TOTALLY BLAMING THIS BOOK FOR MAKING ME STAY UP ALL THE NIGHT! (Which was a result for me being ten times more cranky) Effortless By: S. C. Stephens

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TOTALLY BLAMING THIS BOOK FOR MAKING ME STAY UP ALL THE NIGHT! (Which was a result for me being ten times more cranky) Effortless By: S. C. StephensEffortless
on 01/08/2013
Pages: 487
Format: eBook
From the #1 New York Times bestselling author S.C. Stephens comes the new adult series everyone is talking about—and a love triangle you won’t forget.

After being caught in the middle of a love triangle that led to a devastating betrayal, Kiera pledged to learn from the mistakes she’d made. She was determined to never again inflict that kind of pain on anyone, especially the soulful, talented man who held her heart. But life offers new challenges for every relationship, and when Kiera’s love is put to the ultimate test, will it survive? Love is easy…trust is hard.



DIS. BOOK. It made me stay up ALL FREAKING NIGHT. It was just so darn good. I haven’t had a book that did that in a long time. Or, a book that completely consumed me that I legit thought about these characters ALL THE DAY LONG.

Basically the main character, Kierra is AWESOME CAKES and she fell in love with growing rock start KELLAN. MMMM.. In the first book they had just met and FELL IN LURVE and in this story, their story of love continues. 


Can I just have him? Or one like him??


I completely fell in love with this cast of characters. I loved the relationship that seemed to come out of nowhere between Kierra and her sister.

 Be  warned ,  you  shall  be  addicted  to  its  loveliness.
This was one of those books where I didn’t think I was going to love it as much especially since the first book and I didn’t get along too much but PFFT. I WAS WRONG,SO VERY WRONG and I am SO not ashamed to admit it this time.

I just have a thing for ROCKSTAR romances. The angst, the paparazzi, the drama, the ISSUES, *les sighs* *dies* 

So Kellan ends up hitting the big times and with it comes a bunch of drama and insecurity so I was so glad for the GIRL POWER in which all the girls come together to get over their sadness. And then came the drama with Kierra’s ex-boyfriend, and some flooozies on the side constantly trying to ruin their relationship.

I was all like: GET OUT OF TOWN YOU BROADS. Kellan is taken BY ME. Kierra. But anyway, Kierra and Kellan have some serious growing up to do…. OMG you guys. So many times I just wanted to sit them both down and do some serious talking with them.

Now, be warned, there is that whole thing-I-can’t-tell-you-what’s-goin’-on-because-if-I-do-it-may-ruin-the-relationship. 

At times I wanted to shake Kierra and have her fess up what the heck was going on with her. i rolled my eyes a bunch of times and was like GIRL, DIS YO MOMENT, TELL HIM WHAT THE DEAL IS. But Kierra never listened to me. She just didn’t get it. Although, Pfft, I tots get WHY she didn’t want to tell him BUT STILL


To spice things up, Kellan also had a bunch of secrets as well so both of them were kind of guilty in my eyes but it just goes to show you: Don’t hold things in. TALK them out becaue in the end it wll save a lot of heartahce on BOTH sides.

I NEVER  had a hard time understanding the writing, nor did I have to think hard to understand the story. The writing was very easy to get into. But the most important part here is pftt, duh. THAT ROMANCE THOUGH. There was never, EVA a dull moment. Sometimes in romances I’m bored with the back and forth but in this case, it always felt like it was going on. #YASS. 


Four feather rating

Does sex matter to you in a book? Can you live without having it in a book? Or is it NECESSARY?? For me…pfft, yeah for someone who hasn’t done “It” before, yeah, I’m curious with the whole mechanics of how all that stuff works. Plus, it’s fun to read about. 😉 

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17 responses to “TOTALLY BLAMING THIS BOOK FOR MAKING ME STAY UP ALL THE NIGHT! (Which was a result for me being ten times more cranky) Effortless By: S. C. Stephens

  1. I was told this one would drive me insane so I pretty much stayed far away. And I see that Kierra would probably have me raging. You’ve got more patience than I, my friend. 🙂

  2. It’s so funny because I did the same thing with the first book when it was first an indie book so I can totally relate! 😛 It was worth it though right? 😛

  3. Sophia Rose

    Now any book that makes you lose sleep b/c you can’t put it down is going to grab my attention. I love a good rockstar romance, too. Oh, but it does sound like they have some communication issues. Ha, you’ve claimed this book boyfriend, I see.
    Fun review, Keionda!

  4. Oh this book sounds like a joy! I’m glad you loved it so much, it’s so fun when an amazing book just blows your socks off, isn’t it? 😀

  5. Ah! I was OBSESSED with this series in college. I haven’t reread the books in a while, but I still remember them, with extreme fondness. I’m so glad you’re experiencing these books for the first time, and even more glad that you’re enjoying them so much!

  6. I’m not into rockstar romance, really, but I have read a few. This one has lots of drama in it. I love drama if it’s handled well; otherwise, I can’t take it. I sort of expect sex in adult romance, but it’s not something that I have to have. If I want to melt in my undies, i’d read some erotic romance. LOL! No, just because it’s romance, it doesn’t need sex. I love the getting together of the couples and trying to figure out their problems.

  7. evaallbooksconsidered

    hahaha I read these books about 3 years ago and they frustrated me SO freaking much! They are addictive but at the end I just wanted to punch something!!

    • THESE BOOKS ARE SO FREAKING FRUSTRATING AT TIMES and then at times I just want to love it to pieces! I LURVE the fact that I almost never knew what was going on. hehe

  8. I want to get started with this series sooo bad! I have the first two books just sitting on my shelf ready and waiting. I’ve heard some really good things and the synopsis (of the first one) makes me want to dive right in. So glad you loved this one!

    • Well then, I say WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU WAITING FOR THEN Tanya? GET TO READING GUH! When you DO start on the first one though, PUH-LEASE bring either tissue OR something to hold so you can throw IT instead of your book against the wall. 😉