Discussion # 9: My Sweet Bumblebees, Why Do YOU Blog?

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                      Tiny life update:                                                                                                                                

                                                Yo, like real life SUCKS man.


I just graduated from a four year university and we allllll know how hard it is to find a job afterwards. So while not ripping my hair out and just laying on the floor to die, I’m hard at work looking for a job, writing, and blogging, reading to keep me a little bit sane which I think I’m borderrlining right now.

                                                                                                            *Rant terminated* 


Soooo, that brings me to my discussion for this week! Why do YOU blog? I saw this post recently on another blog and it got me to thinking. Some of the answers I saw ranged from: Comments, making connections, being up to date on current events, making friends, basically a TON of different answers. 

Is there a right answer to this question? PFFT. If there is, please be so kind to let me know. You want to know what I say? THERE IS NO RIGHT OR WRONG ANSWER. People blog for his or her or reasons. 


                         I BLOG FOR:

Meeting people that have the same likes and all that jazz. (And also because I’m literally such a loner in real life.) ‘Tis the truth my bumblebees, ’tis the honest truth. Being the shy little bumblebee I am, I like to stay in my personal bubble and no one had BETTER NOT enter it or… or… Well, I’ll get mad, you see.

ASDFDLearn about myself. Because  awesome and would like to discover just how awesome I in fact am. (Just kidding) (No I’m not.)  I feel like there’s a TON of bloggers that blog so they can have a voice and maybe find their own voice. I HAPPEN TO BE ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE . (I Sorry. I no mean to yell.) 

Comments. AND YES. I mean, ’tis the truth. Who doesn’t like getting comments?? It means people actually CARE enough, they’re reading your content and then took the time to comment. Anyone else get that giddy feeling when you check your comments and see one. *Blushes and looks down*


Make connections. We have the whollllee wide cyberspace to meet new people and GUESS WHAT? Those people know other people. AND GUESS WHAT AGAIN? Those other people know even more other people, so basically you know like a million people if you think about it. (‘Kay, maybe not a million, but I hope you catch my drift.) We have the chance to meet so many people if we’re willing to meet people and make those connections. –>Really hope this makes sense….

Step out of comfort bubbleBelieve it or not, I tend to be on the shy side when it comes to talking to people and meeting new ones. So I feel blogging has had its affect on me in that I am now more or less comfortable when engaging in a conversation without me blubbering and then the conversation turns super awkwardo… (it has happened. it shall happen again.) –> I’d hope not.




                                  Over to you:

Why do you blog? Have any OTHER reasons besides the ones I have? I’m sure there’s like a TON of other reasons! 




23 responses to “Discussion # 9: My Sweet Bumblebees, Why Do YOU Blog?

  1. Reasons aside from the ones you already listed?! That’s hard! All of those are my reasons, too! But I guess I also blog to improve myself. My writing skills, my graphic-making skills (trust me, I’ve improved since then! HAHA), and my creativity, too! I always want to do new things, and my blog has become an avenue for that 🙂

    Faye at The Social Potato

    • First of all, let me just say you ROCK at graphics, and drawing too (Like with say it with Bubbles, you draw those, right?) So, I’ll just follow in your footsteps and hope to learn a bunch! <3

  2. Oh these are great reasons to blog!! I love that you’re pushing yourself to do something slightly out of your comfort zone. I wish more people would, but some are just so set in their ways and are afraid to try new things. Blogging really does connect you to others, and it’s super fun 🙂 Nice post!

    Rachel @ A Perfection Called Books

  3. All lovely reasons, and yep I love comments, replying, visiting, connecting and sharing my passion for books..but it also gets me out of my shell, and the things I have learned..priceless.

    • Kim, you and me both! I really need to learn how to get out of my shell in real life. I LOVE how blogging has helped me approach strangers online and say hi! 🙂

  4. I know how hard it is to find a job and job searching is the worst. Good luck and I hope you find something soon! I blog for mostly the same reason as you listed here, I love receiving comments, meeting new people and making online friends, I sure lack those in real life. I also blog because I love it and I enjoy sharing my thought with the world. Writing reviews has become part of my reading process and I can’t imagine not writing reviews. Blogging helped me find my own voice as well and learn more about what I like in books and yes maybe even about myself. At first it was also out of my comfort zone, but nowadays I think blogging has become part of comfort zone. I am pretty shy in real life as well and I fidn it easier to connect with people online. Great topic and you make some great points here!

    • Thank you for all of your warm wishes Lola! It’s a struggle so I’m hoping to land a job soon, been working on my resume sooooo, pray for me please. 😉 Meeting new people and comments are THE BEST! I’m pretty shy as well so blogging (for the both of us, I see) has had a very positive affect on us! <3

  5. Honestly I just started doing it for fun and to let others know what I was reading and what I recommended since I had a ton of fmaily ask me that all the time. But now, I definitely do it more for the “companionship” so to speak of being around others that share my same passion.

  6. Great post girl!
    I blog because I don’t work… I read a lot and have to share. My hubby earns good money so I get to stay home and do what ever the kids need from me. Our youngest started school this year, so now I should get a job, but I am a little lazy, enjoying my alone time right now!
    I like making friends that I wouldn’t have a chance to meet otherwise too!

    Naomi @ Naomi’s Reading Palace

    • I’m so jelly that you get to read WAYYYY MORE than me. I used to be able to do that, but now I have other things preventing me from doing so. 🙁 Hopefully one day soon I’ll be able to pick up reading again. hehe

  7. This is SUCH a great discussion! I think one of the main reasons I blog is that because — in real life — I am a terribly shy person, but online, it’s SO much easier for me to express myself. And hey, I do have quite a bit to say. 😉

  8. Ro

    Let me first say CONGRATS on your diligence in getting that 4 year degree. I know there were days that you pulled your hair out, so that news is fantastic! That being said, yes, it can be a struggle to get a job, but I’ve found that praying that God places you in the right job at the right time works, so hang in there. I blogged about this a little while ago, because, like you, I was curious. I’m one of those people who have a lot of trivia rolling around in my head, and I tend to share it, unfortunately for friends and family. Sometimes a little too much. (lol) So I figured since they were tired of listening to me, why not share it with strangers and meet new friends? Yay! As it evolved, I realized I could talk about books/authors, sweepstakes and food! Yes! Ultimately, I’ve always been an advocate for victims/survivors of abuse, so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to champion for those who needed support. I’ve met some neat people, including yourself, and I can’t imagine not blogging. Great topic and BIG Hugs again for your accomplishments! How’s that for long-windedness? (lol)

    • THERE WERE SO MANY DAYS I wanted to just rip my hair out Ro! Even now when I’m diligently job hunting. (You are very sweet! Thank you so much for all of your kind words. That’s why I am in love with this community!) <3 I’ve been praying to God everyday that He puts me where he wants me and in the right time (Because we both know He doesn’t play us rushing him) teehee. Wise words! And yes! Blogging has been a great method for me too, to express myself and get out of my stuffy shell:)

  9. Heeeey sweetheart 😀 Woush what a question! Hahaa.. I guess we all blog for the reasons you named up there but yeah blogging is so much fun. Communicating in the world of blogosphere is amazing. And that specially when you meet other fella bloggers who are so kind and loving just like you are 😀

    Btw, guess what? I nominated you for the Liebster Award 😀 If you are up for a little fun you can surely do it 🙂 I’d love to get to know you better 😉 Hahaa. Hey this is an awesome discussion. Thanks so much Keionda 😀

    • Heeenna! Hey girl! How you been? 🙂 And yay thank you so much for the award! (But do you know I was already tagged for it and actually did it so it’s on my page if you want to see it!) <3 Thank you boo! You’re so sweet! *virtual hugs and kisses*

  10. Congratulations on graduating! I feel you. I’ve been a college graduate bum for like a year already. It’s kinda hard to get a job immediately, which had led me to start blogging. I wanted to establish something, and develop my writing skills too. I’ve always wanted to work for a publication or as a writer in a company, so I thought my blog can help me create a writing portfolio in case I start to look for writing jobs soon. 😀

    And yes! Connections and friends too! I’ve met awesome people in the blogosphere, and even connected with a few indie authors that I’m now friends with. 😀

    I hope you get a job soon! 😀 My mom’s advice is to not be picky when it comes to applying for work (even though I am) since we’ve got no work experience as graduates. I’m trying to keep that in mind too, lol.

    • I loved hearing about your dreams! Just keep pushing forward girl! Blogging is the perfect way for you to perfect your writing skills so just pray and let God lead you the rest of he way. 🙂 (I too had to learn the hard way when I was comparing myself to other “more experienced” workers. I’m a newly graduate so…. no experience my way. teehee

  11. Oh, wow, congratulations on graduating – what an absolutely incredible accomplishment, and I wish you the very best of luck in finding a job! <3 I suppose a large part of the reason why I blog is to hone my writing skills and share some of my work with like-minded people; it's something I'm quite passionate about, and finding friends online who enjoy the same things I do has been a dream come true. It's all about the connections, no?

    • Aww thank you Topaz! (LOVE the name btw.) It’s so different and unique! I’m still in job searching mode so say a couple of prayers for me. Gosh. And like you, YES, I’m doing it to better my writing skills and share my passion: BOOKS! BOOKS! BOOOOOKSS! (Sorry, kind of got excited there) teehee And yes! You’re absolutely correct, it’s all about those awesome connections <3

  12. For me, I personally blog because I want to meet people who love books like me. None of my friends like books as much as I do. They prefer anime and manga. I want to talk to bookish people. And share my love of books.
    And I want to make connections like you. I want to have these people to hang with when I travel all over the world. (Because we all know it’s going to happen.)
    And comments are amazing. They make my day!

    • You’re speaking my language Wren! None of my friends read books AT ALL. My mom kind of reads but she’s reading the same series for the fifth time now so it doesn’t really count. AND OMG YES YOU ARE SO RIGHT. I LOVE to travel, so it would be awesome to meet these awesome people IN REAL LIFE. Now you have me daydreaming about it. 🙂