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This is totally random, but I really, REALLY, REALLY would like some Sushi right about now. We have this Sushi place that sells DA BEST SUSHI OF YO LIFE! It’s called Fatsumo. (Like, this place legit has the fat Fatsumo wrestler as the mascot thingie) anyway, I really want some so I’m thinking about Friday? They’re kinda on the expensive side so since I’m poor…..

 Yeah. I’ll just guilt trip my dad into lending me like, oh, say 15 dollars. No biggie. (Only, I don’t like asking him for money because #MORALS.) and because I feel bad too….

But anyway, I’m sure you’re done with my Sushi talk because believe me, I could talk about that stuff like ALL THE DAY.


 But since we’re short on time (and by we I mean ME) let’s cut to the chase of why I’ve called you all here today because, pfft, it’s not JUST to hear me talk, is it?

                                                                            Physical Copies

Ya’ll,my bookshelf is SO SAD. And every single time I look at my shelf, I get a SAD. Like…. BUT WHHYYYYY can’t I have an equally awesome bookshelf like, *insert awesome blogger’s name here* I mean don’t get me wrong, my bookshelf is pretty cool but I don’t know…. I just want MORE.

                                                          KEIONDA WANTS MORE, YO.

My bookshelf is sad. It is so, so sad.

This is my bookshelf. Try not to injure your kidneys while you bend over in large fits of the laughter. While it’s not the most grandest of grand bookshelves I still LURVE it.

                                                          One thing about being a blogger is that:

  1. Either you have an epical bookshelf of which you color coordinate, alphabetized, love, stare at your books. (And let’s not forget all of the awesome author swag)
  2. You’re gifted with the insane ability to take photogenic pictures of books and pretty much anything because that’s just how awesome you are. (While other average people LIKE ME now down to your awesomeness.) (Or weep the tears of….the envy)
  3. Or, if you’re so lucky, you fall under both category one AND two. (I’m super envious of you by the way, just thought I would point that out again.


Since I fall into NONE of these categories, can you now see why my SAD is so GIGANTICALLY  HUGE??

I’d like to have that awesome one in Harry Potter would be nice but pfft, # lifegoalsthatwillnevereverhappen #sadbuttrue

Is it so wrong to want these things? Why can’t I be awesome – sauce and get the bookshelf of my dreams then you ask??

  1. My room is dreadfully small and is unadequate to fit yet another bookshelf…. #FAILWHALE
  1. #POOR


Now it's your turn 2

Do you guys fit under any of the three categories I mentioned or are you lucky enough to be able to have the bookshelf along with all the glorious nick-naks AS WELL as have the amazing talent of taking bookish pics? It so, I’ll try to hide my bitter tears while I eat my Sushi.



37 responses to “I MISS PHYSICAL COPIES….

  1. I wish you live in the same city/country as me. I would love to impart some of my books to you. I have a basement full of unshelved books. I should stop. I should relieve myself of this aversion to e-books. It will solve the space problem quick.

    • 🙁 I would SOOO love to take some of those books off your hands Joy! :(I remember you said you wanted more e-books (GIRL, THEY SAVE SO MUCH SPACEEEE!) 🙂

  2. Sophia Rose

    Well, I can’t say that I’m that into sushi, but I do get cravings so I understand the need. 🙂

    As to my books and shelves, I have some very nice ones (the shelves were built for me), but they are not prettily organized like what you see in people’s vlog posts. I’d say they organized by author at most. LOL. Only a small percentage of my books are from reviewing since the majority of my review books come as electronic ARC copies. Book outlet stores, library sales, and second hand shops are where I find my own books and even then, I’m on a budget.

    Hope you get your sushi. I am hoping for some of my favorite Mexican sometime this week. 😉

    • MEXXICAANN! I’ve been in the mood for some CHINESE!! In fact, I was just talking with my mom and my sister about it. GAH.. I hope you got some Mexican. (A Macho Taco sounds so good right now!) And I always wondered how you got your books! I was going to ask you about it so thanks for telling me! 🙂 Most all of my books come from my Kindle so it’s a DREAM to have an awesome bookshelf one day! #goals

  3. I still buy physical copies for my bookshelves every now and then because I do like going to the book store and my girls prefer them. I do miss them sometimes as well, it’s the smell I tell you. There is nothing like it!

  4. I actually have 3 bookshelves that I DO NOT organize as well as I should… well, maybe I SHOULD! And I take photos of books because I also have a bookstagram account! YAY me! BUT yeah, I am poor and buying physical copies is an expensive hobby. I have actually taken photos of the same books over and over! LOL

    What I do have is a lot of mass market paperbacks..and although they are also pretty to photograph, they are mostly adult romances….they do not have the epic covers or YA titles, so….

    But yeah, I envy people who can organize and do all those wonderful things to their bookshelf (shelves)…

    • Well lady, at least you actually HAVE a bookstagram account because I DON’T #MAJORFAILWHALE But as soon as I have a Bookstagram account, I will be adding you! <3

  5. You could try adding your blog to a directory, Keionda! That’s how I got contacted by a publicist and receive physical copies. 🙂

  6. Bwahaha I’m actually in the process of trying to get rid of books on my bookshelves. I need to read more ebooks and audiobooks it would seem (or just buy more bookshelves).

    • I KNOWWW which is the best thing about e-books. They’re cheaper and you can virtually store them so you don’t have to worry about space and stuff! #winning

  7. Naomi @ Naomi’s Reading Palace

    I know how you feel… My physical copies are very limited… I wish I could have a wall lined with shelves and books… I’m sure if all my kindle books were next to them it would look cool, but sadly it’s not going to happen! One day maybe, when the kids move out!!

  8. All of a sudden I’m getting an influx of unsolicited physical review copies. I’m super excited of course because BOOKS but I didn’t ask for them and now I have to find time to read them lol

    I’m really lucky that my hubby bout me Ikea bookshelves after my first BEA. I just joined Instagram so I’m still mastering my book photo skills though. I’m kind of lazy and I see people who take the pic then use a photo program to edit and eh…I don’t have time for that. lol

    I’m forever organizing and reorganizing the shelves though. It’s never right.

    Karen @For What It’s Worth

    • Every time I visit your lovely page and see all of your awesome pics I’m inspired! I need to learn to take at least some “acceptable” looking pictures! I wish there was some way to organize books on the Kindle but.. there AINT. SOO…

  9. Aahh I’m so mad at you!! Like, why don’t ya share a picture of your bookshelves?? You can even put some sushi in the picture… Ugh, I think I’m gonna ask my mom for some. I love them with avocadoes… so good!! I don’t know I mean I take pictures of books and people seem to like them but it’s not really my passion. I only joined instagram b/c I felt like connecting with other people, but not to spotlight my lovely books 😛

    • Ahhh Lola! Now you have me wanting some Sushi! I was just talking about Chinese food today! 😮 I love the ones with Avocados! YYUUM! 🙂 I’ll probably join instagram one day once I get over my fear of taking inadequate pics… hehe! Thanks for inspiring me to do so!

  10. You made me smile with your description of Fatsumo and their logo. I could go for some sushi too, i especially am fond of the egg sushi.
    My bookshelf is pretty nice, i have three bookcases with books. Thanks to that time when I still had money and only bought paperbacks. But no cool ordering or being able to take pictures with my books, I suck at that stuff. oh and I need another bookshelf as my current ones are getting full and I started stacking books in front of others, but I mostly get e-copies nowadays, so it’s not that big of a problem yet,but I still love my physical books too.

    • Gosh, I just KNOW your bookshelves are awesome L! 🙂 You know how to cook and to organize your books! #JEALOUSING My bookshelf is sad and is so cramped with unnecessary things so I can’t wait to be able to buy a really big one one day! <3

  11. I have an enormous book collection, because I’ve collecting my whole life. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to buy a nice bookshelf for all my pretties… YET. I, too, am so jelly of those instagramers with their incredible shelves.

    As for sushi cravings, my god, they are ACUTE. I feel sushi cravings pretty much every day, so I feel you there. I try to abate my lust by making my own sushi — pretty easy as long as you have a rice cooker. However, I don’t have a sharp knife, so usually I end up stuffing the failed rolls into my mouth at the kitchen counter, like a heathen.

    • HAHHA I love how now matter how I’m feeling, you always make me laugh! I could totally picture you stuffing a sushi in your mouth like a little heathen. Teehee! Gosh, now I’m wanting Sushi! <3 I HEART IT SO MUCH. (Plus, now I'm interested in making my own sushi, I'm sure it's cheaper to make it yourself too!) And yeah, my bookshelf is a total fail whale El!

  12. I’m not really big on taking photos of my shelves, just individual books or stacks of them. I have 3 full shelves, and the rest are in neat piles on the floor. I have to have more shelves added, but haven’t really tried to put in the time since I’m busy. Physical copies are everything to me, but I barely read them until the weekends. I’m on my ereaders during the week while I’m working.

    • So seeee, you have the best of both worlds! You have both physical and ebooks! <3 Thats so freaking epical! I can't wait to have enough space to be able to do that (I don't even have room to stack them on the floor!) 😮

  13. Lauren Becker

    Sigh, I wish I had a whole room dedicated to books. That would amazing. I have a lot of physical books but I don’t have one set place to keep them so I can’t really organize them all cool. I love when people do their shelves based on colors. It’s just so pretty!


    • BELIEVE ME Lauren, I CAN’T WAIT to be able to make enough money so I can dedicate a whole, entire room to books! I am so jealous of the color coordinated bookshelves. #lifegoals Lauren #lifegoals 😉

  14. evaallbooksconsidered

    LOL I do not fall under 1, 2 or 3 and actually I really have no use for physical copies — I’m so used to my kindle now that I prefer to read on it!

    • I’m with you, Eva! I prefer to read on my Kindle too because it’s just easier! BUUTTTTT, the real book smell. The FEEL. ANDDD the aweomeful pictures… sigh..

  15. I don’t typically have a lot of tidbits on my bookshelves, just a bookish mug that I store my bookmarks in and a few bookish candles here and there mostly used as bookends. I hear you about the cost of books though, I’ve had to cut down an awful lot on how much I spend because of the amount I was reading and now pacing myself. I’m blessed to receive a lot of review copies of books though too, which does save me a lot of money. I still refer to purchase myself and rarely request, as I find the pressure of reviewing by release or reading and getting a review out there can be daunting too. I know with our Aussie book exchange, a lot like myself offer up books for free and the other person just pays the postage. Is there anything like that in the US? Another great way is charity shops where you could probably pick up a bagful for the price of one new one and all that history! I’ve been there Kei, but in a few years you’ll have packed bookshelves and won’t know where to put them all! <3

  16. I definitely do not have a big library of books, but like you, I’m hoping to one day! But in saying that, I have a lot of books that I probably won’t read now that my reading tastes have changed, so I should probably get rid of them so I don’t feel guilty about buying new books!

  17. My shelves are not the pretty ones that you see on blog posts. I have IKEA shelves for one set. I have another one that I don’t know where it came from, I’ve had for 10+ years. Then in another spot, there is another shelf. I have my books and DH has his books. Some are texts from college that I don’t want to give up (they are reference books, not just college texts). I’ve got other reference books too. We also have some coffee table books that DH doesn’t want to get rid of, so they are on the shelves too. DH has some of his fantasy books. I’ve got my books, which are spread across four bookshelves. So yeah, not real pretty. I’m out of space, so I’ve been opting for ebooks. Plus I like the convenience of carrying around a ton of books with me. I do miss that I don’t have books to sign at signings or the pretties sitting on a shelf.

    Melanie @ Hot Listens & Rabid Reads

  18. Olivia-Savannah

    I have a lot of physical book copies and sometimes I just want to read them all and sometimes I just want ebooks 😀 I don’t know about the whole photogenic thing… I do take photos but I don’t know what people think of them 😛

    • You take AWESOME photos girlie! But of course you already knew that! 🙂 I want ebooks because it saves space and then I want real books because… DA SMELL THOUGH.

  19. I love ebooks and audiobooks nowadays! I used to have a huge physical book obsession and with books I used to buy and physical ARC’s I have about 800 physical books in my book room right now. And this is with me giving so many books to my niece or donating them to my library. My shelves are officially full and I’ve begun to stack books on top of books on top of books. I get the appeal of physical books, they’re so pretty. But ebooks are so convenient for me 🙂

    • Audiobooks are getting more and more popular BUT THEY ARE SO DANG EXPENSIVE, Nereyda! 🙁 (epical name btw.) 🙂 HOLY CRAP!! 800 BOOKS? ARE. YOU. SERIOUS?? HOLY. FREAKING. CAKE. BALLS. That’s awesome! So basically you have a library, right? And I agree! E-books are super, DUPER CONVENIENT! I just hope to one day be able to have one room just dedicated to all my preciouses! <3

  20. I’m not in my own place right now, so any physical books I do have are all over the room I’m in. Even when I was in my own space I never had bookshelves. I’m determined to get some the minute I’m settled. There’s just something about their presence that comforts me so I know I’ll never ever give them up wholly. But having E-books is super convenient and easy to tote. *sigh* The life of a bookworm.