Review: The Gifting By: K.E. Ganshert ‘OMG, DIS BOOK, YOU. GUYS.’

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Review: The Gifting By:  K.E. Ganshert  ‘OMG, DIS BOOK, YOU. GUYS.’Format: eBook
"If science is right, then I am crazy. And crazy is dangerous."

In a world where nothing supernatural exists, Tess Eckhart is positive she’s going crazy. After her complete freakout at a high school party, her family is too. So much that they pack their bags and move across the country, next to a nationally-renowned facility for the mentally ill.

Tess is determined to fit in at her new school, despite the whispers and stares. But when it comes to Luka Williams, a reluctantly popular boy in her class, she’s unused to a stare that intense. Then the headaches start, and the seemingly prophetic dreams that haunt her at night. As Tess tries harder to hide them, she becomes increasingly convinced that Luka knows something—that he might somehow be responsible.

But what if she’s wrong? What if Luka Williams is the only thing separating her from a madness too terrifying to fathom?

Four feather rating

Ever have these moments where a mere cover just draws you in?


Well, that’s how I came to start reading The Gifting.  And I’m so, epically happy that I excited to give it a try. I remember seeing it for only 99 cents, or heck, it might have even have been free, which doubled the incentive for me to have this book. It’s been in my Kindle for a while and I’d just want to punt kick myself in the forehead for waiting so long to read it.



Me, I usually read Fantasy, romance, Or New Adult, and while I’m not sure if the genre of this book, it didn’t seem immature but it didn’t seem…. mature enough to be added to the list of NA. But anywho, I remember first starting this book thinking, yeah, dis gonna be good.


And not once did I ever, EVA regret that one-click buy. I loved every minute of reading The Gifting and I loved, lovedddd the way the author pieces together all of the mystery and had you guessing and waiting to see what was going to happen. This was one of those books that make you think one thing but then, ha, fooled you, you mortal fool. You thought WRONG. I think every single time I thought something was going on, it would turn out to be the complete opposite.

So, yeah. There you have it.


Tess, is not as popular as her brother and, because of her rare abilities, has been marked a freak. A LOO-ZA.


But, there was something so refreshing about this plot. Tess, well… she’s kind of special. Get this: The chick can see stuff that no one else can see.


Don’t go rolling your eye balls just yet. Her abilities are actually kind of awesome-tactic.


Somehow this chick can go inside dreams, alter them, and at the same time, alter reality. 


When I first heard that was the main plot line of the story of was like ugh, *rolls eyes* this sounds like a typical story that I’ve already ready before but with different characters… but I was at I’ll surprised by how creative and well-thought out all of the concepts were in the book. You kind of feel like you’ve read it before but then something happens and you’re like… hey. That was pretty friggin’ cool.

And then, sexy Lucca is introduce in the book.. Of course, I’m a softie and he stole my little heart. I kept trying to figure out what the heck is role was in the grand scheme of things. Every time I thought I had it pinned down, HA. I WAS WRONG.


Some things that I didn’t get along with:

1. I don’t get along with girls that don’t have a lot of confidence. (I mean female protagonists in books, btw) I’m not saying she has to be like, this super mean chick who shoves people against their lockers or flips her hair over her shoulder every five seconds but I would have liked it WAYYY BETTA, if Tessa would have had a little bit more of self-esteem and to believe that yes, she is worth it. Always.



Tessa and Luka were just too cute pa-toots together!! But then it leads me to the reason why I was kind not all the way satisfied with this book… I just wished there could have been a lot more lip-locking. If there were two characters’ faces that I just wanted to stick together and demand they kiss right then and there, it would have been LUCCA AND TESSA.



I totally recommend this book! If you’re looking for a quick read, sweet romance that makes you want to smush two characters together, couple with a mystery-packed adventure that keeps you on your toes, look no further than The Gifting, yo.


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Do you guys get along with characters that have no self-esteem?? Oh! Oh! Andddd real Christmas trees? Or do you guys prefer the fake ones?

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14 responses to “Review: The Gifting By: K.E. Ganshert ‘OMG, DIS BOOK, YOU. GUYS.’

    • Well, it kind of is confusing and then it isn’t, so the chick can be in our reality, fall asleep, enter someone’s dream (let’s say her best friend’s) and change the realities there, thereby altering the reality where she is from.

      Omg, yo, did that make like ANY sense? O_o

  1. I definitely need to add this one to my list, thanks so much for the recommendation! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and New Year!!! <3

  2. Sophia Rose

    Ha, I have several books that I got free or cheap that probably would knock my socks off if I’d just read them. Glad this one gave you a good surprise. I struggle with book heroines that have low self-esteem, too.

    • Haha! M Kindle is like, seriously over-loaded with books I have yet to read! But I plan on changing that soon!♡ and yes! Low self esteem characters drive meh CRAY CRAY! o_O

  3. Uhm. The Gifting maybe is not for me. I’m confused on what Tess really is. Anyway, glad you enjoyed this one.

  4. sydneyeditor1

    Not sure about this, but I love love your enthusiasm for this book! It clearly left an impression on you and those are the best kinds!

  5. Olivia-Savannah

    I’ve never heard of this book before, but the plot twists sound so great! I love when you can never predict what is going to be happening next. And the fact that you finally got round to reading it as well… seems like it didn’t disappoint!