Book Review: Hidden Deep By: Amy Patrick. Also, I’m clearly a Fat Kid. Just Sayin’.

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So I’m determined to lose weight by the beginning of December.


I been saying since FO EVA that I’m ting to lose weight and go back to the 135 that I weighed in my high school says but alas… I’m a human. I have an unhealthy need for food that is so not good for me.


To name a few:

♥ White chocolate, and chocolate covered Strawberries — these things, yoi guys..? ARE DA BOMB DIGGITY FRESH, MAN.

♥Lemonies- I talked about these before it an one of my other posts. They’re like a brownie… but they’re lemon flavored? DELICIOUS- FULL

Coffee with a MAMMOTH-SIZE spoon of Amaretto or Pumpkin Spice cream with a butt load of Whipped cream and Cherry juice.


Like I said, guys…. I have a sick addiction.

But anyway, this was supposed to be a book review and I’ve totally just hijacked it with me talking about my expanding thighs.

Sooooo, let’s get back to what you actually came for–the book review, not my mindless chatter.

Three Feather Rating


When you start Hidden Deep , it immediately sucks you in. You can legit feel the sweltering heat and the sweat dripping off your neck.

Welcome to Mississippi in the middle of the summer, franz.


I related more to the book because I’m from the south and the heat has just given way to cooler weather. (YAY FALL. YOU DA BOMB.) So, onto the story.


The chick, NAME, has this strange recurring memory of this strange boy she met in the woods next to this small river when she was a child. Over the years, she still thinks about him (YAS) and her dreams come true when she finally meets him again. But of course, he has to be: Mr. I-keep-secrets-from-you. Even though it seemed kind of fast–okay, not fast, BUT TOTALLY FAST–They end up falling in love. It was totally cute to see them together, so I kind of let the fact that everything was moving so fast, but still it was super cute, in a first love, innocent kisses kind of way.


So with all of the secrets, the KA-UTE budding romance between Lad and NAME, it was enough to keep the story going because I wanted more of these two and I wanted to know what the heck as going on with Lad and why they heck he was being so secretive.



Since I’m from Mississippi, and this book takes place in Mississippi. IT CAN’T GET ANY BETTER THAN THAT. I’m just glad the author didn’t go too far into the southern dialect and use southern slang and all that. The most she said was “Ya’ll” so that’s all right n my book because even though I’m from the south, I don’t think I have that much of a southern accent… I least I don’t think I do?


But I digress…(As usual)


The romance wasn’t all that satisfying BUT… it was still cute though so I think it should get some points there. I wanted to love Lad, and the mystery that was all around him and his family but in the end…. idk, (and maybe I’m being a totally bad person here and totally picky) but… well, I think he was just too much of of a nice guy. Like, don’t get me wrong, I like when a guy is nice but I need MORE. I need him to have some degree of… the SWAG. I need for him to be at least little bit cocky and confident. Although Lad totally redeemed himself (a little ) when he got all jealous and stuff when he saw NAME with another guy whose name I shall not reveal at this time. 


The jealousy was played out so well, I was legit doing this in my head.


I actually kind of totally hated the ending but I didn’t have to pout for too long because all of the books are out in this series so that means I can just binge on them for as long as I want! Ahhhh!♥♥

Now it's your turn 2

How do you guys feel when all of the books in your beloved series are out and you can just binge on them? It makes me feel all warm inside and stuff. ♥

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28 responses to “Book Review: Hidden Deep By: Amy Patrick. Also, I’m clearly a Fat Kid. Just Sayin’.

  1. Sameeee. I also like collecting them through other means other than going to the bookstore and buying them new. Finding them in thrift stores make it all worthwhile. 🙂

  2. I love binge reading series when all the books are out. I’m currently doing that with the Outlander series, and am on book 4. I feel you on being Southern and not really having that accent. Some words are a drawl, but I speak correctly which hides my accent. I hate to read books that uses slang, but I know it makes the characters seem legit. Still, that drives me crazy.

    • I think I remember seeing on your blog how much you were liking the Outlander series, and I remember telling you that I was going to try it *one day* he! I promise I will! But I’ll take that as a good sign that you’re still reading it and that you’re on the forth one as a good sign! <3

  3. Um, why have I not heard of this book/series before? Because I do love me some YA paranormal romance. I read the synopsis at GoodReads and I kinda-sorta of got a Lux series feel. Although if Lad is all Mr. Super Nice Guy there’s no way he’s a Daemon Black. Then again, who is? (Allow me to answer myself: NO ONE! *snicker snicker*)

    I do love to binge a good series. Hence the warm squishy feeling when I discover a series that’s already complete. *fist pump*

    A lemony brownie thing? Gimme, gimme, gimme. You can keep the chocolate, though. It’s all yours. And the coffee. Blech. But in the deal is I get aaaaallll the chai tea lattes. Deal? Deal. *shakes on it*

    • IKR??? I really think I should just stop trying to compare every single guy in a book to Daemon Black?? Maybe I’d enjoy a lot more books! Its like, if a guy is too nice or not as ‘cocky’ and ‘rude’ (in a book) that I want him to be, then I count him out. I didn’t realize that until now! teehee! And YASSS girl, I say you should try this book if you like the ‘nice’ guy trope! There’s a lot of that to go around, plus a slight love triangle, and jealousy. #SMEXY

      Oh! and those lemon brownie thingies? YOU. NEED. THEM. IN. YO. LIFE. GIRL.

  4. Sophia Rose

    Sorry it wasn’t a complete satisfying one, but it sounds like you still loved it lots. Neat that it was set in your home state. I think that is fun, too.

    I’m not a good binge reader, but I do appreciate when there is a big twist at the end of a book to know that the next one is already available.

    Don’t feel badly about the sweet tooth. I have one, too.

    • When a book ends on a cliffhanger, I’m always happy to know that the next book is already out because SOPHIA… I. CAN’T. STAND. WAITING. for the next book in the series to come out. It drives me MAD.

  5. Damn that yummy food right? My weaknesses are pasta, bread, tortillas (flour), ice cream, cheesecake and brownies. Totally want to tries those lemonies.
    Have you looked up Blogilates? I did it last month and loved it so much I’m doing her PIIT 28 challenge this month.
    I love binging on book series. Kind of like binge watching a series 🙂

    Nereyda│ Nick & Nereyda’s Infinite Booklist

    • O.M.G. You are my soul-sister. DUDE. Do you know those are all my weakness too??? Like, that’s why my boobs and thighs are so big! 🙁 (so true btw) And no ma’am! I haven’t looked up Blogilates yet! But I’m about to now because I remember you telling me about it! 🙂 Can we do it with a buddy because if so, I’d so love to join you! 🙂 Just let me know, chica! xoxo!

  6. Lauren Becker

    Sorry this didn’t really work for you completely. Sometimes I can handle a quick romance, but I do like when they are a BIT more slow burn.

    As for your comments BEFORE the review, I really do want to eat healthier but god, this time of the year is so hard for that.


    • Isn’t it just the wrong time of the year to try to practice ‘eating healthy?” What is the meaning of this ‘eating healthy’ anyway?? Bring on the Pies, Stuffing, and CAKE. teehee! And yes! I definitely prefer a slow burn romance over a quick one any day! <3

  7. I love binge really series! And I’m more of a dark chocolate kinda girl. But anyway, this book sounds kinda interesting. I can totally understand a character being too nice, I like when characters have some flaws, though I’m not a fan of jealousy unless there’s actually a good reason for it :-/

    • I agree! Binging is where it’s at, which is why standalones and I SO do not get along <3 And dark Chocolate? *slides over ALL the dark Chocolate* I prefer White chocolate any day! <3 And in this book, the jealousy is definitely warranted so don’t worry! 🙂

      • We would make good trick or treat partners, trading our white and dark chocolate lol. Even though I feel like everyone just always gives milk chocolate for Halloween o.0 But yes!!! Finally someone who gets me! I don’t really like standalones either because it’s just… not enough. Like, I do enjoy some, but even if I love them at the time, they’re just forgettable. It’s series that I LOVE.

        • GIRL. YES. It’s like… BUT HOW do you even read a standalone?? Right when you start it and really get into it, it’s OVA. And bet! You and me next year, *gives you all the nasty dark chocolate and snatches away your White Chocolate* 😆

  8. I haven’t heard of this series! I’m glad the books are all out though – especially if there’s a wicked cliffhanger, as I’m guessing from your post! 🙂 I love that the setting is evoked so vividly in this, and that the hero has a redeeming moment with his jealousy. This sounds like a fun read- I look forward to your reviews of the next books!

  9. I love when a book just gets it right. I find a lot of Southern US reads seem to over use the local slang and have seen quite a few reviewers comment that they don’t actually talk like that. I love a bit of a binge read, provided it’s a series that is holding my interest.

    I’d be really interested in that Blogilates that Nere mentioned too actually. We can join up and be newbies together <3

    • Yes! Most of us don’t even have ‘slang’ or a country accent down here anyway! *mad face* And YES! I’d be interested in joining and being newbies together! <3 I’ll find out some more info about it and let you know, lovely! <3

  10. Olivia-Savannah

    I love the beginning of your blog post. Because white chocolate gets me every time. Oh, and I have never had a lemonie before but I CRAVE anything lemon flavoured so that sounds 1000x times better than a brownie to me. I’m so happy that this book was able to suck you in and make you fall in love with it 😀

    • WHITE CHOCOLATE=LIFE. And yes!! DUDDEE Lemonies, are the best! They’re lemon-flavored but yet moist like a brownie so THEY. ARE. EPICAL.


  11. Yum those lemonies sound good! Will have to see if I can find a recipe for that. I don’t like coffee though, I prefer tea and always drink my tea plain.

    Sounds like it had a cute romance, too bad it all develops a bit too fast though. I hope you can read the rest of the books soon. I kinda like it when I discover an author or series where all the books are out already as I can work my way through them at my own pace and don’t have to wait for them to get released. But on the other hand I also love new releases and read way too many of those each year, so I guess I don’t mind waiting that much.

    • Really? You don’t mind the wait? Me…. I DESPISE waiting because then I have to get all depressed and all that when the book I’m hounding over doesn’t come out fast enough. I’m glad to see you have more patience than I do. Teehee!♡ and YASSS girl! You Need To Try those Lemonies! THEY. ARE. SO. WORTH. IT!

  12. Girl, we’re all fat! LOL. But seriously I think we all have that one or two, or five things we can’t give up. Like for me I’ve recently gotten into baking, and this is kind from a girl who was all about the salt, about the salt. You like how I just did my Meghan Trainor impression. LOL. I’m such a corn. But yeah I’ve been eating lots of cookies but I did also stop eating as much..okay I’m going off topic. I would like to lose wait too, not too much. You’ll get there. Don’t be too hard on yourself. And read more good books!