Excerpt from Abbi Glines ‘When I’m Gone’ ;)

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I’ve recently signed up for Abbi Glines, New York bestselling author of The Rosemary Series. I wasn’t a huge fan of the series by any means but I still have love for the author as a person which is why I’m still considering reading some of her books. 

I hope you guys enjoy it. 


when-im-gone“Don’t tell anyone, please,” she whispered, looking up at me. 

            Did she actually think I’d do that? I ran a hand through my hair in frustration, forgetting it was pulled back in a ponytail. I had to help her. I wasn’t sure how I was going to manage that considering I had to go back to Texas in two days. That had been my stepfather on the phone. I was getting more horses to board. And I needed the income. I couldn’t not go home and handle this. 
            “I would never do that. But I want to help you,” I told her, waiting for her to tell me no and try and make me leave. Instead her lips puckered up again like she was about to cry. Shit what had I done now? 
            “You’re so … nice. Why are you so nice? I clean your sisters’ houses. You don’t know me, not really. But you open doors for me and you don’t act like I’m an idiot and you… want to help me?” She said the last bit on a choked sob. “No one can help me. You can’t fix what isn’t there. And my brain just isn’t all there.” 
            Fucking hell. 
            “Don’t say that again,” I warned her. I was done hearing her demean herself. I had seen intelligence shining in her eyes. “Your brain is fine.” 
            Reese’s eyes flashed something I didn’t understand then a small smile tugged on her lips as she sniffled. “You’re really a nice man, Mase Manning. I don’t normally like men. They… make me nervous. But you… you’re different.”
                                                       ON A SIDE NOTE…..
Abbi Glines, is gong to be in New Orleans, Louisiana for a big event! For those of you that live in the south (like me) it would be a really cool event that you could go to. I know you have lots of other awesome things you could be doing like reading, reading, and… well reading. 
But WHY OH WHY would you miss out on this awesome experience? 
I’m still considering going (mostly because I have to find someone to go with because I don’t want to go by myself)
So, if you do decide to go, I hope to see you there! (Considering I find someone to go with.) Tee hee
What are some picks you guys are dying to get your hands on?

5 responses to “Excerpt from Abbi Glines ‘When I’m Gone’ ;)

  1. Priscilla and her Books

    Thanks for sharing this excerpt! I rely on them a lot 😀

  2. Sarah @ One Curvy Blogger

    Lovely excerpt! Not sure if this author is for me, but that could change in the future! Not that I have any free time to read any new books on my hands at this time LOL But I did enjoy reading this excerpt 🙂 They do help.

  3. Sophia Rose

    Each additional post I see about this book makes me want to grab it. Hope you find someone to go with you to New Orleans. That would be fun to meet a favorite author.

    • Being only 45 minutes away, it would be a crying shame not to go, right? hehe And I’m going to try this book out Sophia, and we’ll see how it goes. 🙂