it was a good time. The only thing I will warn you of rough is that there is a lot of drama, angst, depression, and *rolls eyes HIGH in the air* a BUTTLOAD of miscommunication, lies, betrayal, and deciet. So, of you decide to read this book, be farewarned my little bookies. Be warned.



                                           Over to you:

How do YOU feel about cheating in books? Does it turn you off of it, or are you all like: “Yup, I’m for it.” What do you do about books that continue to lag on and on with no don’t end or plot? Would you think about reading this? 





19 responses to “Not Sure What My Feels Are Telling Me To Feel…. ^^Review: Thoughtless By: S.C. Stephens

  1. Ha ha! This really was a crazy read wasn’t it? I think the worst part was that I didn’t want to put it down, drama and all and I hate cheating yet, I was so drawn to this book.
    Wonderful honest review!

  2. Oh I don’t think this will be a book for me, that flirting in a certain way so it isn’t wrong, sounds like it would annoy me. So that happens before her boyfriend leaves her? I am not a fan of the cheatign aspect and if it happens one time, you would expect they learn from that and not do it again. On the other hand I have read one series with cheating where it bothered me, but the series was good enough to still be enjoyable. Sounds like that is the case here as well.

    • You and me BOTH Lola! I’m not one for cheating inside or outside of a book so to read about it was deff a shocker but at the same time, it provided the book with lots of good drama which I loved/hated. 😉

  3. evaallbooksconsidered

    love this review! I read this book a few years ago and I had a definite hate/love with it — the cheating and drama were insane! Wait until book 2 — it is EVEN worse. I had to stop reading after that despite the fact that reading these books is like watching a car accident — hard to stop!

  4. Ro

    Uh oh Keionda, you’ve discovered my Numero Uno Pet Peeve and yes it is cheating! I so not heart cheating so much that i won’t watch a movie that has it, books that focus on it, and sadly, though I am a Christian, I have a hard time turning my head if a friend or family member does it. To me, it’s the ultimate betrayal and a form of abuse. YIKES! I better get off that dang soapbox now, sorry! (lol) I don’t mind drama in a book if it’s going somewhere, but if it seems like that’s the major focus, no, no, no. That is a novel that probably won’t make it to the already massive TBR pile. Great review and thought-provoking topic! BIG Hugs…Ro

    • I’m so with you Ro! *nods head vigorously* I don’t support nor like cheating because it’s like.. just tell the truth or break up! I can deff relate with you Ro:)

  5. The boyfriend leaves her and she doesn’t have the gall to break up with him? He leaves her and she still thinks they’re together? I would call his family, tell him what happened, then I would call or track down his ass and dump him like a hot potato. Their reasons for being friends thoug is a bunch of phoney 😛 it’s ridiculous but hilarious at the same time. Not a fan of cheating so I may avoid this but glad you got a good time with it despite all the head-banging stuff.

    Faye at The Social Potato

    • YES FAYE. Twas so hard to read BUT all the *ehem* cheating, did give me lots of good drama and angst. You know… the good stuff. And yes, their reason for cheating was PHONEY! AND ANNOYING! AND.. AND… it made me mad. o_O

  6. Probably not my thing based on your observations. I’m never a fan of cheating even though on a few occasions I understood there were extenuating circumstances. This doesn’t seem that. This seems like a girl who needs to end one before starting with another. Enjoyed your review!

  7. I hate it when characters cheat, it pisses me off, because it’s not something I’d tolerate in real life either. Ugh. I loved reading your review though! 🙂

  8. I am with you with all of this! I can’t believe how they thought any of their decisions would be ok. I wanted Danny to be some kind of jerk and break it off, but he is just awesome! I can’t believe they thought any of what they did was ok, jackasses. And the book draaaggggged on for so long! I read Kellan’s book, but I don’t think I will get to the others in the series. Sigh….

    Naomi @ Naomi’s Reading Palace

  9. I wouldn’t be able to stand this book at all with the cheating, the crappy boyfriend and everything. Although it sounds like there’s some pretty saucy scenes! Thanks for the review Keionda!

  10. Sorry to say this (okay I’m really not) but I will NEVER read this book. Like, I know the guy’s a rockstar (which is my weakness) but this book is all kinds of messed and I don’t think I can handle it. Haha! Great review as always Keionda <3333

  11. I don’t condone cheating, in real life or books, but sometimes it’s quite interesting. Especially, if I love the characters doing the cheating. Like, if the person they’re cheating on is a total douche bag, then yeah I’ll totally cheer them on. That said, I don’t know about this one though. Too many pages for me to consider if I’d like to take it in that big of a dose. Great review!

  12. This book kind of got on my nerves. This was the bad kind of angst, at least it was for me. It just went on for far too long in the book. I couldn’t deal. I didn’t hate it but I could. not. deal.

    • I AGREE. There was too much going on for me to enjoy it! And WAY too much back and forth! I may try out this series once I get over the first book. Sigh.