Man.. Blogging Can Be STRESSFUL.

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Lately I’ve been having these pangs of le STRESS. Between writing, blogging, reading, job hunting, cleaning, AND dealing with lifey things it’s been hard to keep up with it all.

                                                                                                                                   It’s like…the non-blogging/reading/writing half of the homo sapien world could NEVER understand what we bloggerlings do on a daily basis. I have received a number of complaints from my family pertaining to the reasons why I’m ALWAYS in front of the computer?

          Or they’ll ask me “Why are you so FAMISHED? Don’t you just sit in front of a computer all day?”


Man, I WISH it was that easy and I could magically poof words onto my computer screen and connect with other bloggers from just SITTING there.

PFFT. Let me tell you. Le struggle is real. IT. IS. SO. REAL.


                            Busy Life of a Reader:     

1. You have stay in the same spot for HOURS and HOURS, locked and unwilling to move a second from this world that has you so ENRAPTURED. You’re unaware of life going on around you. You have this feeling that you will never return to what they call “the human world” UNTIL you finish this chapter. (And OOOH, what the heck, I’ll just finish this last chapter and then that one chapter turns to the ENTIRE BOOK.) –>But pfft, you has NO SHAME. Js.

2. You forgo food and if you have kids… gosh. There will be many corn dog and Ramen noodle nights. (Because apparently kids HAVE to eat and stuff.)

Man. Being a reader is some HARD work. Does Keionda lie? No. No she does not. (Sometimes)


                      The Even BUSIER Life of a Blogger:

1. Formatting:  (I’m very particular about how my posts look, so this takes SO MUCH FREAKING TIME. OMG. SO MUCH TIME. OMG. That is all.)

2. Graphics: I LOVE doing graphics but then I have a lot of SADS when I see other people’s awesome graphics and I’m all like… Mine are FUGLY.

3. Writing/Formating posts (I’m not even going to get into this….TIME. SUCKER.)

4. Editing (Surprisingly, this takes A LOT of time…)

5. Promoting (I can’t really say anything on this because I’m lazy and never do it.)

6. Social media/connecting: (FUN but still stressful, because I want to be EVERYWHERE and talk to EVERYONE ALL LE TIME.)



I am aware there’s a ELPHANT-SIZED BUTT LOAD of more stressy things, but I don’t want to stress myself out anymore by forcing myself to conjure up a behemoth-sized list so we’ll just stick with those six for now. (You are so welcome.)

Now I only work on my blog and get everything ready for the week and beyond on Sundays. If not, I would drive myself bananas. (And funny enough, I STILL end up stressing myself out. Because that’s just what I do. And I am at the expert-level of stressing myself out)


                      Let me just go stuff my face with chocolate. And weep.



                                 Over to you:

Do you guys get stressed when blogging and trying to juggle your lives outside of it? How do you handle it? Because I need some tips! Do you feel like non-bloggers just straight up WOULDN’T understand?



22 responses to “Man.. Blogging Can Be STRESSFUL.

  1. Sophia Rose

    Yes, I do think those who don’t frequent the blogosphere have a different take on blogging than those in it. Naturally. This is true of anything really. I’ve tried to explain aka educate those around me of why I spend the time being a part of the blogging community. I try to see if there is something they really get into and compare the two (i.e. “you like knitting so you’re part of a knitting group, you go to craft shops, hang out with other knitters to share and get patterns and see this is how I feel about books and blogging”). Some get it and some don’t. 😉

    As to help with streamlining your blog tasks, I don’t have a lot of suggestions. Something basic is figuring out what time and finances you can afford to put into it and then prioritizing tasks from what is core stuff to what is stuff you would like. If you only have the time to blog once or twice a week and visit social media and other blogs once or twice a week, then so be it. Definitely don’t try the ‘keeping up with the Joneses’ approach because that will only get you burned out and hating blogging.
    Your blog is cute, personal, and friendly. I love visiting. I think your posts are great and well done. But I understand your need to reach your own ideal of great. 🙂

  2. I’m stressed right now, so you’re not alone. I have scheduled my posts for the rest of this week, in case I don’t get around much on the web this week. My real life just took an ugly turn. It sucks.

  3. I make this simple for me. Formatting, writing…as you say, blogging takes a lot of time as it is. If I have to create graphics and search for proper gifs, I might just quit altogether! I am, however, very particular about the pictures that go with my posts though. So I spend a lot of time trying to capture the right images. 😀

  4. I did – but not anymore. I’m trying to find more balance between *real life* and blogging. It was tough at first. When I was blogging I stressed about missing other things – when I was doing other things I stressed about blogging but I’m better about it now.

    But….FORMATTING! Gawd – there has got to be an easier/better way! Even the simplest of posts can take an hour to format.

    Karen @For What It’s Worth

  5. evaallbooksconsidered

    I definitely get stressed out! Sometimes when you have a bunch of release dates for ARC at the same time and then real life (work) is busy and you feel like a failure! The formatting, etc. is the worst! I don’t do Sunday posts/Stacking the Shelves because I can’t handle that kind of formatting every week!

  6. Every blogger has this problem. You’re not alone, Keionda 🙂 I, too, get picky when it comes to graphics. Which is why I’m currently taking an online course. I’m horrible at it. I don’t even know what type of softwares I should use. It made me realise that my art background has little to do with designing *sheepish grin

  7. Yes I think that for peoepl who don’t blog or know what’s involved it can seem weird it takes so much time. But as a blogger myself I totally know what you mean, writing those posts, formatting, scheduling them, promoting them etc. It takes a lot of time. And then ofcourse besides that you have other normal life stuff, household chores and work/school. I have week where it all catches up on me and it’s nice to have some calmer week, but sadly I find something esle to stress about, like how is it so calm? And if doing all the blogging on one day works, I would say go for it. I personally like to do a bit everyday, but I also have days where I do more blogging than others or days where I do nothing except try and keep up with the comments.

  8. Unless you blog, people don’t understand. I’m lucky, my husband is a gamer so when it’s time to blog or get my social media on, I shuffle him off to do his own thing. It’s great when men can amuse themselves like that. It’s stressful and it’s so hard to get on top of blogging commitments and stay on top as well. If you’re feeling unwell or super busy, it throws you completely off whack and you spend the next few weeks playing catch up. We have enough stress in our lives and something like blogging and reading SHOULD be stress free. I think we all need to get back to basics and take control of our blogging again. Have you thought about having guest posts Kei? Might take the burden off a little for you <3

  9. People who don’t blog really can’t understand how many HOURS go into blogging. :/ It’s so frustrating having to explain why we get worn out by it!

  10. I find writing blog posts to be the most time consuming part of it all, and every time I have to write one I internally sigh and then procrastinate lol I have this dream of being able to schedule all my posts for a week or even two in advance, and it never happens because I have a limit to how many posts I can write in a row (2!)

    People that don’t blog really don’t understand what goes into it. They think we have this weird computer fetish but I like interacting within the community because they *do* get it, and I’m always learning new things (at the moment I’m trying to learn how to code my own theme, it’s slow going but will be worth it in the end!)

  11. I never realized just how much time goes into blogging and what exactly constitutes blogging until I started doing it. It’s so much more than writing and publishing post. There is networking, interacting with other bloggers, commenting, blog upkeep, aesthetics, graphics, social media interactions, and tweeting links to posts or instagramming, ugh it’s a lot!! PLUS YOU HAVE TO READ. There’s literally not enough time to do it all xD Great post!

    Rachel @ A Perfection Called Books

  12. Blogging is a job. I tell this to people all of the time. It’s not as simple as just reading a book and writing a review. It requires dedication, time, patience, etc. I mean just going around to keep up with comments is a task in itself. It can definitely be stressful. What I did to keep myself from all of that is just stuck to worrying about reviewing and keeping up with comments. I let all of the rest fall to the wayside. I have a lot of personal stuff going on that took precedence–looking for a job was one of them. I say do what’s important and everything else will fall in line.

  13. Kynndra-jo @ Diva Booknerd

    Ack! Blogger stress kicks my ass every now and then to be brutally honest. Albeit, I do coblog so it’s way less stressful than solo blogging (something I could never do, I would die of stress because wow no thank you). But having to read/review/promote/socialize/organize stuff TAKES SO MUCH TIME. And you’re right non-blogging human creatures just don’t understand. But such is life. I just try to remember that this is a hobby. It’s not a job (even if sometimes it feels like one). The minute blogging stress is too much is the day I’ll probably take a hiatus or a nice little break and come back when I’m ready c: but we’ve all been there. You’re not alone!

  14. My hubby doesn’t get my blogging side either. I do it when he’s not at home (mostly). I do read when he’s here but everything else waits until he’s at work. I have struggled since Christmas though because we were away and then he was home for a while. The kids only went back to school full time this week, so I am frantically trying to catch up! I have a few posts to do, but it’s the comments and blog visiting that is killing me!! I’ll get there though!

    • Naomi! 🙂 I’m SO glad you said that because I feel like I’ve been in this blogging slump/reading slump for AGES! I’m super behind on EVERYTHING! It is such a crying shame! Here’s to you and I both getting back to the swing of things this month! <3

  15. Olivia-Savannah

    IT’S BEEN TOO LONG SINCE I HAVE BEEN ON YOUR BLOG. So I am about to spam you with comments to all your fabulous posts that I am reading. But yes, between reading and blogging and writing as well as having an actual life, it isn’t easy. I’ve lately become best friends with my phone because I can do some blogging things while not even being behind my laptop but my mum keeps saying I am spending too much time on my phone! But arrrgh there is just so much to do! I still love it though <3

    • I TOTALLY FEEL WHERE YOU’RE COMING FROM LIV! It’s like… There’s SO much to do and there’s so many people to talk to! <3 I’m so glad to have met you because you’ve become one of my really, really good friends! My mom always is like: Keionda…you’re on that computer WAY too much!

  16. Red Iza

    Your graphics are not ugly at all, I like them !! But I find blogging stressfull, it takes so much time that I’m willing to quit blogging soon. I love blogging, but I couldn’t : live – work – raise children – read – review – blog – visit everyone : not possible. So now, I’m only willing to review on Goodreads : I can share my reviews there with everyone, I can have fun in their groups and I’ll probably have more time to visit my Bloglovin’ friends ! That means visiting you 😉

    • Awwww well I’d hate to not be able to go to your lovely blog (I especially loved reading about libraries in FREAKING Paris!) It sounds kind of scary with all the things that could go on! (Especially the one parent when you talked about the bra under the table you found one day?) WHAT. THE. HECK? Teehee!

  17. I don’t normally stress too much about posts since I’ve set up templates and then blog ahead so far. That was a total saver for me. Now, blog visits at the moment I’m sucking at. I’m trying to get caught up but sick herd pup is taking most my time. I’m not TOO stressed over it because it’ll happen or it won’t. That’s pretty much how I feel about all of it. If it doesn’t happen today I’ll get to it tomorrow 😀