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                        Yayyyy. Keionda’s back in the house. *Throws sprinkly confetti*
                                                                                      Just FABULOSO!

 As you’ve maybe noticed, I’ve been a bit M.I.A. in the Blogosphere. I’ve had a pretty busy week and when my: “I’m-going-to-schedule-my-posts-ahead-of-time” didn’t go so well on Sunday, I’ve been scrambling ever since to get reorganized and all that good stuff.  

Anywho, I have absolutely no idea why I titled this post as a “discussion” because, well.. I’m not going to be talking about much about anything lessen on “discussing” much. 

But then oh great Keionda, why have you gifted us with this post then? 

                              Settle down, settle downnnn  my bookish friends. I’ll shall get to that really soon.

So, with my busy-filled and hard week I was motivated to put up this post mainly to spark up some encouragement and motivation. Because let’s be for realz, we all need a little love in our hearts every once and a while. Yes??


We’ve all had those days, those moments where we’ve just wanted to crawl into a hole and never resurface.

But it’s the truth. So instead of posting my normal awesome-filled posts, I thought I would pile together a list of my most favorite quotes that always lift my spirits when I’m in need of some good inspiration, encouragement, motivation, etc.

                                                   Do you guys feel all like, motivated and encouraged yet?

No? Well, I have come prepared and have supplied you guys with some encouraging quotes I came across while I was wasting time on Pinterest when I should have been writing this post. 

They helped me. And I hope they help you too.




Sometimes it’s SO EASY to stress and stress when all we should be worrying about is living for the now and enjoying the present. Kick that other stuff to the curve yo.  Go away tough stuff. 



I am SO IN LOVE with this quote. No. Not only because THE J.K. Rowling said it, but because it shows you that no matter what happens to you in life. YOU have the power and the capability of turning all that ugliness into something beautiful. (And maybe even have your books so famous, they get turned into movies and you can influence generations.) –Okay, maybe not thaaaat, BUT, it would be pretty friggin’ awesome.  



This quote basically speaks for itself.  Just keep smiling, just keep smiling. (In my Dory from Finding Nemo singsong voice)


                Like, I legit just want to sit here and stare at this quote all day. It makes me happy. On the real though.  




It’s hard when the people you love the most and who’s opinion you value may not understand or believe in your dreams. I’ve gone through this and IT SUCKS. So, if you’re going through it, just know that whatever you are doing, IT IS IMPORTANT.  



How many of us have struggled only to find that later on, BAM!, our very own problems not only changed us for the better but, made us STRONGER and molded us into better people in the process? How freakin’ FABTASTICAL is that??



                                            Gosh. I just.. gosh. Have no words. The quote speaks quite well for itself yo. 


This post was kind of shortish BUT at any rate, I hope it was able to throw some happiness into your life and remind you that no matter how dark things seem, there’s ALWAYS  a super bright light at the end of it, just beckoning you toward it. So, hang on my bookish friends and you shall overcome!

                                 Sending you guys virtual hugs and kissies!   *Gives you a tackling hug* 

                                                                       Over to you:

Did you like any of these quotes? Which were YOUR fav? Annndd, did they lift your spirits and give you that extra umph you needed? I surely hope so.





31 responses to “Discussion #6^^ Put a Lil’ Love in Your ♥

  1. Broken crayons still color! Yessss. I love quotes that leave an impression and just make you think about life. I’ve been floundering for the past 2.5 years, and blogging has helped channel some of the stress and depression from my psyche. There are days that I don’t feel like posting anything, but I can read no matter what mood I’m in. No matter what, life goes on. I’ve found an outlet beyond just reading a book, and I love talking about books and bookish things. Like, I have a bookshelf full of swag (bookmarks, pencils, mugs, pens, stickers, etc..) that I’ve collected over the years before I started this blogging journey, and have no idea what to do with them. I may just box them up and give them away. There’s even freaking eye shadow and lip gloss! LOL! I may throw those away because I know they aren’t any good from just sitting on the shelf for years. Except for The Winner’s Curse eye shadow.

    In other words, you will find a medium and get back on track with all things bookish. I’ve been through hell and back these few years, but books have kept me afloat. Blogging is just another outlet that I can unleash some tension on you all. I have no doubt that you will get back in the game girly!!

    • Allllll that swag girlllll. (I don’t have a lick of swag and being a new blogger I have NO idea how you get them.) And that eye shadow and lip gloss? DEFINITELY don’t throw them away! Hehe and like you Lekeisha, (omg I just spelled your name without having to check for errors) ehem, sorry, like you though I LOVE writing and talking about books and YES it can be an amazing way to unleash all that pent up negativity we carry around with us in life. I can so relate girl!

  2. Sometimes life gets really busy that we have no time to blog but just always remember that it happens to everyone so we understand if you’re been MIA for awhile 😉 I love all these quotes! I can’t pick! I do love what J.K. Rowling said, I think it’s very true and the one that said everything happens for a reason. And the one about your journey. I love them all honestly though! Awesome post Keionda!

    • Me toooooo Amir! It was just so hard to choose from but I really, reallyyy like the one by J.K. Rowling. 🙂 and you know what? I feel a lot better now knowing that this happens to everyone and not just me. 🙂 thanks for understanding! ♡♡

  3. They all made me smile:D I like the “Broken Crayons Can Still Color” the best! Glad to see you’re back in action! I know you were super busy with work and working out:D

    • YES Lanie!! I really like that one as well. It was the one I could most relate to. And working out lately has been a huge fail since it’s like 100 degrees outside (hehe not really)

  4. I’m the kind of person who’s like “these quotes are so lame” on the outside but really, I like them. They give me hope and when we’re feeling really down, hope is the only thing. JK’s story is inspiring and amazing. I love everything about her writing and her perserverance.

  5. HNNNNNGGG, that J.K. Rowling post actually put a tear to my eye. It’s seriously so powerful, and it’s only a simple phrase! She is so right, though… we become stronger through our hardships. When we go through a problem and overcome them, we usually come out and stand having learned something from the experience, values and insights that would help us along the way and mold us into the people we will eventually become.

    Amazing post, lovely! This hit me right in the feels!

    Faye at The Social Potato

  6. LOVE those quotes, even though they rarely make me feel inspired to do anything other than muse on how deep the quote is and then five seconds later completely forget about it and go on with my procrastination 😛 Glad to have you back!

    • Gosh! I know right. Hehe but at least I hope they still made you feel slightly better for the moment you read them. 🙂 glad to have you back as well chica!♡♡

  7. Hey there! I’m a new visitor and I hope to visit regularly 🙂 This is such a motivational post! Thank you for this. I’m sure that you made a lot of your readers smile because of this post!

  8. You know, I love all these quotes. Sometimes it is posts like this that you need! And they really do help you push on and keep going :3 Thanks for sharing these <3

  9. These are some great quotes for encouragement. I especially like those about the crayons, so powerfull! I think remembering that things will get easier and that there is light can be very helpfull. Some days will be hard, but it will be worth it. I hope you’re feeling better!

  10. Oh those absolutely help the mind smile. I love the one about going through tough times so we can see our strength. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Cait @ Paper Fury

    I quite liked the crayons one and the JK Rowling one was very inspiring. <3 HUZZAH FOR BEAUTIFUL QUOTES.
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!