Jag Jensen. Like, Yo…Can I LICK Him? Review: Finally Us By Harper Bentley

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This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
Jag Jensen. Like, Yo…Can I LICK Him? Review: Finally Us By Harper BentleyFinally Us
Genres: Fiction, General, Love & Romance, New Adult, Romance
Pages: 194 pages
Format: eBook
They wanted forever… but is forever really their destiny?

After several misunderstandings and unsavory characters get in their way, Ellen Love and Jag Jensen have called it quits after nine years of being together. Now they find themselves in places with which they’re not accustomed: Ellen is trying to get used to the idea of dating another man, having never gone out with anyone other than Jag, while Jag is coping with an injury and the loss of baseball, a game he’s played for over twenty years. Neither is sure how to handle their new situation, but they’re dealing.

When a surprise trade lands Jag right back in the middle of things and right back into Ellen’s life, new boyfriend and all, can he keep his cool and try to recover what they once had? Does Ellen still carry a torch for her first love or has she already fallen for her new baseball player, making it too late for them to start again?

The fight is on as Jag goes head-to-head with Ellen’s new love interest as he tries proving to her that their love deserves another shot. Can he win her back or is their dream of a perfect forever gone for good?

This is the third book of the True Love Trilogy.


                     I can literally smell the book depression coming.

You know that’s the one thing I don’t enjoy about reading, well, that and giving a book a bad review but anyway, I don’t like to end a series when I’ve grown so dang attached to the characters. 🙁


This is one if those books were you knew the ending was coming but you just don’t want to accept it. These characters and the story stay on your mind even a day after!

El and Jag have some serious growing up to do if they have any hopes of staying together and getting their happily ever after. There are new characters and old characters alike that threaten to tear these two apart.

I continued to freak out after the continuous steam of unending drama between El and Jag. And the bad part about: HAD BEEN ACTING THEIR AGE and talked about things like the adults, their pain could have ceased. (But then we wouldn’t have a story, soooo… yeahh) 4

♥El: She’s showed some definite character development but she just didn’t get it sometimes and at times I just wanted to back hand her for being so naive. You know the saying: “Believe NONE of what you hear and ONLY HALF of what you see.” She took no regard to this and just listened to every rumor she heard about Jag and misconstrued everything she saw. 


♥Jag: Oh, Jag. He is so HAWT and swoony. I loved to get inside of his head and get his take on things. I ALSO love how the guy characters are more like loose cannons and any and everything comes out of their mouth. He too, I wanted to slap around a couple of times but he came to his senses at the end.


Austin: He’s is a new character and on the same team as Jag, the Cubs also. He’s that one character that just popped up out of nowhere, making me think… ok, why are you even here? (To cause that drama… THAT is why.) He seemed nice enough but… he always smelled suspicious to me and it always seemed like he had other motives when it came to El.

A.K.A: Austin is also the *ehem* New love interest for El. —-I didn’t appreciate his role in the book.


                 But… MEH. El still ended up with whom she should have, so for that, I’m happy. 

♥Alexandria: Ugh. This trick can just get the heck already! Jag moved almost clear across the country when he switched teams but this girl *cough* this home wrecker was still there. I mean where the heck does she just pop up from anyway??


Untitled6As many times as Jag messed up, he fought to win El back and did all he could (even if he was blind about how much he was hurting her).    

Untitled6The character growth of El is slow in coming but when it does, it’s like BAM! In YO face! I was extremely pleased with this.2

888El was SO FLIPPLIN’ NAIVE!! Like, I’ve stuck through it all with her and time and time again she believed things flying around in the media and what other people told her. This was the main part of her problem.

1I’m STOKED that they finally got their happily ever after.:) After all the things they’ve been through, they definitely deserve it! This series was awesomeAnd I’m so sad to end it (like I am with any other series) but there’s nothing you can do about it. This trilogy is definitely going on my TBRA (To be read again shelf) I recommend this book for anyone in the mood for romance, SWOON,  relatable characters and a good time! 

                           But NOW, I has a sad it’s all over. *SNIFFS OBNOXIOUSLY*


                                          BUT, then there’s this option…



On a side note, for those of us in the states, happy early fourth of July! *Throws a virtual firework into cyberspace*


                       Over To You:

How do you feel when a series you’ve been following FINALLY comes to an end? And what makes you swoon over a guy in a book? What turns you away? Could you see yourself reading this book? Or Meh, pass?




8 responses to “Jag Jensen. Like, Yo…Can I LICK Him? Review: Finally Us By Harper Bentley

  1. Okay, now. This sounds amazing. I love a swoony guy! I kind of really like jerks. That makes me sound crazy, right? But, I just do. I love the kind that are hard to love–they usually turn around and melt your heart, and are fiercely protective! My turns offs, hmm that one is hard to pinpoint. I would have to think on that one!

  2. I love your reviews, they’re always such fun:D! I’m always sad when a series comes to and end, specially if I’ve taken the time to read every book! Im glad you were satisfied with the ending even if it could have been more:D

  3. Love the new look girl! Much more organized and the colors are great! There’s a bittersweet feeling when I reach a series’ end…especially if I’ve grown attached to it and if the last book ended with a big bang. But at the same time, I’m glad when I see characters I’ve learned to care about reach their happy ending. I’m sad to see them go but I know that they will be okay now 😉 I’m glad this series ended on a good note for you! Great review!

  4. I get all melancholy when a favorite series of mine ends. I swoon if the guy is all adorable in everything he does. If he’s hot and says the right words, I swoon. His body is described and he has that “V” thing going on, I swoon. He can be doing cartwheels and I’ll swoon! His tone of voice, loyalty, intelligence…. All of that plays a part in my swooning.

  5. I really don’t have patience for naive people like the way you describe the heroine, but he sounds great the way he works hard to make it work especially since he made mistakes.

    I do get hungover after a series ends. So hard to let go sometimes.

    Happy 4th!

  6. Series enders are depressing. Especially if you loved the book so so much. 🙁 I’ve never read anything from this author before sadly. But that title made me giggle so much I wanna try it =)) Love this enthusiastic review, Keionda!