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Sooooooo, I’ve been BINGING like a cray cray lady. Want to know what I’ve been binging on???



OMG. There is the perfect mix of angst, drama, betrayal, lies, and scandals to keep you hitting the next episode button. Pfft, well so much for being an active member of society and actually DOING something with my life…

Yup! So basically I’ve been taking my tablet with me everywhere and/or sitting in front of my TV while trying to guilt trip myself by telling myself all these horrible things about how I’m basically being a SLACKA, and need to get with my life. But I’m always there to then make myself feel better by clicking another episode and whispering to myself in my head that all is well with just ONE more episode which turns into….well, like A HUNDRED AND FIFTY.

So, a curious question for you guys, do you guys feel bad when you do the binging? What do you guys like to binge on?

Now, onto my writerly thangs.
One day. ONNEEE DAY I’m going to get ballsy, and BOLD enough to finally spill DA BEANS and share with you guys some of my writing. I’m not at that stage yet but good news! I’m almost there. I have no idea why I’m so nervous because obviously I want to be an author one day and *gulp* people are going to legit READ what I’m going to publish but… *cringe* idk…. I just slip into unfortunate panic mode when I think about it. Yo guys are so AMAZE-BALLS and I know you’ll all support me but pfft, I just needs more time you guys. πŸ˜‰

So yup! 20 freaking books!! Maybe I should slow down writing or maybe I should keep writing? What do you guys think? Is there such a thing as WRITING TOO MUCH? orrrr, having TOO many books? What do you guys think?? I was thinking about the day that I might have to stop writing because…too many books.

But REALLY though, is there such a thing as writing or having too many books??


Or….is there?
You guys are so awesome at reading and getting ALL THE books, and I love you all for that but gosh you guys, this week I’ve been slacking. I think I may have read two books this month? What do you guys recommend? Plus, how the heck do you guys READ so freaking fast??

And so the job search has begun again! I’m not sure about how I feel about the Peace Corps anymore. I’ve been praying and I’ve been getting signs in which God has been telling me to lead my search towards Atlanta, sooooo Kei Lei just might be moving to the Peach State!I got a request for a job interview in Atlanta a couple of days ago so pray for me you guys that the perfect job comes to me!

So yeah, how about those cupcakes? Which do you prefer?

Is this oddly satisfying to anyone else?CUPCAKE

Now it's your turn 2
Have you guys tried watched and/or read the Gossip Girl series?? What shows or movies are you binging? Ohhh and are you super super ecstatic that I’m on my twentieth book??? But how are you guys on this lovely Monday? Anything new to share? TALK TO MEH, YO!
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  1. Nothing wrong with binge watching, because I will do it in a heartbeat. 20 books? Come on, you have got to give up the goods Kei! Why did you change your mind about the PC? I wonder if I had went, where would I be right now, you know? Still, I’m praying that you get the job in ATL. You’ll be about 2 hours from me! I live about 12 miles from West Point, in AL.

    • I know πŸ™ I just have a lot going on right now so I don’t know how I’d be able to just pack up everything and go. πŸ™ I REALLY HOPE I have the chance to go in he future. πŸ™ And HOLY CRAP, we’d be super close!

  2. That’s amazing that you write so much. I’m still trying to finish my first book! I’ll definitely take some inspiration from you, Keionda! Let me know if you ever want me to read and critique some of your work! I’d love to be of service.

    As for the job search… yeah, it’s hard, especially because I suffer from severe anxiety it’s actually the most challenging aspect of my life. So I feel your pain there. But, I recently got a little job that I’ll be starting tomorrow actually. I’m nervous about so many things… about being too challenged, about messing up, about being dissatisfied, about getting panic attacks in public… the list goes on and on. But, I try to go back to thought-management skills I’ve learned over the years and think of my incredible support system.

    Anyway, that’s a little babble-y, but that’s what’s on my mind this monday!

    • *Throws ALL the inspiration your way* OOHHH,if you ever need a writing partner, hit me up on Twitter! <3 I always love having partners when writing and it gives you so much encouragement! <3 I’m wishing you luck on your new job! (They should promote you already because PFFT, you’re so awesome anyway so… But that’s just MY opinion. πŸ˜‰

  3. Don’t be too hard on yourself, we all need those moments of rest. πŸ˜‰ As for your writing, you have ever right to be nervous, your putting your talent out there for others to judge and critique. I’m sure you’ll do just fine though when you’re ready. πŸ˜‰

  4. What?? I thought you already had a job in a movie thingie, unless I remember uncorrectly πŸ˜› Can happen. Whattt?? You’ve written 20 books?? WHO ARE YOU? That’s like incredible and, damn, you must be very motivated!! Oh my gosh, I love Gossip Girl. Well, truthfully, I got bored with the 5 season so I didn’t bother watching the 6th, but the first four seasons or so addictive!!

    • Hehe! Nope, I’ve ver had a movie job (I WISH THOUGH BECAUSE THAT WOULD BE EPICAL!) And YASSS! I’m stuck on the fourth season (or maybe it’s the third?) I just got kinda bored with it… Eh… I need to catch up with it because like you said, IT’S SO FRIGGIN’ ADDICTIVE! πŸ™‚

  5. Sophia Rose

    Well if it makes you feel better, I have 15 unpublished stories and only two published ones. I write several times a week, but when the muse is really compelling I write for days straight. If you’re like me, you’ll never quite feel ready to get it published, but you’ll probably know when an opportunity and your story are in sync. For me, I learned that I will always need an editor (mostly grammar, but sometimes word choice) so there will be no self-editing and then publishing for me. Because of this, I just keep writing and saving up to afford an editor while learning how to better my writing through various sources.

    As to your job, that’s great to know that you have an interview. The Peace Corps is a really neat opportunity, but it isn’t for everyone. I don’t know you well enough to venture a guess what might be best for you. Hope you’ll be at peace when the decision needs to be made.

    • HOLY CRAP. 15. UNPUBLISHED. STORIES…. HOLY CRAP! YOU ROCK! And I totally get what you mean! I don’t want to send of any of my work yet until I get THREE editors (no lie) But that costs money and since I’m still kinda poor, I need to save up a lot! Here’s to you and I BOTH getting our books edited and out there for the world! <3 Are they short stories or novels?

      And thank you S! I have a lot of decisions to make! :O

  6. Give it time, Keionda! Any company would be lucky to have you πŸ™‚ I haven’t seen Gossip Girl, no plans to. It’s not my cup of tea, though, I enjoy listening to Kristen Bell! I’m currently binge-watching The Golden Girls. An oldie, but a goldie πŸ˜€

  7. I’ve been good about keeping my binging to one episode a day, but the last show I really binged watched was Sons of Anarchy. Like, I was getting up early and watching an episode. It was so escapist to me because it was a polar opposite to my real life. Although it got real violent towards the end of season 5 and I stopped watching.

    I’m a slow reader too and was in a slump for a while. I watch some blogger’s Goodreads updates and I don’t know how they do it. Lately I’ve only been able to do about 30 minutes a day of reading!

    Good luck with the job search !

    • Dannngg, only ONE little show a day?? I don’t see how you do it because once I watch a show, I’m hooked and there’s no pulling me away, even though I KNOW I have a million and one things to do! :O YOU , Kat, are my hero for having the willpower! πŸ™‚ And I used to be a quick reader but I (We both) have other obligations, so now my reading has gone down… A. LOT…

  8. Lauren Becker

    Good luck with your job interviews/job searching. I’m currently job searching too; it can be tough! I’m doing well with reading, but not so much with blogging and/or personal writing. That’s awesome you’re on your 20th book!!! I wish I could write faster. haha


    • THANK YOUUU, Lauren! <3 It’s so tough when we have other obligations and things to do! Writing is relaxing, as is reading! I know that you can get back to writing with time, but don’t stress about it because reading, writing, and blogging are supposed to be FUN! <3 XOXO!

  9. evaallbooksconsidered

    I’ve read the GG books but not seen the show — now I am super curious! 20 books?! That is awesome!!!

  10. Ro

    You may be feeling like a slacker girl in the reading territory, but you have me beat by about 17 books! (lol) I’m way behind on romance, but slowly catching up with my suspense novels that are piling up like leaves in the front yard. I have believed in this theory for over 20 years – when it comes to job searching, God places you in the perfect job at the perfect time in your life. I remember doing flying into Mississippi for a job interview, and feeling like I nailed it. Two days later, I flew to South Carolina and knew I botched it. God knew I needed to be in South Carolina , and that’s the job I got,because a year later, the business in Mississippi went out of business. Let go, and let God. Just know that wherever you end up, all your blogger friends will still be around to wave and say hello. Hugs…RO

  11. Good luck on your job search. I’m sure you’ll find something you will be great at. Keep working at your writing. To quote Stephen King, “If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot.” Another great quote on writing, “You might not write well every day, but you can always edit a bad page. You can’t edit a blank page.” by Jodi Picoult. Good luck on your writing.

    Melanie @ Hot Listens & Rabid Reads

  12. Binge watching is so fun! I never feel bad about it. πŸ˜€ Although I haven’t watched a show in awhile, and I do feel bad about that! It’s wonderful that you have an interview soon – best of luck with that, and hopefully Atlanta will be a great place for you. Also you can never have too many books so it makes sense that it also extends to writing. πŸ˜€

  13. Yes I feel bad when I binge, but I usually don’t binge unless a book or series really manages to hook me. Which happens rarely.
    Wow I didn’t realize you had written so many books already! And I definitely think there’s no such thing as too many books, whether reading or writing them. And the more you write the better you get right? Take your time and you can share your writing when you’re ready for that!
    Good luck with your job search and interview!

  14. I moved to Atlanta, and I was so prayerful that it was gonna be my time. But, unfortunately Georgia had nothing for me. So I moved back to NYC. And after like 3 yrs between Georgia and my move back to NY I’m finally working. I’m praying for you girl. God will make a way!

  15. Olivia-Savannah

    I hope the job search will go incredibly well for you, Keionda! And also, you write so incredibly fast that I’m always gobsmacked. I think my reading is your writing and my writing is your reading haha. But it’s what works for us so we are perfect that way .>

  16. I can’t wait until you’re ready to share a few snippets with us Kei, if you write anything like how you blog, it’ll be incredibly entertaining and awesome! I’ve slowed down a lot with my reading too, it’s been so cold lately and all I feel like doing once I climb into bed is sleep. I used to love Gossip Girl when it was on, it’s one of those series you can get sucked into so easily and Chuck Bass. Amiright ladies!