Memes…They just GET me.

Posted February 22, 2015 by Keionda Lei Lewis in Uncategorized / 0 Comments



….You find that PERFECT meme that just gets you. Or that certain meme you’ve been searching for to accurately portray your mood or what it is you want to see. There’s no other feeling like it. I truly feel like memes are the best thing EVA! They seem to get me like no one has ever gotten me before.

Take this awesometastical meme for instance:

hkgvkhThis is SO me..


And here, have another:

hgjgThis is me when there’s a serious situation and you KNOW you’re not supposed to laugh. =/

While some of them can be quite disturbing, most of them are LOL funny and I just love them!

Well, that was just a random post I thought I would put up for your enjoyment. I don’t want to have an entire post about how much I adore me some memes. 😉

What memes just understand you to the point to where you just want to hug it and squeeze it to death? (Well not to those extremes but you catch my drift…) ;)Share some so we can talk about them!