New E-book Series by Cassandra Claire! :)

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J,NBig news guys! I’m super excited about this! I just received an email about an update from some upcoming releases from Cassandra Claire, author of the Mortal Instrument series. You’re going to want to hear this:

Remember Clary’s super, mega best friend Simon? Well, he’s going to be the star in the next series being released by the author on sale March 17th! According to Cassandra, they are going to be a series of short stories that are going to be released once a month.


Now listen closely, there are a total of TEN books so they should finish releasing sometime in January or February 2016, if my calculations do so serve me correctly. 😉 So, what do you guys think about this and are you as excited about it as I am? I would love to see what Simon is up to and how he’s doing.

On another note, am I the only one that has never read The Infernal Devices?



I actually feel bad that I’ve never read these books because I have noticed all the raving reviews it’s earned as well as the 4.5 stars! But I’m a tad bit hesitant to read them for the fact that I’ve heard people have mixed emotions about the endings. I don’t want to feel all sad and incomplete so I have yet to venture into this world. But keep in mind it is on my TBR, definitely 😉



2 responses to “New E-book Series by Cassandra Claire! :)

  1. I have to admit I found the first City of Bones book rather stale so I didn’t pick anything else up by this author, but I’m super excited that you are super excited to read about Simon 🙂


      Oh really? You’re the first person I’ve heard say that (although I kind of found it stale at first too!) I kept reading and it was definitely worth it! Haven’t read the last book though. Have you watched the movie of the first book?