How AMAZE-BALLS is it To Have Friends from the OTHER SIDE of the UNIVERSE?? #WAYCOOL

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You and I, we’ve never met personally, so HOW oh HOW is it that I feel closer to YOU guys then I do my own IRL friends? Pfft. That’s a laugh. I don’t have IRL friends….

How frigging AMAZE-LIGHT BALLS is it that we’ve never personally met but we can still share so much, have so much in common, and have the same OBSESSION with books, blogging, and meeting new people?? Someone please explain this to me because….I just can’t. I can’t..


I’ve learned about customs, culture, and I’ve seen pictures of different places like Australia, the Phillipines, and India. I’ve learned about the foods one typically finds in these places. And believe it or not, that’s the way I learned Spanish, I have friends from South America, Puerto Rico, México, (basically all the Spanish speaking countries) and guess what? I MET THEM ALL ONLINE! That’s also how I met my boyfriend. (He’s from the Dominican Republic)

But anywho, like I said, even though we’ve never met, you guys all hold a very special place in my heart! Ive never been to a conference but it’s one of my dreams to go to one! Maybe I can meet one of you sweet bumblebees in the process one day! That would be epical!

Don’t laugh at me but I don’t even know what goes in at a conference other than the fact that bookish people meet other bookish people and it’s also an opportunity to meet authors. Am I right?

Since I’m still jobless and the pennies in my wallet are gathering dust bunnies, nor do I have  funds for airfare….or a train…and my bike has a flat tire, looks like I won’t be going to BEA anytime soon…



                              Over to you:

Do you like meeting others from all over the country? Hoe many friends do you guys have? Or are you so popular that you’ve lost count? Teehee TELL ME ALL.




28 responses to “How AMAZE-BALLS is it To Have Friends from the OTHER SIDE of the UNIVERSE?? #WAYCOOL

  1. Sophia Rose

    Hmmm, interesting question. I have a handful of good friends IRL and I have noticed that the internet has allowed me to connect with folks all over the world and make friends.
    I’m not a social butterfly and have never been popular, but I have been blessed with friends.
    I haven’t been to a conference, either. I would like to go to one someday.

    • I’m SO not social in real life but then it’s WEIRD because then I find that on some days I’m an extrovert and then some days I’m an introvert? I mean…does that make any sense at all? Probably not. And I agree with you! I’ve never been the “popular one” but that doesn’t matter because we’re happy with the group of friends we DO have!:)

  2. I used to have pen pals from countries like Seychelles and Malaysia. It was fun. I enjoyed learning about their culture. I’d always get this fluttery feeling whenever I received a new letter in my mailbox 🙂 We never meet in person, though. It’s brilliant.

    • You know girl? I don’t think it matters all the time whether or not you’ve met someone in person! I feel like I know you even better than people here that I’m around, like a work and stuff. So it’s super cool to get to meet people ADN learn about them, that’s for sure! <3

  3. RO

    This is a great topic, and reminds me of the coolness of meeting new friends who share the same things you do from other countries and states. I was surprised when I realized Anna from Herding Cats actually lives to me, and it was even more fun when we met up in person to talk about books, food and social media. I declare it seems like I’ve met my soulmates in the book world from being on-line and it seems crazy! Meeting you, and others from Canada, France, Switzerland and more is so cool, and I love seeing the culture from all those places, that I may not ever know about. Now, let’s hear more about the Dominican Republic! *heh* Hugs…

    • I KNOW RIGHT?? You are so right, RO! I love the fact that I can meet people from all over! It’s like a dream come true even though I’m like, totally poor and have 0 money to travel! Baha! I still love the fact that I was able to meet you through blogging! This experience really has changed my life for the better! <3

  4. I’m not a very “in your face” social person. I’m kinda shy and like to stay to myself. But….I do want to meet some fellow bloggers one day. I plan to go to BEA next year, so fingers crossed!

    • I’ll pray for you that you get to go to BEA next year! And hey, maybe we’ll meet there! <3 And I so agree girl, I’ve never been an “in your face” type of person here. I’m more like…”get out of my face” type of person. Teehee! Not really

  5. I love how we can connect to one another from wherever we are in the world and although we all share a love for books, for so many of us it goes beyond that. It’s finding someone to relate to, to talk to and to just be really. I have a lot of bloggers that live within an hour or two of me, but being older and having responsibilities it’s so hard to get together without feeling rushed or stressed. I’d like to make more of an effort this year to be more social with bookish buddies too <3

    • Hey KELS! Here’s to you and I both getting on the bus of being more social! This is something I’m really slacking in and it makes me sad because I want to make more friends! I agree that when life gets stressful, it’s HARD, SUPER, SUPER HARD to get with the swing of things! 🙁

  6. What a great topic! I don’t have many bookish friends IRL but oh the people I’ve met online through my blog, through BookTube, through GoodReads… it’s awesome! I’m even looking forward to meeting some of them live and in person at ApollyCon this month. 🙂 (Btw, learned of your blog thru a mention on Jazmen’s recent blog post. 🙂

    • Hey girl! <3 I’m glad you took the time to stop by then! It’s always AMAZING to meet new people so I’m super honored to add you as one of my blogging friends! <3 And I’m not really social in real life but online it’s like BOOM. HERE I AM. Teehee!

  7. That’s what I love about the blogosphere, it’s a way to meet people who share the same hobby, namely reading and whom I probably never would’ve met or meet in real life, but we can still become close friends. I don’t think I ever will go the america’s as I don’t have enough money and an terrified of airplanes, but I do hope someday I might be able to meet a few of the awesome bloggers, readers and authors I met online in real life.

    • I really hope you’re one of the bloggers I get to meet one day L because you were really one of the VERY FIRST bloggers I started to follow (back when I was really, really shy for talking to bloggers) I still am…ack! Teehee! But yes, you’re a really great blogger and have taught me so much! <3

  8. Olivia-Savannah

    It is super cool! And to know you’re all connected and global rocks! I go to an International school which kind of boosts that aspect because I have friends who have moved back home to places like India and Latvia and Singapore and gosh, everything is so fancy. I love hearing about different cultures especially, so this makes me all the more happy 😀

    • YOU GO TO AN INTERNATIONAL. SCHOOL?? How wicked cool is THAT?? And why the heck did I never know this? I would love to go to an international school like that, because like you said, it gives you such a unique experience to be able to interact with people you would never have been a let to talk to before AND you get to learn about their culture/food! (And who the HECK doesn’t like/appreciate food??) Baha!

      • Olivia-Savannah

        Oh my goodness Keionda, you would love the fairs we have. There’s like a stall for every country and AARGH IT’S FOOD HEAVEN.

    • I’m SO HAPPY you were able to meet with them iN REAL LIFE! This is one of my dreams! I would love to be able to meet some of my blogging friends in real life! <3

  9. Yes to all this! It’s wonderful to have gotten to know people from all over the world through our love of books! I’m echoing the commenter above with how it’s hard to find bookish friends IRL, so having the internet is fantastic. Hopefully we will all meet up eventually, but it’s already great to just check in with people through their blog or social media. I feel like it’s a new progression in relationships, and just as valuable as knowing someone in real life. But still though – maybe BEA in a few years! 😀

    • Having friends on the Internet REALLY is valuable! I SO love the fact that I’m not only to interact with you but I know the things you love. (Disney) and all that stuff! You have the chance to learn about so many people, cultures, and BOOKS! It don’t get any better than that! <3

  10. YAY TANYA!

    I’m very much a to myself kind of person but that’s not to say I won’t chat someone up if they chat me up. But I have a limit. There’s but so much talking I can do a day before I feel mentally drained. It’s just something about a lot of talking that I just cannot do. I’ve never had a lot of friends–and I’m cool with it. I have found that I’ve made more friends with people from blogging or goodreads than IRL. I was hoping for BEA this year but I don’t know yet. Still a thought.

    • OMG JAZ! You and I are so much alike! I always wondered what it was that made me so tired and mentally drained about social media! It’s the talking part that gets me which is why I’m a total FAIL at social media sometimes! <3 I’m so glad you brought this up because now it all just makes sense now! <3

  11. aentee @ read at midnight

    I love getting to know people from all over the world by being online! I mean, I can literally know which books are on sale in the States or what the weather is like in the UK just by checking in on my twitter feed. I hope to get to meet some of the wonderful people I’ve met online IRL one day as well <3

    • It’s one of my dreams to be able to meet all of the awesome people I’ve met online IRL! How wicked cool would that be?? And I have to get into the social media aspect of it more because I really need to learn to be more social like you. #FAILWHALE

  12. It’s really amazing how many awesome people you can meet in our community. I’m more of a homebody these days and though I have some real life friends I totally prefer handing with my e-ones a lot of time. lol Man that sounds so bad! But you end up spending more time with those e-friends since it’s easier to chat since everyone is just right there online all the time vs planned get togethers in real life that take time. Plus we all have so much in common! I love it. I have gotten to meet a handful of ladies that are blogger friends in real life which was great. Ro from up above lives not far from me and Sharon from I Smell Sheep does as well so we see each other for events now and again which is fun 🙂 I’m always going on that I wish we could ALL get together despite being all over the world. Would be so much dang fun!