Discussion: Judging a Book By Its Cover

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So I know it’s wrong to do but *ehem* this book lover tends to do judge a book by its over, like a lot. Now I know I’m not the only one and maybe you reading this now have wrongly judged a book before.

There’s just something about a book cover that makes me leap in the air for joy (figuratively speaking of course) or makes me want to hurl my Kindle across the room. (Still figuratively speaking.) 😉

I usually tend to stay FAR away from books with obvious Photoshoped covers. In that case, if a cover fails to appeal to me I’m going to pass it by.

I’m just not feelin’ it.

Believe me, I have done that before only to end up reading it later and being surprised by how amazing it was!! It even ended up on my bookshelf where only the best books I’ve ever read go. Ever since then, I learned a very valuable lesson about how not to judge a book by its cover. 😉

And what a lovely surprise it was when you do read it and figure out what a surprisingly amazing book it was! Am I right, or am I right??

I think that’s what makes this reading journey a blast for me. Meeting awesome people like you guys and meeting new characters and being reacquainted with old ones jus makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. You never can know when or where your next favorite book is going to come from. 🙂

But that’s just me. What are some determining factors that make or break a book for you? I want to hear them, so tell me! 😉 Have you ever judged a book, decided not to read it only to read it later and ended up loving it?



6 responses to “Discussion: Judging a Book By Its Cover

  1. I try not to judge a book by its cover. So many of my favourite books have awful cover designs. I usually turn to the reviews. I’m sold when Kirkus gives it a starred review 🙂

    • I agree girl! But sometimes it can be really hard though, right? I always, ALWAYYSSS love when I do decide to give a book a try and it turns out to surprise me and end up on my bookshelf (where I only put worthy books) hehe And I’m like you, depending on how many reviews a book has and also how many stars it has. (It can be unfair sometimes but I want to make sure that I’m paying my money on something good!
      Thanks for stopping by girlie! <3

  2. I have absolutely judged books by their covers. The thing about reviewing for a blog, I get lots of book review requests and I accept them based on a blurb and never see the cover. Later, I’ll see a cover and be amazed (sometimes not in a good way) b/c the covers either really shine or really do nothing for the story. The ones that really irritate me though are the ones that have nothing to do with the story. I read a paranormal romance with a dragon shifter and a vampire and the cover was just a guy in a suit. No where in the story was there a guy in a suit let alone the hero. Yeah, cover should at least try to help give a clue about the story inside.

    Nice discussion topic!

    • Gahhhh Sophia, I think we’re all guilty of doing judging a book by its cover without giving it a fair shot. 🙁 And YES! Sometimes it can be the other way around and it’ll have an AWESOMEEE book cover only to be an average story. (That’s why I tend to keep an eye on the ratings and reviews.) I’m not really a paranormal chick, but I already know I need to brand out like A LOT more. hehe

  3. I do judge books by their covers since covers are designed by marketing teams and are supposed to make potential buyers respond a certain way. Certain genres, for instance, tend to have certain types of covers. Many YA books have “pretty dresses” covers. Romances have half-clad couples on front. Because of this, it’s unlikely someone would put a half-clad couple on their sci-novel, even if there is a lot romance in it. They know that buyers would assume such a cover would mean fewer intergalatic battles and more closed-door action. So I think it’s fair to judge a book by its cover. The people making them are expecting you to.

    • You know, Krysta, I have never thought about it that way and that actually puts a lot of perspective on things for me. With your example about romance (Of course there is going to be half-clad couples on the front to draw attention whereas in a sci-fi novel, of course there’s going to be some kind of intergalactic battle. So yes, it is okay to judge a book in cases such as these. Thanks girl for that second perspective. 🙂