Discussion # 18: ^^Yo, Guys Come Hither So We Can Discuss Le Food.

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Just as proof of how random I am, I was thinking about food and books (which usually happens like all the time.) SO, this discussion post came to mind and I have to say…I believe this post is pretty freaking awesome and it has succeeded in making me hungry. In today’s post, I want to discuss what food accompanies you while reading? Don’t understand? Welllll keep reading, yo.

  1. Say you’re reading a romance book. What you gonna eat? (You know, just to get yourself in that “I’m-reading-a-steamy-romance-and-things-are-about! TO-GO-DOWN” type of mood.) *wink wink* 


                       Le Types of Food:



 Heart shaped candies. HOW KA-UTE WOULD THIS BE?

UntitledGCandy corn in those little cute heart shaped they sell during Valentine’s day? OH. OH HECKS YES.

2. What if you’re reading a mystery/suspense/thriller? You know when it’s getting really good and you’re at the point to where you’re biting your nails, you’re THAT ANXIOUS?? You know what I’m talking about.


                              Le types of food:

UntitledMaybe you want some popcorn while you wait for all the drama to boil down or for them to catch the culprit. (–》I happen to prefer the caramel popcorn, you know the kinds where you have to pop the popcorn, rip open the bag and then proceed to drizzle all that caramel on top of it? IT’S SMACK YO FINGA AND PUNT KICK YO MAMA IN THE FACE GOOD. (BTW, I’m totally kidding on the whole bodily injure your mom thang.)

UntitledOh! I may be going to totally going left field here or maybe it’s because I’m starving. And need food. And am starving…But how about PIZZA THOUGH?? And since I’m still in the ‘Italian’ mood, how about some Spaghetti? Or, les Ravioli? THIS HAS KEIONDA’S STAMP OF DELICIOUSNESS. YES SIR.


3.Contemporary/lighter fun reads: Since these are basically no-brainer reads in which you don’t have to burst a blood vessel IN YO BRAIN by concentrating on the plot and characters too much. In honor of light reads how about we get some…easy to make foods? YES. YES, WE SHALL, YO.


                     Le types of food:

 Untitled7We have little pizza popper guys that you put in the microwave? (I have no idea what they’re called right now… nor do I understand my Italian food obsession.) I really need to eat. I no lie.

Untitled7I’m in the mood for something sweet, so let’s go with POP TARTS?? Can’t go wrong with those, IMO.

Untitled7Technically, you don’t have to make these but how about some sour gummy worms, or gummy bears, OOOOOOHHH, how about some DUM DUM POPS? I declare the person that finds the mystery flavor and guesses the correct flavor with their eyes CLOSED the winner. (Although, I have nothing to give as a reward..) *hands you a handful of my respect*

OF COURSE, there are a butt load more of genres and food to choose from but for time’s sake, you have been spared. (AIN’T YOU A LUCKY.)


                                    Over to you:

What types of food do you GUYS like to eat when reading? Or do you even like to munch on something while reading? KEIONDA DOES, YA’LL. KEIONDA. DOES. What type of genres are your fav? What is your fav FOOD?

                                                                     Don’t forget to be awesome!



30 responses to “Discussion # 18: ^^Yo, Guys Come Hither So We Can Discuss Le Food.

  1. aentee @ read at midnight

    I don’t usually eat when I read to be honest, I am way too messy and I’m scared I would ruin EVERYTHING haha. The most I would do it VERY carefully drink tea and maybe snack on chocolate XD But I even smear that over the pages so I have stopped now. Such a fun post, Keionda!

    • Yeah girl, teehee I would probably be a mess as well but I would probably eat chips or something or if I’m feeling really frisky I’ll eat something messy and then wash my hands. 😉

  2. I don’t eat that much when I read because I’m a mess especially with ice cream even if it’s already in a MUG! I’m a messy eater, it’s a total turn off, lmao! I would get food EVERYWHERE. But I do drink coffee everytime I read, haha! The super duper creamy kind, yas!

    • Ice cream in a mug! Now I have to have some! Omigosh. Vanilla? Chocolate? Strawberry? With chalet or caramel drizzle?? Let me just cease thinking about this girl because…gah….

  3. Definitely something sweet during romance reads, it’s just fitting right? And just about anything else for any other read LOL! I’m not picky. 🙂
    I do love books with food in them too. You don’t even know how many times during the H.P. series I wanted whatever they were eating or drinking!

    • Something sweet during a romance read Ali? OOHH YASSSS You’re speaking my language girl! <3 I’m not a picky either girl and frequently drink coffee or some raisin bread. mmmmmm.

  4. If I have to snack while reading, I have Lay’s Sour cream & onion chips or peanut M&M’s. I’ll admit to reading at the kitchen table while eating breakfast or dinner. Or at work on my lunch break. LOL! I love food and books, they go hand in hand.

    • Ehhh peanut M&M’s… mmm I’ll pass on those girl (I like the ones without the peanuts);) And yasss Lay’s Sour cream and onion chips. They’re slap yo mama good. Mmmmm

  5. Sophia Rose

    I had to stop snacking during the reading b/c I wasn’t paying attention to quantity if I was really into the book. But then I slowly brought it back, but only allowed myself a small portion and kept the rest of the snack out of reach. 😉 I like alternating salty and sweet and it doesn’t really matter what type of book or how steamy the romance.

    • Hahaha I love this comment girl! I was so bad with eating Twizzlers while reading and before I knew it I had almost eaten the entire bag which completely blew my diet (even though I shouldn’t have been eating them anyway…) SH.. don’t tell anyone. <3

  6. Melanie (YA Midnight Reads)

    Haha I don’t really care what kinda book I’m reading be it contemporary, sci-fi etc I’m probably always drinking coffee, eating chocolate or some kind of sweet dessert. I know, I’m so healthy xD

    • COFFEE. WITH WHIPPED CREAM. Yes? I get SO excited over coffee and all things related to coffee if you haven’t been able to tell yet. Teehee And most have been commenting and saying they like to eat chocolate while reading but see, I would DEF make a mess of that!

  7. When I’m reading a romance book, doesn’t matter what shape the candy it is, as long as it is delicious and chocolaty and yummy! But it’s not only when I’m reading that I’m eating chocolate lmao

  8. Pretty sure I’ve just put on weight reading this post. I rarely snack while reading, if I do, it’s usually just M & M’s and a bottle of water. Gosh I’m boring. Anything more than that would more than likely result in me being covered in food, or splattered across the pages. I’m not a great multitasker and super clumsy too 😀

    • I’ve put on a lot of pounds just by reading everyone’s comments. So not lying because now I want something chocolatey and possibly melty. Now my mouth is watering. THANKS KELLY. Gosh. teehee And yes, I would most likely make a mess too!

  9. Zoe

    I’m with Kelly – I don’t usually eat when I read. I don’t want to risk getting my books or anything else dirty – LOL. But I have a feeling that if I did eat and read consecutively, I’d probably eat a chocolate bar or some kind of candy as well. 😉 Thanks for sharing and, as always, great discussion! <3

    • I would probably have a panic attack if I got anything on my books Zoe! *runs off to get a wet cloth and lovingly wipes off stain on book* I’m definitely obsessed with keeping my books clean girl! NO lie! 🙂

  10. Ksenia

    Lovely post, Keionda! I personally go for chocolate no matter what genre the book is.

  11. Interesting post! I’ve never really thought about what I eat while I read. Honestly, it’s usually a pastry and coffee or tea. But now that I think about it, I don’t eat while reading more often than I do.

    PS: Pizza goes with everything though.

    PPS: I love your blog font. So fun!

    • Woot! Woot! Thanks girl! 🙂 I’m drinking coffee right now as I’m replying to your comment which tells you that I drink coffee A LOT and usually have it in front of me if I’m expected to be doing any sort of work. 😉 I don’t usually eat when I’m reading either so we have that in common Kari. 😉

  12. I’m always eating something, I have a terrible sweet tooth that does me more bad than good. But I try to balance the chocolate cookies with fruit 😉 I almost always have tea or coffee next to me when I’m reading, if it’s summer then water or iced coffee (not the American kind, which I think is gross, but the type with ice cream in it 🙂 ) now I just want ice cream lol

    • At least you’re being healthy with it Wattle because ME? HAH. I go for the cookies, the crackers, the brownies, THE TWIZZLERS. (OH. OH THE TWIZZLERS) Let me stop thinking about that because you’re about to make me blow my diet. O_o

  13. Ahaha I love this post and you sort of matched the food spot on with the genres. If I am honest though, I don’t usually eat when I read because I am all about drinking tea all the time when reading and when not reading. So usually I am drinking a good mug of Earl Grey Tea!

    • Thanks girl! And do you know I actually tried Earl Grey Tea and didn’t care for it that much? I felt really bad because I thought I should have loved it but…eh… hehe I should try it again though! I’m all about drinking coffee when I’m reading. 😉

  14. RO

    Wow! is just a dang fun topic and it’s making me hunger for a cheeseburger! When I read, my menu boringly stays the same. Cheeseburgers, fries, maybe a salad and fruit filled twizzlers. Something about reading just makes me want to chow down and relax for a great time! Hugs…ro

    • Hey Rooooo! I’ve missed you around here! <3 And I’ve missed visiting your AWESOME-FILLED blog! <3 You’re making me hungry Ro, just like you always do (darn you Ro Ro) Fruit-filled Twizzlers are my THANG! Fruit salad also sounds really good! <3