Discussion #17: Hey YOU! Romance Lover, I Have a Question For Ya! ;)

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                                                        I am quite peeved.

So I was making my salad the other night at 12 am (I has no shame) and I was excited, right? Because I had just bought these Garlic Pepper crisps as a topping. So I pop open the bag stick my hands in my inside and my fingers only met a gaping hole of nothingness.

                                                 SO YOU CHARGE ME $1.28…..FOR AIR?

       And I just LOVED how there were like three baby handfuls at the bottom of the bag…

I most definitely DO NOT ship these. In fact, these garlic things are now banished from the awesome Keionda ship. And just to think. We had cake and everything.

I would like to give a nice shout out to my chica over at Lola @Lola’s review because she is AWESOME in the kitchen and gave me some extra tips on how to trick out my salad. So an extra special thank you to Lola. (She also post like once a week of a special recipe so you guys should deff check her out.) 😉

                                                          I.Have. Digressed. So. Much.

The POINT of this post is to talk about how YOU prefer to have your romance. As I was going shout and being my awesome queen bee self, I thought about this and came up with this awesome list:

  1. Friends to lovers
  2. Enemies to lovers
  3. Forbidden love
  4. Love Triangle

I KNOW there is more but I can’t think of any good ones right now so that’s where you guys come in. (I NEEDS SOME HELP, YO.)


1. Friends to lovers:

Let’s take Ron and Hermione for example. I think the love they have had a chance to go so far. It started kind of in book one when Heroine kind of insulted Ron because he bad that little adorable dirt smudge in his face. But COME ON. We all know she felt something for him then as did he.

Through the course of the seven books, I loved how their relationship had a chance to develop and thrive. Even when they didn’t know they had feelings for each other, WE all knew. Pfft. ‘Twas so obvi though, am I correct? 

All this talk about Ron and Hermione makes me want to go and read the books and finish binge watching the movies. Like now.


                                                            WHO’S WITH MEEEHHH?

Enemies to lovers:

I think this one is one of my most favorite romance tropes. There’s just so many different ways this can play out. Maybe the hero is supernatural and despises humans but the heroine just so HAPPENS to be a homo sapien?


What if SHE likes vanilla cake with a smidget of almond drop and he is partial to chocolate cake? Blood will be shed, folks. 

Even more horrendous…  what if she is a coffee OBSESSOR and he gags at the smell of it?

Okay..okay… I have completely dived off the edge of my discussion posts and gave for WAYYYY off topic. But I just wanted to give you guys some good examples.


Forbidden love:

This trope, ya’ll, I am such a huge fan of it. I love knowing there is something in the way of the two love interests getting together. It just makes that one moment when they FINALLY get together that much more explosive. *Explosive sounds. BOOM*


Love triangle:

*Glares at Twilight* Don’t get me wrong I have an insane amount of love in my heart for this series BUT I HATED (let me repeat that, just in case it was not read the first time) I HATED the love triangle between Bella, Edward, and Jacob. It just made me want to slam my head against an iron wall. Literally.

I think I could be partial to love triangles ONLY IF they are played out the right way and ONLY if it isn’t drawn out so much. How do ya’ll feel?


                               I would like to take the time now to aplogize for my ranting.


                                 Over to you:

Guys! What kind of romance trope do you guys prefer? There is no judgment here. I’m open to ALL TYPES OF tropes. Any I missed here? TELL ME ALL.

                                                        Don’t forget to be awesome!



42 responses to “Discussion #17: Hey YOU! Romance Lover, I Have a Question For Ya! ;)

    • I HATE LOVE TRIANGLES GIRL. DESPISE THEM. I’m writing in all caps so you’ll be able to FEEL how much I dislike them. And yes, I like to put a little bit of everything in my salads. 😉

  1. This post lol. Girl. My favorite romance is definitely enemies to lovers. I love the back and forth, the banter. The hate that turns to love. I just love it!

  2. Numbers 1-3 will do me just fine. I’m no fan of love triangles. But….. I get so caught up with a story sometimes that I overlook it.

    • I TOTS agree with you Lekeisha! 😉 Depending on how the love triangle is played out and only if it isn’t pulled out too long I’ll overlook it. 😉

  3. I definitely love a slow burn romance and friends to lovers is hands down my favorite! And yeah, love triangles would be my least favorite of the bunch.

  4. Sophia Rose

    I enjoy all of those and so many more though the last one- the triangle- is one that I willingly pick up rarely b/c it can get ugly if I end up with a ‘Edward-Bella-Jacob’ except with different names.

    Yeah, best to toast your own almond slivers after a bit of saute in garlic and olive oil. At least you’ll know that there will be enough for a nutritional serving. I’ve seen those bags to which you refer and it is annoying the amount you get.

    • I know you love all things romance so girl I’m sure you run into love triangles all the time! I’m okay with it if it’s done right, you know? And MMMM Now you’re making me hungry! (How about those strawberry biscuits, though?) baahaha I’m loving the sound of those almond slivers with garlic and olive oil! Gotta try it! Thanks for leading me on to this! 😉

  5. OMG, you reminded me of this vine about potato chips and how much air is in it – it’s one of my favorite things https://vine.co/v/OWHiYYdXauu TOTALLY agree though – it’s such a scam!

    Anyways, I love the forbidden romance stories, for exactly the reason you named – I could read those all the time! Love triangle is my least fave though, and even though I didn’t mind Twilight so much (don’t hate me! :D), it was so overdone in everything after that THAT made me hate it!

    • OMG hahaha really?? It’s been so long since I’ve actually watched a Vine video. teehee They used to be so HILARIOUS! And I could never hate you girl! You’re too sweet 😉 I agree though, the one in Twilight with the whole Edward and Jacob dilemma had me SO TIRED. IT WAS SO OVERDONE. YOU ARE SO RIGHT. GAH!

  6. Forbidden love and enemies to lovers will never get old. I can do away with love triangle. In fact, y’all can have that. Lol.

  7. Thanks for the shout out! That’s sad those garlic pepper crisps didn’t work out, they do sound yummy. I alwasy wonder why they don’t put it in a smaller bag instead of filling half the bag with air.

    When it comes to romance my favouite is friends to lovers, it my favourite romance trope. I love seeing a couple beign friends and not being sure how to cross that boundary and getting a bit closer every time. And I like how they already know each other so well, before they even fall in love. It just works for me. I also like the forbidden romance, that never get’s old.

    Enemies to lover is a big nope from me so far, although I recently read a book where they went from rivals to lvoer and it actually worked there as they had a reason for not getting close in the first place. Maybe I just haven’t read the right books with that trope yet? I just find it hard to believe when they go from hating each other to suddenly going all I love you. The transition has to be believable for me to make it work.

    Love triangles can be a bit of a hit or miss, they can be done well, but they can also be very annoying. Like in twillight, it was obvious who she would end up with and they just dragged it out and out. I want both boys to have a chance in a love triangle and not have it get dragged out too long.

    • Of course Lola! You’re always so awesome in giving me advice on the perfect recipes so THANK YOU! <3 And I so agree with you on the love triangles thing with Twilight. Wasn’t it just dragged out for so long?? It was just unnecessary! And really? No enemies to lovers have worked for you so far? That’s like my favorite one. 🙂 Although friends to lovers is pretty good as well. <3

  8. My favorites are forbidden romance and enemies to lovers!! The more romantic tension and banter the better! I can handle a love triangle for some reason more than most of my blogger friends. Star-crossed/destined is another I fall for. Hope that helps, Keionda!! 🙂

  9. I like the forbidden romances too… always exciting! And friends to lovers is always sweet. I don’t mind a love triangle, but like you needs to be done right. But enemies to lovers is my favourite! Especially when the characters bicker and are funny!

    Naomi @ Naomi’s Reading Palace

    • I may need to try out some more love triangles Naomi because the ones that I’ve been trying lately just haven’t been doing it for me. (Twilight kind of ruined it for me, to be honest) teehee

  10. Forbidden romance! Any of the top three actually, as long as it’s a slow burning romance and it isn’t rushed. Enemies to lovers is a great scenario for that too. I prefer books that have a subtle romance that doesn’t engulf the storyline though. Clearly I have no idea what I want 😀 As long as it’s an awesome read without insta love, I’m a happy camper.

    • I LOVE ROMANCE AS LONG AS IT’S NOT RUSHED! I so agree girl! <3 Glad we could be on the same page with this. hehe I want action, romance, AS WELL as lifey things that teach us as well as entertain. <3

  11. Okay first of all. Girl, I don’t even know how it happened but I wasn’t following you on Feedly yet. Such a fail! You can expect some serious post stalking from me today (sorry not sorry).

    Ooooh it’s hazard. Anything slow burning is a-okay with me. I’m very picky with love triangles though… Most of them make me want to roll my eyes and shut the book. Friends to lovers is probably my favourite, especially if they are like opposites attract (Ron and Hermione really is the perfect example).

    • Oh Karreeenn baahaha you don’t even have to apologize because I’ll be stalking your blog as well. (I has no shame at all) Slow burning all the way with me! I don’t like insta-love or when it feels super rushed, you know? Friends to lovers is pretty awesome as well chica. 😉 xoxo

  12. RO

    This is a really great topic and how dare that bag of garlic chips lure you in and trick you when your mouth is all set for some yummy goodness! I loved the Harry Potter hook-ups. It seemed like such a natural progression as they aged, but there wasn’t any real development. Triangle love is out for me. It’s a toss-up from friends to lovers and enemies to lovers. What’s a girl to do? Just like I can’t make up my mind about one fave author. Hugs…Ro

    • I KNOW RO! I was so mad because it was just like…. okay… where are the rest of my garlic crisps… like..REALLY? The Harry Potter one was such a beautiful progression even though it wasn’t focused on them. 🙂

  13. LOLA REALLY DOES WRITE GREAT RECIPES! I’ve yet to try any of them but I’ve saved them for future use 😀 As for my favorite romance trope, I’m definitely a fan of ENEMIES -> UNWILLING ACQUAINTANCE -> FRIENDS -> LOVERS. That way I can really see how thy developed their feelings for each other, and how they will have seen each other’s worsts and each other’s bests 😀 Plus, it’s just fun! The banter and everything!

    Faye at The Social Potato

    • This is my fav Faye! And I LOVE how you highlighted them all down. 🙂 I love seeing the way all of their feelings change from loathe to so much more! The banter is a plus too girl! <3

  14. I love the first three! I adore the friends to lovers trope, especially if it’s a contemporary. And enemies to lovers because BANTERS!!! But my true love is forbidden romance! I love all the feels and pain it give me!
    Loved the post, girl!:)

    • BANTERS! I so agree Mishma! –>Loving your name BTW 😉 And yes friends to lovers like Ron and Hermione *GIMEEHHH* I love all the feels! Alll of ’em. xoxo

  15. I LOVE FRIENDS TO LOVERS! Especially if they have been friends since childhood. That is just the cutest romance to witness, imho. THREE HANDFULS OF CRISPY THINGS??? I want a refund!!

    • I really should have gotten a refund for my little garlic crisps girls because it was really a disappointment. Sigh. But YES friends to lovers is indeed epical! <3

  16. I like forbidden love, because there’s a bit of zing to it, you know? When will they be found out (we all know it’s coming!)? Will they get a happily ever after? WHAT IF THEY DON’T!

    But friends to lovers is my favourite. It’s a gradual shift and I do enjoy a slow burn like that. Also I think it’s pretty realistic, I’d prefer to know someone as a friend first before anything else 🙂

    Love triangles though. No. No. NOOOO. I hate that they are so popular (or the now dreaded love square).

    • Hmm, forbidden love. See Wattle, I haven’t been getting many responses to this trope so maybe it’s not that popular?? But I LOVE THIS TROPE SO MUCH because like you said girl, WHEN will they get caught? or WILL they? It gives it so much more mystery and suspense!

    I have decided I hate them too and well, they must be erased from the supermarkets. No more garlic-y for anyone.

    As for the romance thing, I love a lot of different kinds if I am home. I think I most like friends to lovers, but that might just be me because if a romance was gonna happen with me in real life, it would most likely be that one. I’m not so interested in enemies to lovers at all really. Ooh, as for forbidden love, me gusta. Especially when it is something like, two different social groups or just generally banned. When Jace and Clary were siblings in the Mortal Instruments series I was CRAZILY hoping they would find a way to prove they weren’t and actually weren’t so that their romance could go further. Because goodness, I shipped it <3

    Love triangles are icky little things. I hate most of them, but there are a few that are justified and actually make sense. For example I didn't mind the Twilight thing because things picked up with Jacob because she thought Edward had left her forever. Makes sense to try moving on until BAM he comes back. And there are a few others where it works out well, but most times, no to love triangles.

    • THOSE GARIC-Y THINGS WERE REALLY EVULLL GIRL. EVUULLL. *Gives them the side eye* I always love reading your comments girl. They always make me either laugh or smile. 😉 You’re the second person that has preferred forbidden love? So my question is, is it not a popular trope? But YES, Jace and Clary giirrllll, I couldn’t believe it and was HOPING they really weren’t siblings. I still haven’t read the very last one to see how it all was tied together soo… I have nothing else to say about that. teehee Love triangles…ehh.. we have a love/hate relationship!

  18. I’ve always been an enemies to lovers kind of girl. Blame it on my love for Pride and Prejudice but I just love the bickering and the development of relationships of this trope. So hands down, enemies to lovers FTW! 😉

    • Ammirrrrr YES! I so agree girl! In fact, I couldn’t agree more:) I love the banter and the bickering just as much as I love waiting for that smooch moment to happen. GLORIOUS I TELL YOU. GLORIOUS.

    • YASSSS Blessie! We are SO MUCH alike it’s crazzayyy!<3 All that sexual tension and banter just gets to me every single time without fail! Mwahh! <3