Discussion #3: Eh… So this is awkward…

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                                                   So of course I lurve to read, right?

Well, I just finished this series that I wasn’t all crazy about and it was mostly my fault. (Mostly)


                                        Let me start from the beginning, shall I?

I was like totally STOKED because I had just discovered this new series that I had been anxious to read for a while. So, while feeling like a total boss when I pressed the ‘Purchase’ button on my Kindle, I failed to read the summary and the word count. (A first for me)

So, whilst reading, I casually glanced at the bottom left hand corner on my Kindle.


     This is a very accurate portrayal of how my face looked when I saw the percentage of completion.

I stared at the screen for a couple of seconds unbelieving in what I was seeing. I had been reading for eh, 20 or so minutes so how the heck was I already at: Freaking 40%!?

      It was then in that moment I discovered what a novella was….


Granted, half of it was my fault because I, of course, skipped over the synopsis and word count choosing to go ahead and buy the book because I’d been seeing it around and wanted to see what it was about.

                                                                      Ha. Yeah. M.I.S.T.A.K.E.

              But yo, like I now have a serious problem with novellas:

1. There’s absolutely no way for me to connect with the characters. (What the whattt??)

2. The plot, ehh, I kept wondering what the heck the plot was. (Not a fun time)

3. The book is over before I can even blink an eyeball. (Meh)

As as reader, I prefer serial books over novellas because at least I can connect with the characters and have time to get sucked in the in the plot. If not, what’s the point?

                          Well. There is no point…

                                                                      But what do you guys think? 

So with my rant over, I discovered what the heck all this talk about novellas was and I was far from impressed. With that being said, I will never approach another novella unaware again.

                                       Over To You: 

Do you guys lurvvee novellas? Or do you rather the bigger books? Also, have you ever been caught unaware of the magical powers of novellas and how they have the ability to trick you with the word count business? (They’re evil) Do you think they’re evil too?




35 responses to “Discussion #3: Eh… So this is awkward…

  1. Novellas don’t bother me nearly as much as serial books do. Hate them. They charge .99 for book that’s not finished and then they make you wait for instalments. Ugh. So yeah, I stay away from them.

    • Hiya Joy;) this is a very interesting perspective. I too DESPISE waiting for a serial book to come out but I prefer them so we’re kind of the opposite since novellas don’t bother you. Man… they just make me mad now. Tee hee.

  2. I read novellas, can’t say that I love them though. They can’t be over $.99 for me to purchase it. The purpose is to get you all excited for the full book, or get another POV from your favorite character. Like, if you read the full novel in say Tris’s POV, but you wanted to get what Four was thinking during some point in the book. I have all of the novellas for the Divergent Trilogy. Why? Because I love getting some more of Four’s history or his thoughts about Tris during books 1-3. But, novellas can be evil. Sometimes you get little to no understanding of why the author decided to publish it from the start.

    • You know what? You just taught me something because I had NO IDEA those were novellas! (Yes, yes that is very shameful of me. I know.) Tee hee but I’ve never ventured to read them mainly because I wasn’t a real fan of the series BUT now that up say they are of Four’s POV, I HAVE to know what he thought of Tris before they get together. 😉

  3. Hey keionda 🙂

    Longtime huh? haha. Woow you seem to hate those novellas xD Well I guess everyone got their owns choices. 😀 It’s not for everyone 🙂 I don’t know about me though.

    • Hheyyyy boo! Yes it has been a while. Hehe I’ve missed talking with you! And yes. Ugh. Novellas are my new nightmare. Well, unless they’re in a series, then I’ll be okay with it. ♡

  4. Bwahaha! I’ve been tricked many times before as well, it’s a sad day when it happens. I actually lurve novellas and hate serials. At least with novellas I feel a sense of closure or can continue on with whatever series it is on. When I’m reading a serial, I’m like “really you say this book is 40 pages but the story is actually only 20 with the rest telling me where I can purchase the rest of this?”. I mean there’s a few serials I read, but I tend to avoid them. I can totally understand though you having issues connecting with characters in novellas because you normally dont get enough time, unless it’s a special snipbit from a larger series. I’ve kinda discovered that now that I’m in my twenties, I’m kinda over HUGE books because it’s mostly just filler, ya know?

    • Tee hee your comments always make me smile Lanie. 🙂 and I think I’m okay with the novellas as long as they’re like an introduction to a series. I mean like, the Four series before Divergent? (I only just recently discovered they were novellas) but ones like that. I may try to venture into novellas again but only with a strong recommendation. 😉

      • Aw, and your comments make me smile,too!:D I’ve never read Divergent but my friend reads it. I know the Maze Runner also has a few novellas I think that happen throughout the storyline. I completely understand though, you gotta have an idea of what you’re getting into before you start one of those.

  5. I think novella’s can be well done, it really depends on the author and book. Although in general I prefer serials as well as they have a longer storyline and you can connect better with the characters. SJ Pajonas writes some amazing short stories and while it is a series they are all standalones, you don’t get to know the characters as much as witha full lenght novel, but I still relate and connect to them. Then again I pretty much love everything that author writes. I used to dislike novella’s, but nowadays I like them more and more, it just depends on how they are written and if I can connect with the characters and the story. I don’t read as much as I used to and it can be nice to finish a book in a day or two.

    • Hiya Lola!:) I’m glad you and I can agree on this then. 🙂 and since you say Sj Pajonas writes some good short stories, I may try hers one day because I trust your judgment. I may have just read the wrong novella because I was completely turned off from them. 🙁

  6. I’m usually okay with reading novellas but I totally agree that the plot is not very well done then. I tend to rate novellas lower than the actual books because of that.

  7. Novellas are a sometimes thing for me. It depends on their purpose if I bother with them.

    I’ve liked novellas that were written well- developed plot and characters etc, but I’ve hated ones that were more teasers or underdeveloped. Some authors can write them and others… just really shouldn’t. I loved the novella that was written for Jennifer Armentrout’s Lux series telling the story of Daemon’s brother just like I love novellas in Ilona Andrews’ Kate Daniels series, Cecy Robson’s Weird Girls series, and Nalini Singh’s Guild Hunter series, but there are a few other series where I was disappointed by the novellas. Most novellas that are slipped into a series can be skipped and I like that option. I rely heavily on other reviewers to let me know when it comes to this.

    The thing I don’t like about many novellas is the price tag for what you get. There are several novellas from favorite series sitting on my wish list right now that I may or may not buy in the future b/c I don’t want to pay $3 or $4 for a hundred or less pages. Some authors/publishers are nice and slip them in as bonus stories when the novel before/after comes out and that’s great.

    • Ohh do not get me started on the Lux series because…. *fans self* I had no idea what a novella was when I read the first book but I didn’t mind because it was just a teaser to the rest of the series. And yes Sophia, I know you seem to like novellas because I’ve read some of your reviews. 🙂 and I also agree that it’s pointless to pay more for a novella than what it’s worth. What’s the point ?

  8. Hahaha, this was hilarious! I know I shouldn’t be laughing, but those gifs just got to me lmao. Anyways, yup, I’m totally with you — novellas aren’t for me at all. As a person who loves thick books and developed plots, I just can’t enjoy novellas as much as I do with normal books, even though I know that they’re supposed to be short and probably only exist to add more depth to minor characters from the parent series.

    Still, I think if done right novellas can really help build up the plot of the main series! Though I don’t think I’ve come across a novella like that… Not that I read many of them, lol. ><

    • Hehehe I am so with you Megan! 🙂 I have a love for the big books and developed plots because let’s be for real, novellas just don’t cut it for me. And yes, if done right, novellas can actually add more to the story. Have you tried The Lux series? That one def has a good novella, Shadows. 🙂

  9. I’m cool with novellas because they’re usually an extension of a series and as I like to read in order (even with standalones), I usually find out stuff about the characters and the plot already from the previous books. Serials, on the other hand, are a different thing and frustrate the heck out of me. It’s an unfinished book that’s freaking 50 or so pages for almost a dollar, like really? Plus, you have to like wait for so long for the next book to come out. This is why serials make me lose interest very easily.

    • Exactly! I’ve heard of novellas as a part of an extension to another series (like the Four series from Divergent) so I MAY try those because omg, it’s freaking Four. 😉 hehe and girl I hear you when you say you don’t want to wait for another series to come out. I don’t have enough patience to deal with that so I tend to wait until the series is completed.:)

  10. I confess that I’m mot a big fan of novellas but I like to read one from time to time mainly when I love the series. Plus some are really well done in fact, it just depends on the books. Sorry it’s not more for you!

    • Yes girl! 🙂 I’ve heard for some novellas they’re “prepping us” for more of what’s coming in a larger series but I just wasn’t a fan of them. I may try them again one day. 😉

  11. I totally understand this. It’s exactly why I don’t read novellas. I just feel like they don’t have much of a point unless they create a deeper insight on ONE specific character, such as in Destroy Me. I don’t like it when it’s like one scene between our favorite characters and that’s it. UM IT ISN’T ENOUGH FOR ME so i would rather not do it at all

  12. Novellas are very hit or miss with me, sometimes if they are an extension of a series it pays off, other times I feel lost and on rare occasions I get a quick read that makes me smile. When buying now I always check word count and or page #’s.

  13. Great discussion Keionda! I’m not a big fan of novellas as well, because of the value for money aspect and I feel like I can’t really connect with the characters either. Although Colleen Hoover and the Assassin Blade novellas have been good!

  14. I understand what you mean, for for me, it depends on the novella in question… I’ve just read 2 historical novellas for Netgalley – one was rather good, but going too fast, one was meh. The one that was meh was part of a series I’d never read before, so I quickly grabbed who and what the characters were, but I simply couldn’t relate to them. The one rather good was a prequel – and I feel most prequels should be read after we read book #1 of a series, it gives us more insight into the characters’ past or short scenes about what they’re going to become. Somehow, some novellas manage to be very good standalones, because they’re not trying to be a full book summary, they catch a moment and with the author’s talent, it can be vivid and enthralling. So… it depends – diplomatic answer, I know 😉

    • I’m so with you girl! 🙂 I think it’s better if it’s like a prequel because they can be done really well because they’re giving us a bit of the scenes before the real series even starts. I’m also with you that we can’t connect with the characters fully in a novella. It’s disappointing. 🙁

  15. I’m not much of a novellas fan. Probably why I haven’t bothered buying The Assassins’ Blade yet in the Throne of Glass series. I just prefer a long, big book! Same thing with short stories: it takes me so much time to get into a world and then after a couple of pages it’s done? No! I want more! Haha 🙂

    • I for one STILL have not read the Throne of Glass series BUT I may or may not read the novella for it. (As long as it’s a book that’s in a series, I don’t mind that much.) Soooo we’ll see. tee hee.

  16. Oh that stinks you got a bad novella. There are some authors who write amazing ones but a lot that really are duds too.

    I’m the opposite on serial books. I absolute loathe them. It’s one of the main romance trends I wish would die a fiery death and be no more lol (can ya tell I don’t like them??) I just can’t abide by having to buy 8 separate “books” to get one actual book. Now an actual series…I can totally get on board with those. It’s awesome getting to fall into a world and being able to stay there for so long.

    • I can SO TELL you don’t like them Anna. tee hee And I’ve never read serial books before and I’m not too sure I want to. I’ve heard bad things about them so believe me, you’re not the first one that has vented on the horribleness of serials. 😉