He is just so… Gah! Arrogant. And I WANT HIM!

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You know, the bad boys that are stab-worthy but you just want to love them anyway?



♥The BADDEST of bad bad boys

♥Ruder than rude

♥But just so darn SEXY??

And of course, underneath that rough exteriour there is just the most… Gah. the most perfectest guy in like the entire world.

I despise that ‘Oh’ moment of realization when you finally make the horrible discovery that not only will you never meet this guy but he doesn’t even exist in the real world so you can casually stare at him over your shoulder when you think he’s not looking.

                                                    *Grabs an extra large box of Kleenex and ugly cries*

ALRIGHT. But do you guys know what I’m talking about? Like do you FOR REALZ know what I’m talking about?

I also love the fact that no matter how much they try to be the bad guy and be all tough and broody, there’s ALWAYS a good side to them and they make all those stab-worthy details def.  WORTH IT!

♥ Has a soft side (I knew it)

♥ Will sacrifice IT ALL for the ones he loves.

♥ A hella good kisser. *Fans self*

♥ Fierce protector (And I needs some savin’) 😉

But like OF COURSE, I knew it was in him all along because he’s just so friggin’ swoony and total bad-boyish.


I’m sorry. Give me a moment cure myself over my total swoon fest. It’ll only take a moment.. maybe a few.

                                                                                                Five minutes later…..

Who is your most fav. book boyfriend of all time?? And do you wish you could meet him, (possibly lick him) like I do??

I decided to make a poll of my favorite book boos and after a couple of rounds of number ones, I finally came up with…..

Daemon Black from the Lux Series by Jennifer L. Armentrout, A.K.A. a total swoony alien babe.


                                                                                                           ♥WINNING. ♥

                     Four from the Divergent series is also a good one.

200                                                                                                        Oh, to be kissed like this…..

                          And, let’s put Jace Light wood on there as well. Why not?  😉


There’s a bunch more but Daemon Black comes in first. He has all those characteristics that make me want one of him. (Possibly two.)

(Heck, I’ll even take a half of him. JUST GIVE HIM TO ME NOW!!…. Pretty please?)


                                 Now over to you:

What do you guys think? Bad boy or good guy?  And can you guys (if you can) give me one of your favorite bad guys from some series you’ve read? I’m looking for another Daemon Black like from the Lux series. 

He is HAWT! And…. well… arrogant. 😉



31 responses to “He is just so… Gah! Arrogant. And I WANT HIM!

    • OMG. I LURVVEE me some Four. ♡ He’s just so…. he’s just hawt, okay? And he did kind of go wimpy in that book. *sighs and stares off dreamily*

  1. We are all sucker for them, aren’t we? I like them in moderation. I like Jerricho Barrons. He can order me around anytime. I despise Daemon Black. You ladies can have him. 🙂

    • Hmmm. Jerricho Barrons, what series is he from? His name sounds like he’s a sexy. 😉 And awee, no Daemon for you? Well, more for me then. *evil grin*

    • I’m going to try for this Klaus then. He seems dreamy and swoony. Plus his names basically seals the deal for me. Thanks for the help in my search for my next book boo. 😉 I’ll let you know how it goes. 🙂

  2. Well yes, Daemon, is right up there. I see someone mentioned ol Jericho from KMMoning’s Fever series. I think Bones from Jeaniene Frost’s Night Huntress series is pretty high up there.

    I actually like both bad guys and good guys or a guy with shades of gray running through so that he’s both.

    • You guys are giving me so many new book boyfriend options, my head is going to explode! Gahh. Running to get my pen so I can make a note of all of these. Like seriously, thanks. (Feeling slightly abnormal that I’m getting excited over this) 0_o

  3. I hate how much i love bad boys even though they’re horrible in real life. All I do know is that good guys are usually the ones who are friendzoned which is kind of sad because in real life, I’m pretty sure it’s the opposite.

    I love the darkling and he’s the evil of evils. I can’t help it!!!

    • Isn’t that the truth?? Like I really want a ‘bad boy’ but goodness darn it make him a good guy too so I can just LOVE HIM. *Sighs in frustration* is that too much to ask? Ohh, and the darkling, is that one of your book boos?

  4. Oh, this is a very good post! This is also a toughy, oh my gosh, how can I narrow down just a few?!?! Okay, at the moment..I want the Erkling from GlimmerGlass, if we’re talking YA. I know, he’s an evil faerie but he’s totally lickable. LOL. Hmm, for adult books, ermm,hmm…Ah yes, Ehbear from G.A. Aikens series, I’d totally drag him home with me.

    • Evil faeries? Lickable guys?? You can COUNT.ME.IN. I will prepare my heart for all of the swoon coming its way. I have so many new options for book boyfriends so I’m glad I made this post because OMG I’m ready to start swooning again. *fans self* Also, I’d totally love to comment in your blog but I’m pretty sure you have blogger, right? You have any idea how I can comment being from WordPress?

      • Sorry, just saw this message. I just use disqus so a variety of people can comment because it’s not restricted to one type of format. I hope you didn’t have any issues with it:o!

  5. An Jace from the movie, just can’t even describe that! He’s beyond hottie. Love his accent as well.

  6. There aren’t many I could think of that I love/hate. There’s Pete McKay from Janelle Stalder’s New World Series. And who doesn’t love Four? I’m also team Chaol from Throne of Glass series.

    • Ikr?? Like seriously, who doesn’t love Four? He is just the dreamiest. And thanks girl! I’ll try The Throne of Glass and New World Series. Always looking for something different. 🙂

  7. RO

    Like Joy, I prefer the badboyness in moderation these days, but there wasa time, where I could’t get enough of them when reading romance. Something about them being reformed by the right woman, was awesome. Now, I’m looking for the strong, sensitive and super intelligent type, which can be found in a good Navy Seal novel. But some of these suggestions mentioned in the comments sound very tempting! (lol) Hugs…

    • Girrllll, you and me both! I have it bad for those bad guys that the heroine has a way of just changing. It makes me swoon even harder. Strong, sensitive and intelligent like the Navy Seal men, oh girl, *fans self* (Need a bigger fan) They’re just so strong and fierce protectors. Makes me love them even more! <3

  8. I’ve got a lot of these swoonworthy bad boys on my looooong list of boyfies and uhhhh, I just love ’em. Oh, there’s a twitter account that tweets funny, cliche book hero acts, and it’s called @BroodingYAHero and @TypicalNAHero. I’m not sure if you follow them already but they are freaking hilarious and always on point with these arrogant bad boys, lmao!

    • OMG. OMG. OMG. Thanks girl! I’m definitely going to be snooping on their pages to see what they’re saying. *fans self* eek! So excited! Thank youuuu. 🙂