My Review Surrendered By: Monica James

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Title: Surrendered


Author: Monica James 

Genre: New Adult Romance 

Pages: 326

Release Date: August 12th 2014 

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 When Ava Thompson met the cerulean eyed rock god, Jasper White, her whole world was tipped on its axis, and nothing has been the same ever since. 

Thankfully, life for Ava has settled, and that includes being in a healthy, stable relationship with Jasper at long last.

Their turbulent love has withstood many obstacles, but when not one, but two bombshells are dropped at Ava’s doorstep, will she and Jasper be able to survive? Will the cunning ex and bothersome mother rock the stable foundation they have built together? 

Will Ava get her happy ending? And will that happy ending be with the man everyone desires?






What an amazing ending to such a perfect series! I just finished and I still can’t believe it. I’m in the car with my family and they don’t know what a roller coaster ride of emotions I was just on!

That ending… oh that ending. 

I couldn’t have imagined Ava and Jasper’s ending in any other way. It was just so…gah!

Let me fan myself off send have a total fan girl moment. 

   *takes big gulps of air and tires to compose self*







There were so many times I wanted to jump though my Kindle and slap Ava around a few times from just how scary she was being. I mean if you’re in a relationship communication is KEY. But oh no. That was too much to ask Ms. Ava over here. 

She has this deep, dark secret she is trying to keep from Jasper but, I ask you, how much is too much time to keep a secret? I think it should be told that day or at least the day after  but Ava was just adament on keeping it away from Jasper for as long as possible and it almost destroyed them. 

Secrets hurt, people. (So don’t keep them.) DUHH, AVA! GAH!

IMO Ava really needed to grow some womanly balls and tell Jasper what was on her mind instead of being so afraid of what he was going to think or say. He’s obviously not going to leave her high and dry like that but. ..

Ava. Ava. Ava.

                             *bangs head against wall*

I am happy to say that she did show a bit of steady character development. (She still is a fail at expressing her feelings and trusting though.) And I don’t have to say anything about Jasper. He’s just soo… HAWT. He has definitely shown some character development. He’s stronger and more confident with his relationship with Ava.



There is a freaking shocker that I definitely did NOT see coming. Holy freaking smokers.

If you would have told me that was going to happen I would have just been like:

So I think it’s safe to say that I’m still freaked out even a day later while writing this review. 

I never trusted Danielle, Jasper’s mom. From the first book when she looked at her that way that told me she hated her. She is a such a witch! And I’m so happy rear she got everything she deserved in the end. 

Karma is a beotch. Take that Danielle! *does evil, manical laugh inside head*

Indie and her are always together so I already knew there was some mad drama coming out of that one.

In the end, Jasper discovers a huge secret that will change his entire life. Everything comes to a head and you won’t believe. I didn’t know how Ava and Jasper would make it especially after Jasper find out Ava’s dirty, little secret.

Let’s roll out the popcorn while we wait on that one chicos. 

All in all it was a good ending to a fantastic series! It was an easy read with only one bad thing:

It had to end… Oh, just heal my breaking heart already. PAH-LEEZEE!!!

I can feel that book depression coming my way….                                              

                                                  *Cue the hollow feeling in my chest*

                                                                              *hangs head*


It had such a sweet and satisfying ending and Jasper finally gets a piece of his unexpected past so I was extremely satisfied for him. I definitely recommend any and all romance, suspense, or mystery lovers to pick this one up because I almost missed out on a good series 😉

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4 responses to “My Review Surrendered By: Monica James

  1. Glad that ending made up for Ava hanging onto her secret too long. I’m with you. If you’re in a relationship, you need to come clean or what’s the point?

    • You’re right girl! There really is no point if you hold onto a secret for so long because in the end, it’ll only hurt both parties involved. (It’s moments like this I just want to scream at characters in books)Sigh…

  2. Oh man, that’s the worst part about reading romances…there’s always a lack of communication that just causes so much drama and makes everything less realistic. I’m glad that the evil mother got her karma, that must have been satisfying hehe. Awesome review chica xx

    • Heyy chica! Sometimes people just feel that holding onto things are the best in a situation (which is pretty much almost NEVER a good idea to do) And BELIVE ME girl, it was definitely nice to see the mother get all that was coming toward her in the end! Sweet. Freaking. Victory! 😉