I’m So Excited! And I Shan’t Hide It!

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Do you guys get that rush? That feeling of blissful EXCITEMENT? Does your heart flip in your chest or does it just stall altogether?

 If this has happened to you my dear bumblebee then you, you have run across a bookstore. I can’t explain to you guys how AWESOME AND COMPLETE my life feels when I spot one. Barnes and Nobles? Books a million?

                                                          KEIONDA DOESN’T CARE. SHE IS NOT A PICKY.


    Le feelings a bookstore insights in you: (may or may not be accurate.)


  1. You’re in awe. You’re standing outside this wonderful place and are just dying to go inside but sadly you have tp wait for mom, kids, three legged dog. Whatever the case, you’re impatient to the point where you’re salivating THAT’S HOW BAD YOU WANNA GO IN.


  1. You’re so excited you bolt blindly across the street, not bothering to look to the left or right because of your anxiety to GET IN THERE. You’re almost hit by a car, no actually one of the cars actually hits you. You fly to the ground but you hop back up, brush off, and you know what you do? You swagger on into the bookstore. YOU HAS NO SHAME. NOT A DROP.
  1. Bracing your hands on your knees, you suck in lungfuls of air making people cut their judgmental eyes at you asking themselves WHY, IN TARNATIONS ARE YOU BREATHING SO HARD, YO?? But you ignore them: Family, friends, three legged dog behind, YOU IGNORE THEM ALL. You’re in the place you want to be.
  1. You’re SO OVERJOYED. To your right is the coffee shop. You don’t even have to look because YOU JUST KNOW. You’d know the smell of fresh grinded coffee anywhere. –》you’re also partial to those lemon or blueberry scones and how about those CAKE POPS though? But let’s not worry about the food now. IT’S THE BOOKS YOU WANT.


  1. It’s such a wonderful feeling to not only SEE a bookstore with your very pupils but to also be granted entry into the wonderful domain of le bookstore. Now it’s time to spread your baby bumblebee wings. Let us explore the asiles of young adult, fantasy and if we’re feeling particularly daring how about we explore the romance aisles without blushing too hard. Run your hands lovingly along the spines.


‘Tis a glorious time indeed. A very eye opening, special time for us book lovas everywhere. Teehee I also failed to mention the fact that I usually wouldn’t buy any of the books in the bookstore because PFFT. They’re unnecessarily expensive and PFFTS AGAIN. I’M POOR. (But shh, you didn’t hear that from me.)

 Wanna know a way to make Keionda heart you FO EVA and EVA? 

 YOU BUY ME BOOK. YOU BUY ME BOOK RIGHT NOW. –》 particularly a 500-700 page behemoth book but if it is in fact 300-400 pages, I’m cool. (I’m not a picky)

If you take part in this simple task, You have a BEST FRIEND in me. I will gladly race beside you in war unless which of course I chicken out and push you ahead and let you go for what you know. Either way, I’m coollio with it.



                                    Over to you:

 How do you guys feel when you’re up close and personal with a bookstore. Do you get all excited? Please say yes so I don’t feel completely weird but making this post. *looks around for someone to raise their hand*

                                                                         Don’t forget to be awesome!



48 responses to “I’m So Excited! And I Shan’t Hide It!

  1. What a fun creative post Keionda! I definitely get that excited feeling like I’m at home in a bookstore, I love it 🙂 I go to my local one frequently lol, but yeah a lot of the time it’s just to check out the new releases.

    • Thanks Jeann! <3 I think I love the SMELLS of a bookstore most of all, you know? And like you said, IT MAKES ME FEEL LIKE COMING HOME! Who doesn’t LURVE to be surrounded by books, books, books, coffee, and books??

    • I’m sad to say that it has been SO LONG that I’ve actually gone inside of an ACTUAL book store and purchased an ACTUAL book, you know?? GAH. *Sulks in a corner and weeps*

  2. I think all book lovers go berserk when they spot a bookstore. I do! While vacationing in Orlando a couple years ago, I went crazy in a little strip mall when I spotted a book seller. They had so many of my favorite Classics, that I had to get them all. I pass Books-A-Million everyday on my way to work and I want to stop every time. Nothing beats a good bookstore.

    • I’M SO gratified you’ve told me this because I thought I was alone in going all BESERK-LIKE when spotting a bookstore, only to receive sideways glances and that raised brow. KEIONDA NO CURR. I’m not a fan of Books-A-Million. It’s like I WANT to be…but I’m not? Barnes and Noble all the way girlfran! 😉

  3. HA. I love ALL of this Keionda! I need to take more time and peruse my bookstores, I usually just make a beeline to YA – my section of choice.

    I especially love finding indie bookstores. Each one has something different to offer and I love the staff!

    • YOU’RE SPEAKING MY LANGUAGE AMBER! I love it! <3 I usually make it a point to beeline straight for YA and NA (Sometimes) I’m indecisive like that. <3

  4. Ahhh I get SO excited when I spot a bookstore! I have to always find an excuse to go inside (but really, who even needs an excuse? A bookstore? Let’s go immediately!) There’s nothing like wandering through floors/aisles of books. I always feel that way about libraries too!

    • Nothing can be the smells Nicola! NOTHING. I’m all for skipping shopping for shoes and shooting straight for a bookstore. No shame. I has no shame. And YES! There is NOTHING (And I repeat, NOTHING) like wandering the aisles of bookstores and libraries! <3

  5. aentee @ read at midnight

    I get so excited when I see the new bookstore. Why do they all smell so good?! It’s absurd haha!

  6. I get excited too! We don’t have Barnes and Noble and Books a Million in Singapore, but we do have Kinokuniya. Bookstores are the best, especially indie ones!

    • I forgot you were in Singapore girl! (It’s so cool to have friends from all over) 😉 I can’t believe you don’t have Barnes and Noble or Books-A-Milion there. MY LIFE WOULD BE DEVASTATED IF THEY SUDDENLY DISAPPEARED. I’m just saying. Kinokuniya? (I’m sure you would laugh and point your finger at me if I made an attempt to pronounce that…) *shudders*

  7. LOL I want to pet them all. They’re all just so pretty lined up all neat and tidy together waiting to be brought home. I have book club tonight and woots! we meet at a B&N so there will be book pettage happening 😉

    • I’ve never actually pet a book before (Although, I came REALLL close to doing so) It’s just so fun to see books, even though I’m dirt poor and….well, I can’t actually afford them. So I just book shop (The equivalent to window shopping) teehee

  8. Olivia-Savannah

    I LOVE being a bookstore. Namely when I am visiting family back in England because you know, then the books are actually English! But I love the feeling of browsing and I usually end up with like, 10 books and in reality am only allowed to buy two so then we get the stressful decision. And it is very likely that in the end you end up with two that aren’t even in the original pile. But whoa I love the description you had. Hit by a car? Doesn’t matter! BOOKS~

    • YOU’RE SO RIGHT LIV! It doesn’t even matter, because: BOOKS! I don’t know what it is about those lovely places (and I’ve always wanted to work in a book store) Never a library, because they’re usually smaller. A bookstore is where it’s HAPPENIN’) I’m aware that makes no sense at all…just wanted to you FEEL my excitement. 😉

      • Olivia-Savannah

        Oh I would be so happy working in a bookstore and recommending books all the time. #lifegoals

  9. RO

    Like you, I get super excited, but I’m not nearly as good as you when it comes to expressing it! (lol) Totally love this post, because only a book reader and friends can truly understand it. It’s like being in another world where me and all those books/magazines can bond. Hugs…Ro

    • Aww Gawrsh Ro *blushes* STAHP IT. <3 And yes! Only a book person could truly relate. I’m guilty for sniffing pages and drinking wayyyy to much coffee when reading.. teehee

  10. I’m excited at your description of being excited, which is a problem with it only being 5:45am and no bookstores are open unless I fly to a neighbouring country.

    I don’t like chain bookstores. Some are okay, but they don’t seem to have that real bookish smell that smaller, more quaint bookshops have. I like to find little hidden gems and in those smaller ones, you just never know what you’ll find on their shelves. That’s it, I’ll have to go book sniffing on the weekend now. Get myself a frappe and spend the day bookshop hopping <3

    • You could always be a total creeper and stand in front of the bookstore windows, staring longingly into the windows, wishing you were inside until it’s time to understand. I would TOTALLY understand Yo. No judgment here. 😉

  11. So true! Even if I don’t buy anything, I just love walking through a bookstore and being surroudned by books. It just makes me feel at ease to be in a bookstore. Although I usually order books online for the same reason as you, books in stores are pricey and I don’t have all the money in the world to spend. I recently visited a city close by where the bookstore had gotten a new building and it was so fun to walk around in it. I’ve never been to a B&N or books a million though. We only have one waterstone’s in the netherlands and beside that got lots of smaller or dutch bookstore chains.

    • YES! YES! AND OH YES! I totally agree L! <3 I don’t know why, but I always, always, ALWAYS feel at ease and at home when coming into a bookstore. There’s something about the coffee smells, the people, and the BOOKS (Oh, those glorious books) That make me just want to go all crazy and buy EVERYTHANG! <3

  12. Oh my goodness Keionda! I totally feel this post on a deep level! I immediately get blinders on when I go into a bookstore – I have to check out all my spots, and then just wander around, I could be there for hours. It’s always best to go alone I think – that way annoying family and friends don’t look at you with puppy dog eyes asking when they can leave. 😛

    • GIRL! You have no idea how excited I get when I see one! And just like you said, the blinders go up and I PROCEED TO ACT LIKE A SCHOOL GIRL WITH HER VERY FIRST CRUSH. The excitement is SO real. <3 I could be in there for hours and not even realized I was in there for so long! <3

  13. nightowlbook

    I love it, I think I love it more now because I don’t get to visit it as much as I want to, but when I lived in the city and was able to just walk there – I think I was there a couple of times a week.

  14. Every time I’m with someone I always get a ‘so, do you need to go in there?’ when we pass a bookstore 😛 hehe I’m going to visit a friend later this year, and we plan to visit a bunch of bookstores. I mean, why do actual touristy stuff when there’s books to be browsed?

    The only problem I have with my local stores is that they don’t always have what I want, so I end up buying online a lot (it’s almost always cheaper to do so too!)

    I remember the first time I went into a Borders (when they existed). My reaction was ‘WHAT DO YOU MEAN, THERE’S MULTIPLE FLOORS OF BOOKS?!’ and the first time I went into a B&N when I first visited the USA, I probably would have moved right on in and stayed there for weeks if I could 😛

    • Baha! Well Wattle, at least you have friends that actually know you and accept your intense love for books so much! <3 It’s been so long since I’ve been able to step inside of a real bookstore (busy with school and work stuff) I’m not familiar with Borders but THAT WILL NOT stop me from visiting one if I ever see it! BOOKS! BOOKS! AND MORE BOOKS! <3

    • I’m more of a bookstore person Jaz. Idk, it seems that the libraries I come in contact with never have what I’m interested in? Maybe I’m just being a picky though. teehee

  15. YES YES YES AND MORE YES! I loveeee bookstores and the beauty part is, there are three near my college! I love them all and I’m on first name basis with all the staff 😀 I FEEL ALL THE THINGS WITH THIS POST and I can totally understand each and every thing you feel BECAUSE I FEEL THEM TOO.

    And a coffee shop next to a bookstore is probably what paradise looks like.

    *Rhea @ Rhea’s Neon Journal*

    • GIRL WE ARE SO TWINING RIGHT NOW! I don’t think even words could express my deep love for bookstores! <3 And a freaking coffee shop right next door to it you say?? Who needs Hawaii or the Bahamas anyway? Pfft. I’d rather camp out at the bookstore anyway! xoxo

  16. rebelliouscupid

    I used to really love bookstores 🙁 Now since my reading taste has shifted, it’s really hard for me to find the books that I want to read without ordering them and by then I could have just gotten them on amazon. I do however love to just go to look at the books. Yes I’m that bizarre.

    • Girl Barnes and Noble doesn’t have what you like? I know your’e into the WoC and diversity, but isn’t there an aside dedicated to it? There has to be diverse book section in either Barnes and Noble or Books A Million. But idk, and YES, I have my Kindle so it’s all TOO EASY to just one click buy all of my books and have them there. <3

  17. I used to LOVE going to Barnes and Noble, but I’ve gotten out of the book buying habit (my wallet is very thankful). Now I rarely buy books and when I do, i usually get them online because they are cheaper, or get ebooks because those are usually ALOT cheaper haha. I still love going to Barnes and Noble and just LOOKING at all the pretty books – IS THAT WEIRD?!

    • Girl, I’m so dirt poor right now, I’ve resorted to re-reading books that I’ve already bought so I can still be in the reading train of mind and stuff. and GIRL ebooks are supposed to be a lot cheaper BUT…Tell me why an ebook I was seconds away from purchasing was 8 freaking dollars!?? Where they do that at??

  18. I don’t think I could express my feelings any better than you have just done… haha. Spot on 🙂
    The gent has told me that I look somewhere in between a kid in a candy store and a kitten who is about to be fed. Hahaha. He knows me so well 😉