Let’s Talk #Goals! :)

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                                          New Year, New Me. *Rolls Eyes*


So, you know how we all have these #LIFEGOALS we would like to accomplish for a new year? How many of us have been to the point where you’ll make a goal, do it for like a month, and then you’re like: Meh. I done.


                       *raises hands* (yes. I’m raising both of my hands. It’s THAT BAD.)


Well this year I’m going to make it a point to do everything on my list because I want to feel like I’ve actually accomplished something instead of my GOALS accomplishing ME. 

But yup, here’s my awesome list of awesome things I want to accomplish during this awesome year.


 I would like to BE MORE OPEN.

It’s no secret that IRL I’m A LOT less open than I am on social media. In high school I was always known as the quiet girl. The “smart” girl, but as I’ve been writing my novels AND learning how to connect AND learning how to blog, I feel…if feel…


Like dis:




I hate the feeling that I don’t know EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE and yes, I know it’s impossible but don’t you think it’s a bit sad that I don’t know how to do a giveaway? I mean…what do I have to do? Give one of MY books away or something? #confusedtothemax

♥While we’re on the topic of learning things, I would like to LEARN how to not be freakishly intimated by other popular bloggers, authors, and publishers in the bizz because I have a hard time interacting sometimes… It’s a crying, weeping shame.

I think it’s every blogger’s dream to either go to BEA or to meet a good blogger friend IRL. There’s so many of you that I’m thinking of right now that I would love to meet because let’s be for realz, you guys/books are the main reason I’m doing this anyway. I have faith one day that we ALL will meet IRL.


                     That moment. It will be so epical, it shall bring tears of the joy to my eyes.




I’ve already mentioned this to you guys but it’s no secret my rating on Netgalley is so low right there probably isn’t even an adequate number on the scale to be able to show my rating there. Let’s just…not talk about that. #isistooashamed


I would also LOVE to start sharing dome of my novel excerpts and book ideas with you guys so you can tell me what you think! (And I’ll try not to freak out about it.)


I’m actually in the process of rearranging my room so I can actually put a larger bookshelf in there. (It’s weepingly small) I just pray the ending results are as fab as I can see in my head. I just miss physical books so much and sometimes e-books just don’t give me those FEELS like I need, you know?



And last but certainty not least, I NEED TO LEARN TO TAKE A DECENT FREAKING PICTURE. And no, I don’t mean a selfie, because I’m already SO awesome at that, but I mean taking an epic picture of a stack of books to the point where it is visually pleasing to the eyes. (I have so many blogger friends that actually KNOW what they’re doing and have their books color-coded.


Could you even read that?? Pfft, probs not.


So yes, these are my goals for this 2016 year. Believe me, these are just my writing and blogging goals. Don’t get me started on my actual LIFE goals, because THAT, is a WHOLLEEE different ball game, yo.



                               Over to you:

What are some of your goals for this year? What are some that you haven’t been able to stick to? Ha. Don’t even lie. I know just like you know, just like everyone knows, it’s happened to you. 😉





22 responses to “Let’s Talk #Goals! :)

  1. Sophia Rose

    You are definitely not alone in being a quiet type in RL. That’s me. I do alright when I’m at work, but I don’t have to be personal there so that sort of talking is alright, but outside of that I have to work hard to socialize. 🙂

    Those are reasonable goals, I think. And I wish you well with them, Keiondra.

    One of my goals is to work hard on my older review books. And another is to revamp an older story I wrote.

    • I remember you told me you wanted to write a novel and become an author! I SO believe you can do this! <3 YOU’RE EPIC AND YOU CAN DO ANYTHING you set your mind to! <3 I’m glad I’m not the only one that’s quiet around here! It makes me feel bad sometimes, but we can’t change who we are for ANYONE! <3 So glad you feel how I feel Sophia! <3 xoxoxo!

  2. Me and you are alike in the quiet department. I used to be quite shy, now I’m that plus something else. I just don’t fit in when it comes to the social scene. I tried changing myself years ago, and I just came to the conclusion that I am me. I’d love to go to BEA Keionda. It’s not possible this year, but I’m gonna plan for next year, if possible. There are a few bloggers I’d love to meet that I have followed for years; even before I started blogging. And new ones that I’ve come across recently, including you. I hope that you accomplish all your goals, and it’s okay to be shy.

    • Awww *giggles* You’re one of the VERY FIRST friends I met when I started blogging and really made a connection with! I really hope we get to meet someday because that would be epical! And you’re right! It IS okay to be shy! It’s not our job to change for anyone! But anyway, I’m still glad we had the opportunity to meet! You’re a great friend and person! xoxo!

  3. I have so many ambitions and goals to look forward this year, but I’m mostly going to focus on my fitness goals this year – I just need to!

    Along with you, I too want to raise my feedback ratio, it’s tragically low 😛

    P.S. Please do share excerpts of your novel with us! <3

  4. Yay goals! I love making lists and goals and such. You totally go this 😀 You should come over and join the blogger shame challenge I’m co-hosting. A whole bunch of us are conquering our blogger-girl shame together. lol

  5. Last year, my goal was to master the ukulele. Amateur mistake. Now I’m aiming to learn at least 11 chords and 1 song 😀

  6. Awww girl you’re totally going to SLAY your goals, I know it! Practice makes perfect when it comes to interacting on social media, being more open and taking great photos! And I believe in you <3

  7. Yay goals! We are both totally going to nail the whole being more open and interacting more thing this year. We have to! Going to BEA or another book event like that would be so cool as would meeting other bloggers/readers. That’s a hope of mine too! Also I would love to read an excerpt from your book! <3

  8. Lots of great goals! I need to work on rearranging my apartment to squeeze in another bookcase as well. I like ebooks for the convenience but it’s just so much more satisfying to finish a physical book.

  9. Good luck with your goals. I know what you mean about being open, I have a hard time opening up to people in real lfie too, but on internet it goes a bit easier. I don’t have a lot of friends in real life, so that might be part of the problem to and online at leats I know people who share my love for reading.

    I think that the longer you are blogging the less intimidating those authros, bloggers and publishers become. But even then there are always those who will be intimidating. I still have a few auhtors, bloggers and publishers I don’t even dare talk to.

    I would love to meet all my blogging friend in rea life, it would be so awesome. But it scares me too, as like I mentioned before I am mroe open online, so i am afraid I don’t know what to say or act in real life or I am not as interesting in real lfie as people find me online. Just thinking about it makes me nervous.

    I am tryig to get my netgalley percentage to 70% this year and it’s laughing in my face and going in the direction of the 60% at this moment and then I request a few more books. Good luck with all your goals! I hope you can reach them all!

  10. evaallbooksconsidered

    My Netgalley rating is also SO love so don’t feel bad! I’m hoping to work on it this year, too

  11. Oh pfft, as if you’re not fabulous enough Kei, now you want to have all these goals and reach a level of perfection that none of us will ever see? 😀 There’s no doubt you’ll totally win at blogging this year, but I REALLY want you to start sharing your WIP with us. You’re among friends here. Or just share them with me and bugger everyone else 😀

    • Awwww KELS! That makes me SO HAPPY to hear! I’ll be bugging you with my WIP (Don’t you even worry about it) When I need a beta reader YOU’RE MY CHICA! <3 And pfft, girl you know your fab as heck! It’s no secret and everyone knows it! Xoxoxo

  12. Oh I know what you mean. I’m super quiet IRL too, unless I know a person I don’t really talk to them. And I am THE WORST at small talk. Like…what do you talk about? And why? WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF IT? Strangers make me uncomfortable (though by the same token, I will fly to the other side of the world and meet people I know online and feel super comfortable lol)

    You should totally share your novel ideas and some of your writing with us! I think you’ll find we’re a very supportive bunch 🙂

    I also hear you on the picture thing. I take awful photos. I never use my camera (why would I when I have my phone?) but I want to lol also you should see my disastrous shelves, ain’t no colour coding going on here. It’s all shoved in where they’ll fit!

    • I’m so glad you feel me on this Wattle! I’m super awkward and uncomfortable with people I don’t know but then when I DO know you, you’ll probably never get to shut me up. (This can be a good and a bad thing) teehee! That’s why I love blogging so much because you meet so many people (like your awesome self) and then you just form a bond! It’s crazy because we’ve never seen each other but then that doesn’t matter!

      Here’s to you and I BOTH learning to take the most epical pictures EVA!

  13. Olivia-Savannah

    I like these goals! Make sure you go ace them and kick some serious butt at doing them as well <3 I know what you mean about not being intimidated by the bigger bloggers and people. I know this might sound weird if you feel your blog isn't big, but just pretend it is. I do that, and it makes me much more able to approach them without cowering in my little blogger shoes! .> Ugh!