PFFT. I LAUGH in the Face of the Term: “Organization.”

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1. Organization: The act or process of putting the different parts of something in a certain order so that they can be found or used easily. Source:WHERE                                                                                                

Wanna know my response to this “organization” nonsense?

Me: …………………………..



PFFT. I LAUGH at organization. I laugh so hard until I’m pounding the ground with closed fists with tears of mirth streaming out of my tightly closed eyes. THAT’S how much I find that whole concept of “being organized” so hysterical.


Call me odd but I work better when my mind, my notes, scenes for a current novel, is just all over the place. You should take a look upon my Goodreads list (please don’t go look at it) that mess is so….it’s un such a state of a hit mess that I just cant. I can’t and I shan’t. And don’t let me talk about my notes for my current novel because your eyes shall glaze over from the hot mess that I call notes.

But that’s just how my mind works. You no judge.


        I can concentrate better when my notes are everywhere. 

I don’t know why it is exactly. I have my blog notes on my phone to where I send them to WordPress and I do the same for my novels where I’ll write scenes in my phone for even I’m on the go.

But hey, im human. I’m also lazy. And I procrastinate. So I leave all my notes and scenes in my phone so long that they start to pike uo dnd then I have like a ton of different places to put them all.



                    I guess some people are just better under pressure? Idk.

                                               Someone please explain this to me…..




                                  Over To You: 

How do you guys to prefer to gave your notes when you’re writing? Or maybe even when you’re working? Are you like all me and ALL OVER the place? Or do you prefer to just be cool and all organized-like?



27 responses to “PFFT. I LAUGH in the Face of the Term: “Organization.”

  1. Eermmm, that would be a no. I don’t like clutter. At all. I’m kind of OCD when it comes to organization. Even the books I have no room for are stacked neatly on the floor beside the bookshelf. I’m not a writer, so I haven’t a clue about how you guys operate. But, I know that if I were a writer, I’d be all organized with it. I can’t help it, and it drives my boyfriend crazy. My sister too, because when I go to visit her, I have to straighten things subtly and she just shakes her head at me.

    Everyone is different when it comes to certain things. Sometimes that’s the only way a person can find anything; if it’s not so neat and tidy. Don’t fret, because I’m sure you’re not alone. It just irks me when something is out of place. If something is unorganized or just cluttered, that’s like me cooking in a dirty kitchen. Girl, it tears my nerves up!

    • I’m like you girl in that I HATE when my workplace is cluttered, but my mind and my notes HAS to be scattered around? (I know it’s kinda of confusing) But I have all of my notes in my phone and stuff so, the notes usually accumulate and I dib and dab in each one until it becomes too much and THEN I have to organize them? But like you, as far as my workplace? HUNNAAYY, IT HAS to be clean! We don’t play all of that! teehee

  2. I kind of love you right now…I feel like the only blogger ever that can’t operate with mass organization and spreadsheets. lol

    I’m not exactly messy but I have my own system that involves random post-it notes stuck in random spots throughout my house and notes jotted on my phone. It doesn’t make much sense to anyone else but it works for me.

    Karen @For What It’s Worth

    • Well Karen, I kinda love you MORE! <3 I feel SO much better since you’ve told me this because I can’t focus on organizing my notes to save my life! You and I, we need the clutter so we can concentrate! AINT NOBODY GOT TIME TO ORGANIZE. PFFT. PLEASE. 😉

  3. I am OCD to the T Like doing dishes at 2 in the morning because I can’t stop thinking about it. In my life, everything has to have a place! I have a book blogging notebook and book blogging planner! Just writing in it makes me feel calm. HA.

    • See Amber, I USED to have a planner that I wrote in all of the time (like my to do lists and all that) but now, I just write it in my cell or on a slip of paper. 😉 And I SO am not judging you girl! Doing dishes at 2 in the morning? I can’t concentrate unless the house is CLEAN. Like, so clean there’s no dust specks flying in the air! Okay, that is a bit drastic but you get what I’m saying… At least I hope you do! <3

  4. erm oh god know I have no organization skills. I write my notes everywhere really. I usually use the notepad on my phone sometimes the notepad on my pc o.o

  5. Sophia Rose

    In general, I am a very organized person- charts, lists, spreadsheets, calendars, you name it. But writing is different. Most of my ‘notes’ are in my head and the rest are scribbled into my legal pad with no thought to a system. I took writing classes in high school and college and trust me, I am breaking most of the rules they taught me. But…bottom line…my ‘system’ works for me. I am productive and happy with my work.
    So when it comes to your writing, do what makes you comfortable and productive- that’s my two cents. 😉

    • Hiya Sophia! I’m SO for scribbling down notes in my phone, on notepads, and stuff but then I tend to lose those guys so.. yeah. Teehee That’s why my stuff is always out of order. And as long as your system works for you is all that matters! <3 And who needs writing rules anyway? Like you said, if you’re comfortable with it, GO WITH IT! <3 xoxo As usual, thanks for all of the awesome advice! YOU DA BEST!

  6. I can’t concentrate when a room is cluttered. The bitch of it is, the books are usually the cause of clutter in any room in my house. Talk about irony.

    • Bahaha! That IS a lot of irony! But it’s okay because as long as you have an excuse for all of the clutter, that’s all that matters and what better reason do you need other than BOOKS?

  7. I’m the opposite, I’m ridiculously organised! I’m that person that can’t handle mess or clutter and I love spreadsheets and lists and everything being neat and in its place. I sound crazy, I know haha, but it makes me happy! I do use my phone to take notes for book reviews and post ideas though and usually email them to myself. Phones are handy for notes!

    • You SO don’t sound cray cray to me Nicola! I wish I could be like you and be all organized and stuff but let’s be for realz…That would NEVER happen. My brain just won’t allow me to behave in such a way. I know. Strange..

  8. I’m kind of like you; I don’t understand how other bloggers can have spreadsheets and lists and calendars and things, and be able to keep up with it all and keep everything updated and neat? I tried keeping a blog schedule, and it worked for the first week, then everything kind of blew up in my face and I went back to posting whenever. I tried keeping a schedule and noting releases, spacing out reviews, etc, but that didn’t stick for too long either. Not for the lack of trying, but I just forget one day, and that one day turns into two, and the two to three, and before you know it I’m back how things were before. I’m neat, though, and that’s the weirdest thing; I have to have everything in my blog organized under tags and categories, everything’s clearly shelved away in the right places, everything’s where it should be, but it’s neat in that organized clutter sort of way – neat until you look closely. Idk. It’s weird.

    • YES. CHRISTINE. YES. I TOTALLY agree with you! I have no idea how I’m supposed to stay all organized when my brain is flying off ideas and other things like cray cray?? How do you..just…how do you keep up with it all? As long as your system works for you C, go with it because you’re comfortable with it and if you change it, then that’s when things tend to just unravel from there. And it’s so not weird! You should see my room. Lots of things look all nice and tidy until you get closer and you REALLY, REALLY see the clutter.

  9. My brain is pretty much ‘scattered’ when it comes to blogging. Freelance writing, on the other hand, is an entirely different story. I keep a planner and even use Google docs. It’s a tad compulsive! I blame it on my bad memory.

    • I’ve never tried my hand at Freelance writing before but I’m super interested in trying it out! Maybe it would teach me a little bit of being organized ? Teehee Probs not though. <3

  10. Olivia-Savannah

    Ahaha well, I guess we all just work differently! I am someone who is very organised, and I can’t work without it. When my room is messy I know I want to tidy it before I do anything else. Sometimes as I work I make a mess and things get all over the place, but as soon as I am done, I clean it up. I always have a blogging schedule… and that kind of stuff. BUT NO SPREADSHEETS. For some reason, those really don’t work for me xd But if you know the way you roll, keep doing it. Because it works for you ^^

    • That’s how I am too Liv! Like, all of my notes for my writing can be as unorganized as they want to be but then when it comes to my house and my surroundings, HUNNAY, everything needs to be in tip top shape! xoxo

  11. Kynndra-jo

    I never really plan anything. I don’t use charts or graphs, nor spreadsheets. I just kinda do it? But overall I need things lined up in an orderly fashion or I just can’t concentrate. I’m also a clean freak and get so agitated when my area is in shambles ;_: But we all go with what works best for us! Lovely post, Kei!

  12. Well I have to say I’m the opposite- organisation is something I love and regularly insure I achieve- but I can understand what you mean, particularly with having notes everywhere. In many ways I suppose I’m a fairly neat, contained person, so the organisation element definitely goes with that, but at the same time I have my own way of keeping track of ideas and inspiration, and I imagine to a lot of people it’d be incomprehensible.
    When it comes to bookshelf organisation? AAH. It’s my favourite. Colour coding and alphabetising and all of it. Glory to behold.

    • Teehee! I mean, there are some times that I want to go all the way and be neat with color-coded things and such BUT then I go back and I get unorganized ALL OVER AGAIN so now I just let my mind do it’s thang and be all unorganized and stuff. xoxo

    • I wish I could be more like you A, and be all organized and stuff but my mind just won’t let me! It’s like…IT LIVES to torment me and make me be all unorganized all over again… sigh.