Discussion #16: ^^ Why You No Say How You REALLY Feel Though?

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                             Tiny Life Update:


I just bought these adorable stickers and I’m using them as a sort of encouragement for myself when I finish a book and other small goals. Which ones be yer favorite? Or…. in which in case you are not partial to ANY of them. And that is okay. It’s perfectly fine.. It’s not like it bothers me, because pfft. It doesn’t. I don’t even care. 

I also plan on buying this movie called, The Prince and Me. You guys heard of it?  (I know. I know. This movie is soooo old and I’m just running across it. I’m late to the game.I admit it.) and I love Toy Story so therefore I’m going to buy Slinky. You know that cute little dog that is in the form of a Slinky? Yes. He is my new toy and I shall call him Slink. Because he is a slinky.

Soooo, with all of my blabbering out of the way that brings me to our discussion post of this week:


             To me, I love it when characters are closed up about their feelings.–>At first.

It adds a lot more depth and complexity to the plot. I LOVE it when you know the character feels one way but they say act a different way. Just makes me all giddy and stuff.       

                                                                  Kinda makes me want to do this:


I just feel that the feelings that are left buried down deep inside for a long time not only adds more mystery and meaning to the story but it also allows for the chemistry to burn between the two love interests. And pfft, who doesn’t love THAT?


BUT…. What about those characters that play hard to get? This has to be my favorite because it also allows the cahracters to get closer to each other and if they PRETEND they don’t like each other, wellll…. That just makes things more interstin’, yo.

Ya’ll know what I’m talking about just like I know you agree because WHO IN THE WORLD doesn’t appreicate a slow burning romance?

But what do YOU GUYS have to say about this epical post that I have no idea how my amazing brain was able to conjure up so quickly? Pfft. I totally joke, yo. (It actually took me like.. a week.)


                              Over to you:

What do you guys think? Like my stickers? Which ones were your favorite?  What books did you LURVE that had a ‘closed up feelings’ sort of relationship? TELL ME ALL YA’LL. –>I now have a deep satisfation that this rhymed….EH…

                                                   Don’t forget to be awesome!UntitledASDFASDF





24 responses to “Discussion #16: ^^ Why You No Say How You REALLY Feel Though?

  1. KMSL at your end note. Silly axx! But, yeah, nothing is more satisfying than to read/see two people throwing curve balls at each other, knowing that they are head over heals in love (or lust, makes no difference to me). And that moment when they give up and give in? WWWHHHHHEEEEWWW! The chemistry is so hot that it makes the reader sweat. Jesus! Oh, where was I? LOL! I like that kind of approach in my reading, it keeps things tense for a while and it all mellows out in the end. That’s not to say that I don’t love a good ol’ cliche` romance. Sometimes, you just have to read that in order to appreciate the other.

  2. Sophia Rose

    I came late to The Prince and Me, too. It was cute.

    I like complex characters who don’t put it all out there right away and even make it tough for a while, but by late in the book if its still going on, I may or may not still be into it.

  3. I feel sad that I have not seen or heard of The Prince and Me – but a film involving a Prince = me interested. It looks super cute! Also everyone loves stickers so good on you for buying yourself some for encouragement! 🙂

    I totally agree with you on the repressed emotions – it’s what makes my favorite romances so memorable for me – the whole charged looks, and about to say something but doesn’t always gets me! Playing hard to get though is only interesting to me if they have a good reason to stay away – if they are just being heartless or oblivious, I want to smack them! LOL

  4. I can’t see this image of your wonderful stickers? I am so feeling like I am missing out here >.> So I think it really does depend on how long it is dragged out for… can’t be too long!

    • Oh my goodness! It ate half my comment and I am only reading this now DD: After the mention of wonderful stickers I wrote about how I do like it when we get the twist midway. That way we have a bit of the lovely frustration of them liking each other but not acting on it yet, and it isn’t insta love! But I don’t like it right at the end because then we never move on to couple-dom and we never see how well they suite each other in the end or not…. And then that last sentence is as it should be. Sorry for it being eaten DD:

  5. I don’t know. A closed-up character is really hard to get to know. So much so, that it becomes frustrating. Also, I become easily apathetic to those type of characters.

  6. RO

    The sitcker idea is waaay cool, but like Sarah, I may need to check my glasses, because I no see either. (lol) I like a novel or a movie where the woman doesn’t fall head over heels in love with the guy first. Waiting a while, just adds a little more spice to the story and plot and gives us something to talk about. This goes hand in hand with the love at first sight, which I don’t really believe can happen, you know? As always you give a thought-provoking topic and love your writing! BIG Hugs…Ro

  7. Those stickers are adorable! I also like it when characters don’t open up at fist, but once the romance is developing a bit and the true feelings are out in the open I like characters to be a bit more open. I think it’s very romantic when a couple shares almost everything with the other.
    I am not really a fan of when characters act like they don’t like each other. Although I did read a book recently (Immersed by Katie Hayoz ) who used that trope believeable, adding some reason to why they acted that way, while they actually liked each other. I do love a good slow burn romance though, they are my favourites. Where you know the characters are great for other, but nothing happens for a long time. Kelley Armstrong her Nadia Stafford series and her Cainsville series have great slow burn romances.

  8. aentee @ read at midnight

    The slow burn romance is my favourite, especially when it’s a series and I still don’t know whether they’ll get together by the end of the first book. It turns me into a raving maniac who has to dissect every word of their interaction and I LOVE IT!

  9. I like the stickers in the middle, seriously, anything that portrays cute and fluffy animals, I am there!

    I have…never heard of The Prince and Me, I did however manage to watch Mirror, Mirror recently (…for Armie Hammer reasons, I am completely shallow), it was great riiiiight up until the end where it all went a bit ‘wtf?!’ and musical 😛 usually I like musicals, but it just did not fit! Was still fun though. I’m a sucker for ridiculous movies.

    Hmmm, I do like it when characters aren’t open at first, because really, how many of us are? And a good slow burn is always, always appreciated (unless it’s TOO SLOW, there is a fine line lol)

  10. I think it can get frustrating when characters don’t say how they feel, especially if it’s drawn out as a long mystery. BUT I do like the slow burning romance sometimes if it takes them a while to come around to their feelings!

  11. Your stickers are cute! I love a good ole slowburn. The downside of slowburn is that I always yell at the characters to just kiss already, but they don’t listen. Can you imagine that?

    I don’t mind the hard to get one, but sometimes, it can get annoying. At times, I get frustrated with character like that because I feel like they’re playing too much.

    • Lool I had to google The Prince and Me. We’ll do a watching party together because I haven’t seen that movie, loool! Must be the only one in the entire world! I think I must have seen the second one though.

  12. I like the stickers! My little girls and I love collecting them and using them for our pen pal packages 🙂 As for the topic of discussion, I would have to say that it depends on the character and the way in which they carry the tone of the narrative. For one, the character needs to display legitimate internal conflicts, not sappy-over-emotional ones, I can’t seem to bear those. I prefer characters that find resolve and show perseverance. One of my favorite characters thus far this year, has been Sunny from the Sunset Rising series; SO good!

  13. Whenever I read a book and there are characters who just keep mum about their feelings until 70% of the book, I am like “JUST SAY IT! (SAY IT OUT LOUD! LOL)”, but then they still don’t, it just gets frustrating, but when the time comes that they finally say it, I’ll be like ‘HALLELUJAH! FINALLY!” then they kiss. <3

  14. Look at those little foxes. Why can’t I have fox stickers too!

    I don’t mind a slow burning and intense romance, but as long as there’s none of that ridiculous drama or that characters don’t communicate and it gets strung out. That’s one reason I stopped reading new adult, it seems to be a tool which some authors use to mask the lack of a storyline sadly.

    But now I want a slinky too!

  15. Love those foxes! They’re so cute!!! I do love and appreciate slow-burning romances too. I’ve never been a fan of the insta-love but I also don’t like it when there’s too much miscommunication between the characters..like, they could be together if they weren’t so stubborn. Haha, do I make sense? Miss your blog, girl! (And you, of course)

  16. Lauren Becker

    Ooh cute fox stickers!!! 🙂

    I like slow burn romances, but at the same time, I don’t want people to stay too silent about their feelings in a book. It can work but it can also lead to misunderstandings and general annoyance. I can’t really think of a specific book though. I need to read more romances. haha


  17. There is no kind of stickers that I don’t love. I want all the stickers all the time! Those are so cute! The little foxes are my favourite (no surprises there… haha).
    Ooh a bit of mystery is awesome. Especially if we as the reader are privy to those thoughts but the other person doesn’t. I love to be frustrated and be thinking: “JUST GET TOGETHER!” What can I say? I enjoy the frustration/pain while reading books, it means I’m really invested 🙂

    • You and I are SO alike girl! I too love it when I just want characters together so bad that I’m ready to just stick their heads together and be like: KISS. YOU KISS RIGHT NOW!