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And I repeat, NEVER. NEVA. EVA. EVA. EVVVAAAAAA: Interrupt a reader while he or she is in the act of reading. Unless you want a paperback, hardback, or e-reader launched at your cranium. 

You may SHALL get shanked, yo.

                                                                                JUST DON’T DO IT. Kay??

I don’t know about you guys but I get a bad Tude (A.K.A. Attitude) when someone interrupts me while I am in the act of absorbing myself in a complicated, heart wrenching story.

                                                                   First I give them the under eyed look like: 200

                                                  Oh. Oh no you did not just tap on my shoulder.

And when I in fact see they were talking to me, I proceed to heave an exaggerated sigh, making sure to put in just the right amount of “tude.”

Does it help the next time they want to talk to me? Nah

They talk to me anyway.

Recently my mom fell in love with the love with The Fifty Shades of Gray and just HAD to read the entire trilogy. (Mind you, she is not a hardcore reader like myself, so this fact alone was surprising) She won’t talk to anyone.

So then it came time for me to ask her a question. And the roles were reversed… I knew then exactly how it felt to interrupt someone else while reading.

She lifted her head and in her eyes I saw the annoyance at having been snatched away from her reading world. Never mind that I was STARVING and was just asking her a simple question of:

                                                              “Yo ma. I’m hungry. Feed me. Now.”

Apparently she forgot I even existed and waved a dismissive hand telling me to find my own food.

                                                                Like. Why you no love me no more??

          Fine then. She shall be in need of me before I need her.


                               I now know what it feels like to be on the receiving end of the “Tude”


                     Over to you:

How do you feel when someone interupts you while reading/writing/ or doing whatever? Do you get really angry or are you just like, meh. We’re all good yo.

Alsoooo, Have YOU read/watched The Fifth Shades of Gray? Should I?(Convince me here. Because no matter how many times my mom tells me about it….I still don’t wanna. I just don’t.)






  1. I will allow someone to interrupt me, if the interruption is brief and singular. Like, you only have this one thing to say, and you’ll leave me alone after that. But, it drives me batty when someone keeps on interrupting me as if my reading, means I’m doing nothing. At which point you’ll get the death stare. So I understand this post totally!

  2. LOL! Oh, I cant help myself, I get so mad when people interupt me, specially when they just keep doin it. Its like back up.NOW. Im at the point where I read in my room and lock the door. Anytime my mom sees me tryin to read shes like lets watch a movie, or wants to ask me a thousand Qs about my book, which is sweet but ya know….not cool. I can’t do Fifty, it just creeps me out and after seeing the movie trailer, and the toys at Target, I’m disturbed by it all. I get why a lot of people like it but for me, if that dude was just middleclass he’d be labeled a psycho and itd be turned into a Criminal Minds episode.

    • Hehe ohhhh I know how much you and Fifty Shades of Gray don’t get together. We have a love/hate relationship. And I know right?? I’m like half tempted to lie lock myself in my room…or got to the beach and read….with cake….^.^

  3. Um, sorta! I’m good with an interruption when someone needs me, needs to ask a question, etc b/c I get it that the outside world keeps going on around me. However, if you’re just bored or don’t see my reading as worthy of not being interrupted to chat, then yes, I do give you fair warning that I will react to the interruption.

    I read the 50 Shades books a while back. I wasn’t particularly impressed. They aren’t anywhere near the best of their genre niche, but I don’t feel hate, either. More like irritation for the TSTL heroine and her annoying inner goddess monologues and his stupid-stubborn decisions.

  4. Omg Keiondaaaa 😀 How can someone write a good post about something random like how do you feel like when someone disturbs you while you are reading ^.^ By the way, I lurveeeeee the way you taaaalk girl 😀 ahhaa 🙂 As you know, I do not read a lot but when I do, no one shall disturb xD Great post girl! 😀

    *Heena 🙂

  5. It depends on the book I was reading. Sometimes, I’m actually thankful for the interruption when the book is bad. Lol. But most of the time, yeah. I’m reduced to a raging demon. 🙂

  6. I hate this! UGH [the habit, not the post. The post is awesome!]

    It’s why I use an ereader now. When I read physical, people look at the cover and they’re like, “what’s it about?” and I’m like OH MY GOD I’M SORRY BUT I JUST WANT TO READ OK? Usually I hand over the book and they can read the back for themselves but it’s so annoying ugh!

    • Teehee I said this about four years ago when I finally purchased my Kindle. I just got tired of people asking me: “ohhhh you’re reading that AGAIN?” Yes. Yes I am.

  7. I’m a patient person, but when I get the luxury of reading or writing, I’m okay the first few interruptions. I’m a single mom, so my son needs me. We stay with my parents. My mom often has tech questions. Fine. I love helping her. She’s wonderful. But after three interruptions. I can be a jerk. Not Jack Nicholson crazy in The Shining featured in this YouTube video called Typewriter Tantrum => but I get snippy and sigh obnoxiously, and literally say, “For the love of God. I beg you. Please don’t come back for at least an hour unless you are bleeding.” Feelings get hurt, I have to apologize, but when I interrupt my wonderful son, I get the same face I give him when interrupted a million times, and I’m sure to nicely remind him of how he can feel annoyed when he’s having fun online gaming and mom pops in. He smiles. I smile. But then it happens again the next time, I’m reading or writing.

    • Aweee D! Your comment def made me smile. 🙂 especially when you talked about your son interrupting you. Hehe sometimes though you just can’t avoid it and life goes on around your book sometimes…although I’ll never want to accept it hehe

  8. I HATE when someone ends up interrupting me when I read. And it seems to be like lately, my little sister (who sadly isn’t little anymore) ends up being my “interrupter.” OMFG SISTER MINE DO YOU HAVE NO MERCY, I’M READING RACHAEL ALLEN AND YOU WANT TO KNOW WHERE YOUR PANTS ARE GEEZUS SEARCH FOR THEM YOURSELF YOU SOULESS WOMAN.

  9. Cait @ Paper Fury

    BAHAH. I don’t think I’ll ever read 50 Shades. >_< NOPE. I do not have any wish at all, not even the slightest. xD

    Ohhh, but I do hate being interrupted too. Actually my family has pretty much learn and leaves me alone, but seriously?! It's pain and torture. Particularly if the book is in the middle of a highly emotional or action scene and it’s just like “DON’T DISTRACT ME. IMPORTANT THINGS IN MY LIFE ARE HAPPENING RIGHT NOW”. XD

    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

  10. Bahaha, this was fabulous, Keionda! xD I HATE it when people disrupt my reading, especially when I’m finally getting to the good parts! I’d put my hand up and tell that person to just SHUSH.

    I’ve read half of Fity Shades (the first book) and HATED it. The movie was horrible, but 1000x better than the book! xD

  11. I don’t like interruptions when I’m reading either. Makes me want to cut off someone’s limbs. And yes, I’ve read FSoG (the fanfic and books) and seen the movie. The movie isn’t really that interesting but it was hot in certain scenes. I like Jamie as Christian for some reason.

    • Well like I said girl, my mom is obsessed with the series. And I know how it feels to want to snap someone’s neck for interrupting you… (not that I would do that because I would never hehe)

  12. I am actually one of those few people who don’t mind being interrupted when I am reading. I am the kind of person who reads around the cafeteria table at break or with friends and in public places. But I am great at multi-tasking everything. So I could be reading and singing, or reading and generally having a conversation and actually listening. As long as they don’t mind, I don’t mind the little interruptions when I reply.

    But then again, when I am reading a book I just LOVE or get to a moment I just LOVE then I won’t read it in public and will be in my bedroom or on my ownio reading. And if you interrupt me then… heaven help you xD

    • Awe Olivia, hehe for some reason your comment just made me feel peaceful while I read it. Hehe and gosh you are SO better than me girl. I try to be patient but…am an epic fail at it. Hehe

  13. I love this post because it is so darn funny, only because it is so darn true! I have two avid readers in the house with me and we are always interrupting each other even though it irritates us all to know end, it just happens and then we all feel bad afterward LOL! It is being bad on both ends of the interruption though isn’t it?

    • You’re so right! It’s hard to be on both sides of the interruption. Either you’re annoyed for being interupted OR someone gets annoyed with you for interupting. Darn if you do and darn if you don’t. 😉

  14. I would never throw my book to someone, but I do agree it can be annoying when people interrupt you when you are reading. I don’t mind when some people interrupt me, as long as it isn’t too often. I sometimes interrupt others as well, like when I come back from grocery shopping and have to tell my boyfriend what I bought even though he is busy. So I have been on both sides as well.

    • I probably (maybe) wouldn’t throw book at someone, although I’ve wanted to, )I kid, I kid) I do get really aggravated when I’m in a good part and stuff. 😉 and yes, like you said I usually am the main one to interupt others so there’s two sides to it. 🙂

  15. Faye M.

    I actually don’t mind if people interrupt me as long as they’re calling me for something important (like dinner or someone on the phone). Even if it weren’t those things, I don’t usually get annoyed haha. I guess it’s because I interrupt people all the time so I just don’t get annoyed with it as others do!

    Faye at The Social Potato

    • I only wish to be as patient as you girl. I’m quick to get mad hehe but I supposed I could be more…patient and understanding like you (i think..) hehe

  16. That’s a No to 50 Shades of Gray, unless you’re into reading about a woman being sexually abused basically with graphics. I refuse to read it. Refuse to watch the movie. I do not like to be interrupted. I will ignore the calls I get while reading.

  17. Red Iza

    LOL ! I’m afraid I don’t get angry any more, it happens so often that I just sigh, but comply : work, especially work, children when I’m home, mother who wants me to take care of her but not lie down and read during my vacation, boyfriend who has things to say to me, sister on the phone, CATS (feed me, pet me, etc) ! Can I move to a desert island, please ? With the books, of course.

  18. Your new blog layout looks so badass, Keionda! And you’re totally right about never interrupting a reader. I say this to my mum every single time, and she doesn’t get it. She’s not much of a reader, ha.

    • My mom didn’t appreciate my reading time until she started reading so… I think it’s safe to say that she now appreciates it. hehe And thanks girl! <3

  19. THANK YOU!!! Why my family thinks that when I am READING I must have nothing else to do, so sureee you can help me out for a sec… grrr. Next time, I’ll throw my Ipad at the person. Coming from personal experience, the Ipad is a heavy and sound weapon.