My Review: Knowing You By: Allie Everhart-New Adult Romance

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Genres: Love & Romance, New Adult, Romance

 Title: Knowing You


Author: Allie Everhart

Series: The Jade Series (Book Two)

Print Length Pages: 308

Genre: New Adult Romance

Publisher: Waltham Publishing, LLC

Release Date: November 1, 2013

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Now that Garret’s decided he’s no longer following the rules of his wealthy family, he can finally develop a closer relationship with Jade. Things are going well, but Jade still worries that being with Garret is only temporary. And because of that, she’s not sure how much of herself and her past she’s willing to let him see.

Garret does all he can to assure Jade that the two of them can last, but convincing her of that is difficult when she’s never trusted anyone. So he has to show her, by being there when she needs him the most, even when she tries to keep him away. 

The mysterious letter from Jade’s mom still haunts her and now she’s getting threatening phone calls. Someone from Jade’s past will stop at nothing to keep his secrets from getting out. And his number one secret is Jade. 

Note: This is a New Adult novel and contains mature language and situations. 





                                                                                                                                                Knowing You for me was: Mysterious love

Knowing you starts off with Jade all sad and mopey in her room. Her relationship with Garrett is on the rocks because at the end of the first book, they get some news that may change the entire course of their relationship, not just their friendship. The one person able to get her out of her “funk” and “drama” is Harper, one of the girls that lives on her floors.

They are quickly becoming best friends. I love how she is always so down to Earth and real with Jade. She is one of the friends that will tell you how it is and won’t sugar coat it. She is the main one that gets Jade out of her funk whenever her past attacks her.

Jade and Garret have to conquer so many problems and one of those problems is being together.

As usual, Jade lets her past take over her present and future. She keeps pushing Garrett away but he is patient and understanding with her. I have to admit I started getting impatient with Jade.

I was just like:


In this book, we get to learn more about Jade’s mom and why she became the woman Jade grew up to ultimately hate. You’ll be shocked to find out the sorry behind it all.

When you read it, think about it, does it change your opinion of her and how she treated Jade? Jade and Garrett are desperate to be together. But will Garrett finally stand up to his father and go after what he wants which is Jade? Will Jade let go of her past and let herself be happy for once?

Better yet, who’s behind the mysterious phone calls and the letter?

My Thoughts:

I seriously just can’t seem to get enough if these two. (Jade and Garrett) It’s like they have everything I want in a relationship.

Four reasons why I absolutely HEART their relationship:


*I want one like this

*Freaking Swoony 

*Too cute!

Believe me, there are more reasons than this but I don’t think you guys have the time to sit here all day and listen to me blab about this too. 😉

They have that one in a kind type of love and there’s nothing wrong with that is there?


There are so many sweet moments in this book. As Jade and Garrett getting closer their feelings for each other grow stronger and its obvious how they feel. I found myself smiling different times without even knowing it during one of Jade and Garrett moments. Let’s have one of those shall we? 😉

“Trust me, Jade. I’m very skilled in the water. And it’s not just limited to swimming.” He loosens his grip like he’s going to let me go, but then tightens it again. “Oh, and what we did just now? That was nothing. I can get very creative when water’s involved.”


Something that struck me as weird is how Garrett’s dad is now all of a sudden, treating Jade like a human being?? I don’t know what to think or how to feel about that. How can you go from “hating” someone to actually being cordial with them? I believe there’s more to this story and I don’t trust him.

The evil stepmother, Katherine, man she was truly on one in this book. She doesn’t even bother to hid the fact that she doesn’t like Jade or Garrett.


I never did like her. She always got under my skin with her snobbiness.

But more onto Jade and Garrett:

“I glance away, trying not to gawk at his naked body. 

“You can look, you know,” he says as he takes a clean t-shirt from his closet. “I’m yours. You can look all you want. And you can touch, too. An added bonus.” 


                                                                       ***SPOILER ALERT***

First, let’s get to talking about Jade’s so called “dad.” I mean who is that deranged and desperate that he would go through the extremes of killing his own daughter?

Oh Royce sinclair that’s who…

What I didn’t understand is how in the world were they able to actually cover up the murder of a man that was potentially going to be the next president of the United States?

I felt so bad for Jade when she read the letter from her mom. She was making so much great progress and then BAM!

The letter brings everything to a crashing halt and Jade sinks further into her past hurts and fear. I’m happy that Garrett never gave up on their relationship.

Who else suspected Royce Sinclair at the party? I kind of did but I was slow on facts that were all but thrown in my face.

What I didn’t understand was how was Pearce able to kill Sinclair and then cover it up?? Sinclair was set to be the freaking president of the United States for crying out loud! It definrly makes me that much more suspicious of this Organization business.

                                           ***IT’S SAFE TO RETURN NON-SPOILER PEOPLES***

The ending literally had me on the edge of my seat gripping my seat.

If you’re interested in reading a book full of drama and total swoon, this IS the book for you!

Let’s see how the book rated on the coffee scale, shall we?

coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee=Awesometastical!

Thoughts? Questions? Comments? And what did you guys think of that ending?