Oh. I Want a Jag Jensen. Just.. SA-WOON. ^^Review: Finding Us By Harper Bentley

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This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
Oh. I Want a Jag Jensen. Just.. SA-WOON. ^^Review: Finding Us By Harper BentleyFinding Us
by Harper Bentley
Published by CreateSpace Publishing
on February 18th 2014
Genres: Fiction, General, Love & Romance, New Adult, Romance
Pages: 192
Format: eBook
Jag Jensen and Ellen Love had been best friends their whole lives until he turned thirteen and started noticing girls his own age, but that didn't mean he stopped watching out for eleven-year-old Ellen. By his senior year in high school, baseball had taken the front seat in his life, with a scholarship to college and a pro career looming on the horizon, when sophomore Ellen caught his attention and they struck up their friendship again. Although Ellen wanted more, Jag didn't want to drag her into what he knew would be a crazy life, but love has a way of deciding one's future, and eventually they became a couple. Ellen followed him to California as he began his pro career, but his wild and hectic lifestyle screwed everything up. Now Jag is lost, realizing he's never been without his best friend in his life. Learning to live without Ellen doesn't settle well with him, so while trying to remain at the top of his career, he also wants to get his girl back, which proves to be more difficult than he thought it'd be. Will Ellen give him another chance or does that sort of thing only happen in the sappy romance novels she always used to read? Jag hopes she's willing to try again as he puts his heart on the line for the woman he knows will always be his forever and a day. This is the second book of the True Love Trilogy.


Some things aren’t meant to be but I refuse to accept that when it comes to Jag and El. They have their share of serious problems in this book and I may have almost ugly cried more than once, but don’t let me discourage you. The good DEF. outweighed the bad.  In my eyes Jag and El have been together for so long(since they were kids) so duh, fate is like basically pushing them together. 

This one is told in Jag’s POV, so I LOVED getting to know what he was thinking. (Gosh. it’s just so sad sometimes.) He has to FIGHT to get back El’s love and I think it’s good for him because he learns how to be a man. (Well.. sort of..)

That ending though. If I ever in my days wanted to chuck my Kindle at the nearest brick wall… It was when I flipped to the last page.


                                        I was all like… Wait, what that whaatttt???

It comes to you fast you don’t even have a chance to suck in a breath and recollect your thoughts over what just happened. I HAVE to have the next book in my hands like, *checks clock* oh, five seconds ago.


  1. Jag- He still has A LOT (and I mean a lot) of growing up to do- in his career, life, and in his relationship with El. He messed up so many times in this book that I feel all of the heartache could have been prevented HAD he been thinking before he acted! But.. meh, he’s a guy so I guess he’s excused for now. He’s also SWOONY so…. yeah, okay. I’ll cut him a break this time for being so air-headed.
  2. El- My heart really goes out to her. She has remained so strong through Jag’s career in stardom. Any lesser chick would have been just… gone straight up insane! From the long absences on the road, to the trifling females, El has a lot to deal with.  Also, she cries a lot in this book. Most instances, the tears could have been prevented if Jag had talked to her. I thought a lot of the pain could have been squashed had there been better communication.
  3. Alexandria- like really? This girl can kick rocks for all I care. She did nothing but stir up more drama. –Not that I’m complaining, cuz… I am not because I LOVED every “drama-ish second of it.
  4. Baxter and Amanda- GAH! What can I say about them? They are like the perfect model couple and always have an ear to lend for Jag when he’s going through it with El. I was happy they were there to help him get through their problems. Strangely enough, they remind me of how El and Jag will be when they are older.


 Untitled6I will always be a fan of this series! The author weaves such a beautiful romance, sprinkled in with just the right amount of drama and angst to make you want to UGLY CRY. I loved how the problems they face aren’t sugar coated and dotted with little multi-colored sprinkles because in reality that’s not how life is. We go through pain unnecessarily and sometimes without reason. That’s exactly how it is for Jag and El.

Untitled6There’s more secondary characters and we get a glimpse at their life. And my personal fav, there’s a lot more swoon and cute scenes between El and Jag. 


888There’s a lot of tears spent on this book and it’s truly heart wrenching seeing the pain these characters have to go through. I’m attached to them so I don’t like to see them going through that.

888The ending, it happened so abruptly and in such a foul note that makes me really question the future for El and Jag and I didn’t like how Jag kept letting Alexandria get the better of him. There were times when i was just like:

                                       Don’t freaking LISTEN TO HER!

                                                                   But did he listen to me?

Ha. Nah.1

Despite how much Jag made me just want to punch a baby in the face (do not take me literally here) I still HELLA enjoyed this book! AND even though I hated how it ended, the good/funny/oh la, la steamy moments, darn sure made up for it!



                     Over To You:

Do YOU like drama in a book(like in this one?) OR do you prefer to stray as far away from those types of books as you can? Do you think you’ll try this book out? YES? YES? YESSS? Or are you all like: Meh. NAH.



5 Stars


32 responses to “Oh. I Want a Jag Jensen. Just.. SA-WOON. ^^Review: Finding Us By Harper Bentley

  1. I love drama in romance books, as long as it’s believable. Don’t just throw in a bunch of fantastical scenarios and then expect the reader to be wowed. And, what is with these authors giving up a little bit in books and then just stopping? It’s being done too much and then you have 4-5 books that all add up to about 600 pages. Couldn’t they just give us 2 books and call it a day? It’s annoying. Okay, I’m done ranting. LOL

    • Gosh!I know right?? It’s like, just give me all the info I’ll need for the book and then save the rest of all that!! Jeesh! I can definitely relate girl!

  2. LOL! You sicko! Punching babiesxD Shame on you, shame on your family, shame on your COW! LOL jk. Had to pull a mushu though. Didnt you just review the first one and this chick was getting in between them? Why doens’t El just take this hussy out and move on? Like seriously. I’d be like “step off b*tch*, you dont want none of this. I sometimes like drama but its gotta be presented in the right way. I cant handle HS drama lol.

    • Omg Lanie! haha you made me laugh, especially at that Mulan reference! 🙂 And yes, I would have definitely made a show if I had been in El’s shoes. Like girl, BACK DOWN.

  3. Sometimes I like drama, but it depends a bit on what type of drama as I hate it when people keep things form each other for no good reason or miscommunication is the reason for the drama. Although there is also drama that I like.
    Sounds like Jag messed up a few times, but also like he is growing up. And like the romance was done well.

  4. I love a lot of drama, and this sound awesome! Thanks for your review. I have the first in this series on my TBR, which I added after reading your review for that book. It is good to hear that the second book is just as good.

  5. I love a male interest who isn’t this perfect being, it gets tiresome after a while. But as long as he learns from his mistakes. I do enjoy a bit of drama too, but like Lola in her reply, only if it’s not due to the characters not communicating. It ends up making for a weak storyline and lots of filler. I don’t have the best luck with new adult, but with recommendations such as yours, I’m always looking for that one read that will endear me to the genre. Fabulous review, looking forward to giving this one a go! <3

    • I REALLY, REALLY think you should try this one. Although there is a ton of miscommunication, I think it all works itself out in the end when the characters actually grow up <3

  6. I like drama but I like resolution. This sounds like sweet bookish torture. I think I might like it. LOL. Great review!

  7. I’ve never heard of this book nor the series but it does sound like a good one! I hope the next book has a better ending for you!

  8. You made me so curious about Jag now, it sounds so interesting to discover his POV. I didn’t know about the book I confess but it sounds good. Well It’s anxious about that ending now but I hope it’s just not that terrible.

  9. I do like having a lot of drama in my books as well because then it means that something is always happening and I can never get bored! Yes, sometimes it can become too much, but if it is well balanced enough then I don’t mind. Oh, and this sounds like a pretty decent read where the characters are so well done! Great review :3 Seeing as your reviews are new to me, I don’t mind saying that I love the layout you use for them!

    • Awe! You are so sweet Olivia! :)I hope you have the chance to experience these characters and their world one day! 🙂 The drama in this book was well balanced (and not childish) so I didn’t mind it at all!